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Collection: the latest reviews and unboxing of!

Here on we always propose new reviews and unboxing to inform you about the myriad of technological products that China exerts every day. Today we will see all the reviews and unboxing of the last few weeks, for those who were missed on the days of publication. In addition to our reviews, we also find reviews from other GizChina network sites, including and

OnePlus One: First impressions and contest "Smash the Plus"

OnePlus One

Well, yes, the OnePlus One. This smartphone does not need any presentations, but for those who lost it just do a search on our site to find every single detail on this product. We presented the first impressions on the product, including the "Smash the Plus" contest, where you can decide on the fate of our One: hammered or in the hands of one of you!

The OnePlus One review will arrive shortly, the first impressions and the contest can be reached at this link.

Xiaomi Hongmi 1S: Unboxing Exclusive

Xiaomi Hongmi 1S

Always talking about the most demanding devices, we introduced the exclusive Xiaomi Hongmi 1S unboxing. Again, the review will come in the next few weeks, while unboxing with the first impressions is available at this link.

E-Ceros One octacore: Unboxing and first impressions

E-Ceros One

The array of devices with MediaTek processor octacore of this 2014 is certainly not over, in fact we have unboxed a new interesting product, available at this link. The review will come in the coming weeks.

iOcean X8: Unboxing, reviews and comparative photos

iOcean X8 and Sony Xperia Z1

Even the iOcean X8 was a much anticipated device. Via we presented the unboxing of the device, a comparison with Sony Xperia Z1, a second comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Andi's review of, pending our review coming in the coming weeks.

Huawei Honor 3X: The Review by

Huawei Honor 3X

Our GizChina Expedition Eduardo was fortunate enough to put Huawei Honor 3X on hands! Here is your review, translated for you and available at this link.

UM X1 Pro quadcore: The complete review

UMi X1 Pro

Another complete review we've made for you, but this time for a low price device. The review is available following this link.

Xiaomi MiPad: First Photo from China

Xiaomi Mi Pad

The highly anticipated Xiaomi tablet has finally arrived! The first images and videos from China are available , here e , here.

JiaYu S2: Full Review

JiaYu S2

The JiaYu S2 is a smartphone that has hit many users, with its sophisticated design and octacular processor. The full review is available at this link.

DOOGEE DG800 Valencia: First impressions from


Here are the first impressions of our Andes on this interesting low-cost smartphone. In the coming weeks we will offer our unboxing and our comprehensive review, meanwhile Andi's impressions are available at this link.

Xiaomi Mi2S: Looking back over time with the small top of the range

Xiaomi Mi2S

The Xiaomi Mi2S is a well-known smartphone, already available for more than a year. We tested a little this little jewel to see how it behaves in the 2014, as it is still a more valid choice. To find the article you are following this link.

GooPhone S5: First clone impressions with KitKat from

GooPhone S5

Our Andi has produced a video unboxing and first impressions on the Samsung Galaxy S5 clone, the GooPhone S5, available at this link.

Ugoos UT2: Review of the Chinese Smart TV Box with Android

Smart TV Box Ugoos UT2

We've made for you a rather unusual review, that of a mini PC with Android turning your TV into a Smart TV all done! The review is available at this link.

EleXX P7 Blade: First impressions from

Elephone P7 Blade

Here are the first impressions of our Andi on the Elephone P7 Blade, available following this link.

Zopo ZP990 +: The complete review

Zopo ZP990 +

The interesting Zopo phablet has attracted the attention of many users, with its 6 display and its octacular processor. The product review is available following this link.

Doogee DG350 Pixel: Full Review

dg350 pixels

We have suggested a review of another low-cost device, very similar to the UM X1 Pro. this link.

Zopo ZP1000: The Complete Review

Zopo Zp1000

Zopo decided to follow the direction of style and deisgn, we decided to follow Zopo! Here is the complete review of this octac smartphone, available at this link.

Collection of reviews and unboxing of

The number of devices we test for you high and destined to grow, as well as Chinese technology in general. For all the upcoming reviews, insights, unboxing and more, keep up with us as always on, your window on the world of Chinese technology!


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