Review Amazfit GTS - Much more than an 2 BIP

Waiting for the successor of theAmazfit BIP, Huami is entertaining us with many products that gather many market segments. One of the latest arrivals, the Amazfit GTS, thanks to its “rectangular” dial stands out and will certainly enter the hearts of BIP lovers ... who can afford it.

AmazFit GTS - Design

The rectangular dial as well as the minimal appearance inevitably remind the Apple Watch. The already large 1.65 display ″ it seems to extend to the steel body thanks to thin and little visible frames even against the light, giving back a homogeneous effect.

The display, as for the previous Verge and GTR is an Amoled but with an impressive definition. The resolution is 348 × 442 pixel, equal to 341 ppi therefore even superior to the Apple Watch of 5a generation (326ppi). To protect so much technology we have a glass with 2.5D processing, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and an anti-fingerprint treatment.

The size of the dial is rather small: 43x36x9.4mm or only 2mm larger than the Amazfit BIP and a weight of only 25g (quadrant only) guarantee a excellent comfort also in sports sessions.

To interrupt the clean and minimal design of the case there is only one button with which it is possible to reactivate the screen or to which it is possible to associate a personalized function with prolonged pressure.

The strap is made of silicone in all 6 the colors available. Wide 20mm and long 8 / 12 cm is, as in all recent Amazfit, easily replaceable with other compatible. The loops to support the part of excess strap are 2 but there is not the comfortable spur (as in the Bip Lite and GTR) that prevents the sliding.

Also for the GTS we have aguaranteed water resistance up to 5 ATM which is equivalent to diving at a depth of 50 meters. I always remind you that these certifications are the result of tests in optimal conditions and should be considered as such.

AmazFit GTS - Characteristics

In the Amazfit GTS we find the excellent sensors present in the Amazfit GTR and that guarantee a good reliability of the surveys.

  • Cardio optical sensor PPG BioTracker TM (proprietary technology of Huami / Amazfit)
  • 6 accelerometer axes
  • 3 geomagnetic sensor axes
  • Air pressure sensor
  • Ambient light sensor

Review Amazfit GTS

The position is taken from the GPS + GLONASS receiver assisted by A-GPS data that it receives with a certain frequency from the Amazfit app. The "cold" fix takes a reasonable interval of about a minute and subsequent attempts, if fairly close, take much less time. Unfortunately, as for the GTR, the positions are a bit seesawing and going to zoom the acquired paths you can see parts of the route as if you had walked out of the roadway. The total distance traveled is still accurate with a gap of only 50 meters in my 3.8 km test.

La battery 220mAh (higher then the 195 of the GTR 42mm) it recharges in just over an hour and guarantees up to 14 days in a typical scenario (AoD disabled, active notifications, 3 training sessions per week). In my test I arrived at 7 days with active AoD, active notifications, 6 workouts per week (indoor, so without GPS). The charger is magnetic to 2 pin and is compatible with that of GTR.


AmazFit GTS - Software e functions

In the AmazFit GTS we find the proprietary software of Amazfit, the Huami OS 2.0 which in the tested version is already in Italian and with AoD (always on display). At the AoD that is going to affect enough autonomy you can prefer the gesture "raises the wrist" which I found very sensitive and reliable. Through the companion app AmazFit App, as well as the other Verge / GTR, it is possible to choose the sensitivity and time band for activation.

The software now at a good level of maturity is easy and intuitive. The large rectangular display and the highly responsive touchscreen allow easy orientation within the menus after just a few hours of use. The curtain accessible from the status bar allows quick access to DND mode, screen lock, torch and brightness adjustment. Compared to the GTR the energy saving mode has been removed which guaranteed greater autonomy in the face of limited functionality ... too bad.

The big news (and cool) of the GTS are the new watchfaces with customizable widgets. The main screen is divided into different areas customizable with the information we prefer. To the three circular areas in the lower part it is also possible to associate a function to be started (eg exercise, stopwatch, etc.). At the moment the watchfaces with this feature are only two but with time we hope to see many more, officially or not.

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The sports section it is large and counts well 12 sports modes: running, treadmill, walking, cycling, exercise bike, swimming in the pool, free swimming, elliptical, mountaineering, track racing, skiing, weight lifting. Each with specific optimizations and customizations for the objectives, the recorded data and the graphs available. For example, in addition to the classic values ​​(calories, beat, distance), the slope and altitude are measured for skiing; in swimming the rhythm of strokes. During the sports sessions the AoD is not active and it is a bit inconvenient to reactivate the display with the rotation of the wrist.

Also the recording of daily activities is excellent: steps, cardio and sleep. Probably thanks to the large number of high quality sensors, the data is always on average reliable and not discontinuous or overestimated as it happens in cheaper products like the Mi Band, Bip and Verge Lite.

From the side notifications no news and that basically remains the same as all the latest Amazfit devices: The messages are displayed on the screen upon receipt, or you can consult them via the menu item. It is not possible to reply as well as display photos and emoticons that are available only through unofficial hacks. It is possible to interact with incoming calls, refusing them or silencing the smartphone.

To complete the software equipment there are the "usual" convenient additional features: alarm, weather, reminder, sedentariness notice, find phone, timer, stopwatch, compass and remote multimedia control that allows you to control the music player of your phone (but also Spotify, Tune In, etc.)

AmazFit GTS - Technical sheet

Dimensions 43.2 x 36.2 x 9.4 mm
Checkout Aluminum alloy - About 25g
Degree of resistance to water and dust 5 ATM
Screen 1.65 "AMOLED, resolution 348x442, 341 ppi
Touch screen Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass + anti-fingerprint coating
Strap width 20mm
Strap length 8cm + 11.5cm
Sensori PPG BioTracker TM optical tracking sensor, 6 axis acceleration sensor, 3 geomagnetic sensor, air pressure sensor, ambient light sensor
Placement GPS + GLONASS
Connettività Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Battery 220 mAh LiPo
Recharge method Magnetic charging base, Pogo Pin 2Pin charging - 1.5 approx. Hours

AmazFit GTS - App companion

To manage the pairing, the update and most of the customizations we have the now excellent and complete AmazFit App downloadable from Playstore and AppStore.

The app makes it easier to consult all reports and the history of the acquired data (sport, sleep, steps, cardio). Possible settings are available including personalization of notifications, cardio detection, weather, order of menu items, etc.

The possibility of exploiting the excellent is obviously not lacking Amoled color display choosing among the already many watch faces available and that will certainly increase over time.

At the moment it is also possible to synchronize a Strava account but not Google Fit as in the Mi Fit app.

AmazFit GTS - Conclusions and advice for purchasing

From the aesthetic point of view, albeit subjective, the GTS wins with its clean design and large display of great quality. The dimensions and the low weight make it appreciated the great comfort in daily use. THE'autonomy is good (not as unreachable AmazFit GTR 47mm) and is based on reasonable values ​​that allow you not to experience the anxiety of recharging.

From a software perspective, the Huami OS 2.0 is making progress, especially on the side SportWatch. There are still some gaps on the smartwatch side, such as the management of notifications but which do not affect its usefulness.

Considering the official price of 129.99 € it is certainly a valid purchase that in the vast market of weareables, stands as in between offering great quality, useful functions and a competitive price.

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5 months ago

To tekst wsadzony w google translator?

Fulvio Cantafio
7 months ago

arrived three days and very satisfied. in the main screen, the one in the middle of the screen, event alert: but which events do you see? I thought I could see the calendar and instead it seems that you can only view the events entered in the amazfit app. or something wrong? can you help me please
hello fulvio

Giancarlo Ierolimo
Giancarlo Ierolimo
7 months ago

Hi I ordered the 09 / 09 / 2019 and not yet arrived, when did you order?

7 months ago

6 September

7 months ago

But when can I buy GTS in my stores?

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