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Realme GT Neo2 will have a diamond gel heat dissipation system

As we learned earlier, the upcoming Realme GT Neo2 semi-flagship will be officially released on September 22, the smartphone will be equipped with the very popular Snapdragon 870 chip this year and will be equipped with a large battery and high-power fast charging. .

Realme GT Neo2 will have a diamond gel heat dissipation system

Well, today the brand has found that inside we will find the industry's first diamond ice core cooling system, with a total cooling area of ​​17932mm², breaking one of the biggest bottlenecks for smartphone performance, namely overheating.

Being the main source of heat, heat dissipation is particularly important for chips. In response to the chip heat dissipation problem, Realme will bring a diamond heat dissipation gel for the first time. Diamond is the material with the highest thermal conductivity in nature, which can reach more than 2000w / mk. It has obvious advantages in heat dissipation of high power optoelectronic devices. It is generally used in the core thermal management components of next generation spacecraft.

Realme has taken a step forward in transforming diamond particles with a diameter of 40-50 µm into a heat dissipation gel, which allows the chip to quickly transfer heat, thereby achieving rapid cooling and increasing the dissipation performance of the heat from 50% to 60% compared to traditional gels. The diamond ice core cooling system can reduce the CPU core temperature up to 18 degrees.

In addition, the Realme GT Neo2 will also be equipped with the industry's largest VC dissipation area in 3D tempered material, custom 3D graphene and an 8-layer full-link heat dissipation structure to achieve a full range of heat dissipation systems. .

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