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The most common mistake, in which I personally came across, was to consider the AmazFit Band as an evolution of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, a sort of bridge between the past generation and the future Mi Band 3, if it ever sees the light. Now I will explain why but above all the details of this AmazFit Band, in our complete review made possible thanks to the sending of the sample provided by Gearbest.com Thank you very much.

The sales package is quite simple without any particular graphic except for the AmazFit writing in the middle of the cardboard in white color. Inside we will find our wearable gadget, a Chinese language manual with the QR Code for downloading the application, which turns out to be the famous Mi Fit, and the USB charging cable with magnetic-type attachment resulting in a good balance once attached to the pins of the back of the band.

The design of the AmazFit Band vaguely resembles that of Samsung Gear Fit 2 mixed with the squarer lines of the FitBit Alta. In particular we have a 1,23 IPS color touch-color display (resolution 80 x 160) inlaid by a upper and lower profile in 316L stainless steel with bending of glass 2.5D and protection Corning Gorilla Glass third generation. The side profiles, on the other hand, are made of plastic with a mirror-polished finish that, if in a certain sense, are combined with the general design of the band, while in the other they make the structure of the case seem a bit "cheap".

The display size covers most of the wrist surface resulting very comfortable to wear and above all, easy to read about the information provided. The display can be activated via the gesture of the wrist rotation or through the small touch button placed at the lower end of the display. Legibility is also guaranteed with quite extreme angles managing to clearly display the contents of the screen even under direct sunlight.

The touch is very responsive and all the colors are pleasing, but above all an added value we find in it anti-imprint finish. Another pleasant element is the touch button on the lower part of the display that effectively avoids the false touches that could occur during the day, but the only function associated with it is precisely the awakening of the display.

Small parenthesis we dedicate it to the bracelet, in our case of opaque black color but it is also available in 6 different colors (at least on the official website), which is comfortable, without ever causing annoyance even when sweating is intense, thanks also to low weight of the entire AmazFit Band, which is approximately 32 grams including bracelet. Excellent closure made thanks to a metal clip that once anchored to the strap hole is really very firm. Finally the strap can be unhooked from the AmazFit Band case so that it can be cleaned more carefully.

The back of the case is idMagnifying Magnifiers for Recharging and the PPG heart rate sensor slightly raised shape to ensure more accurate monitoring. Accurate right from the start that the AmazFit Band, as well as all the other fitness trackers that allow the detection of heart rate, are not scientific instruments, but in our case the AmazFit Band was quite in line with the personal parameters collected in professional environments. Therefore, a sensor that does its job well, providing you with an initial index of your health. Unfortunately you can not get continuous heart rate monitoring (only during the tracker of an activity through the App) which, although it positively affects battery life, in a certain sense loses its effectiveness and functionality.

But in a certain sense the AmazFit Band is also born for the monitoring of sport, and even though there is no dedicated monitoring function, it is also possible to use it for swimming as the technology bracelet has waterproofness up to 50 meters (fresh water), allowing you to never remove the band from the wrist without worrying about taking a shower, for example.

The pace of life today is always frenetic and often deprives us of even small moments of relaxation. The AmazFit Band is designed for Accurately record the small sports actions that we do every day, recording the steps taken, heart rate, distance, calories, and sedentary. Also there is also the function of sleep monitoring, analyzing the quality. Through the display we will have at a glance information relating to the time and date as well as the steps taken.

Making a swipe from top to bottom we will have indications on the state of charge of the battery as well as enabling the DND function (Do Not Disturb) by choosing between two modes: the standard and the one that will be activated when the band detects that we went to sleep.

With a swipe from the bottom upwards we will access the functions, like it sporting state (house icon) where we will find information on steps, distance, heart rate, calories and sedentary. We could also read notifications

(comic icon): this is a difference compared to the Mi Band 2 which was limited to showing us a small icon related to the notification, while with the AmazFit Band we could read the contents specifying that the notification shown on the display of the band will be the same as shown on the phone's lock screen so we will not always read the content in the totality but we will at least have a clue of who sent the mail, message, etc. To notifications you can not answer but you can erase them from the band's memory so you do not get confused with the new notifications. I would also like to point out that you can let us notify you of any call (without showing us the caller ID, unless you install the modified version of Francko76's MiFit app) where we could silence the vibration or reject it.

Another interesting feature is the possibility of see the weather details (today's cloud icon) and 5 / 6 days to come, providing us with information on minimum and maximum temperature, weather and location, which can be set to a fixed or based on where we are (using the smartphone connection) . It is then possible set different 3 alarms (clock icon), or time (chronometer icon) an activity with the possibility of setting up to 20 stop points on the monitored time, or set a timer that once started, 5 seconds before the deadline will make the AmazFit Band vibrate, thus advising you that the time will expire even if you are not setting the display.

Finally we have the settings (gear icon) where we can select thegraphical appearance of the watch (4 different styles), set backlight intensity of the display, have information about the firmware version and Bluetooth address of the band, and then restart it.

The strength to which Xiaomi has accustomed us with its Mi Band 2 is the autonomy of the battery that does not force us daily to recharge the wearable gadeget. Also for the AmazFit Band autonomy is a plus, despite the battery being a unit from 170 mAh that in about 2 hours and 15 minutes can be recharged from 0 to 100%. Well anyway we will have guaranteed at least 2 weeks of tracking considering roughly 90 / 100 notifications per day, 45 gesture of the wrist and / or switching on of the display, and at least 1 hour and a half of monitoring a sport activity per week remaining always connected to the smartphone. Autonomy which is quite variable as it depends on many factors often personal related to the user, as it affects the backlighting, the number of notifications, the number of activities monitored, etc.

As you may have noticed the AmazFit Band does not speak Italian but only simplified Chinese, although the information provided is quite basic and intuitive through the icons on the display. To analyze the data collected by the AmazFit Band we will use the Mi Fit application taking advantage of the integrated 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity.

The application in a certain sense needs no introduction, but I remember that through it we will have statistical data on sleep quality, recorded heart rates, weight target or review the activities performed through the application. Activities that can be chosen between outdoor running, treadmill, cycling or walking, with details of the route taken (map on Google Maps) as well as speed, heart rate zone, etc. It is finally possible to set some parameters of the bands such as from which applications to receive notifications, set sedentariness alerts etc ..

Perhaps the price is not justified if we consider an Mi Band 2 or better yet an AmazFit Bip, but it is also true that the ease of use lends itself to all users who do not want to "fiddle" to enter the Italian or other language. The AmazFit Band is ready for use, he slips it on his wrist, he connects to the Mi Fit application and from that moment you won't take it off his wrist anymore because the water resistance up to 50 meters will allow you to take a bath or a shower. Advising her I don't know but for sure the AmazFit Band is a rather complete product for casual sportsmen but connected to their smartphone connectivity and need a large enough display to allow you to read the various notifications received and excellent autonomy which will not make you slaves of continuous refills. If you are one another or you are approaching the world of wearable gadgets then you can go to the store Gearbest.com, one of the most complete and professional on the market.

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8.6 Total score

AmazFit Band can be a notorious choice for those who do not need great sport-related monitoring but at the same time does not want to miss the connectivity side of any notifications. Excellent data collected by the heart rate sensor and optimum autonomy. No evolution compared to a Mi Band 2 because the AmazFit Band is destined for a niche of slightly different users who are approaching the floor plan in the world of wearable gadgets.

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Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.

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Ioannis Glykos
2 years ago

I was really excited with this good looking new band Amazfit. But a big letdown is that you can not start / start a training from the band. You have to get your phone, open the app and start it from there. This is not a lot of small trainings / work outs within the day, or even within an hour (like dancing, etc). Even my Huawei Color Band A2 can do this from the band itself ...... Read the rest »

Mirko Tallone
Mirko Tallone
2 years ago

Hello there is a film to apply on the glass thank you?

Luca Civiero
Luca Civiero
2 years ago

How do you remove the strap? Where can I buy spare parts? Thank you!

2 years ago

I do not speak in Italian but according to you there will ever be an international version in English?

2 years ago

Hi, thanks first for the review.
I would like to ask a question: can you have the caller ID in the notification if you use Mifit moddato by francko, or with the old method of setting the system language in english?
I'm considering buying this band as a gift, but first I'd like to know how it works.

Thank you

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