Review Amazfit GTR - A sportwatch without compromises

The offer of Amazfit expands with the GTR, a brand new "flagship" device that promises to establish itself definitively in the sportwatch sector with a product with exciting features, elegant but sober and versatile.

AmazFit GTR - Design

After the rapid interlude of the Verge e Verge LITE, Amazfit / Xiaomi returns to propose a "watch" with an elegant and moderately flashy design.

The colors available are many and divided into different sizes: 47 mm or 42 mm dial. We tested the 47mm version with an anthracite-colored aluminum dial, but they are also available with dial in steel or titanium which have a light weight (without strap) higher than 34g of the tested version.

Regardless of the version chosen, all adopt one very resistant zirconium ceramic frame which combined with glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3 they guarantee a high level of protection. In these days I happened to "hit" the clock on the wall during a disastrous fall and to my surprise did not report any signs.

Unlike previous models, we have available 2 control buttons on the same side. The first is the classic ignition: turns off the screen (short press), returns to the dial (short press) turns off (from any page long presses 10 seconds). The second is a customizable function key for quick access to sports and non-sports activities.

The supplied strap with my version it is made of real brown leather, while inside it is made of silicone with a wavy pattern that guarantees good stability on the wrist without having to tighten it. It is compatible with any other 22 mm strap with quick release.

The aluminum version, not at all "tacky", is perfectly suited to elegant clothing as well as to sports / casual wear.

Overall the very low weight (52g) combined with the small thickness of the shell (10.7mm), return a good feeling to the wrist, never excessive!

The degree of waterproofing was brought to 5 ATM (50 meters) that compared to the Verge IP68 is a big step forward. It is finally possible to swim in the pool or the sea without worries even if AmazFit itself does not recommend its use in professional dives.

Also the charging base has finally received a restyle: it is really small, but above all it is magnetic (Alleluiah).

Amazfit Verge GTR refill

AmazFit GTR - Characteristics

From a true flagship device, the GTR offers the best technical solutions available combined with the great experience gained over the years.

The display retina (454x454px) Amoled in color by 1.39 ″ guarantees excellent visibility even in direct sunlight and significantly better than previous models.

The 410mAh battery (which recharges in just over 2 hours), the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC, the introduction of the Bluetooth 5.0, together with a good software optimization, have made it possible to reach amazing results of autonomy:

  • 24 days in a typical scenario - all active and 3 workouts a week
  • 74 days in watch only mode - disconnected from the phone and no training
  • 40 hours with GPS always active

At the time of writing I am at 80% with 5 last charge days ago. A lot of tweaking and 2 workouts from 20 minutes.

The equipment of sensors it is equally remarkable: GPS + GLONASS, PPG BioTracker optical tracking biological sensor TM , 6 axis acceleration sensor, 3 axis geomagnetic sensor, air pressure sensor, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor.

Indeed, the AmazFit GTR integrates one special PPG BioTracker optical sensor TM for biological tracking, which together with an algorithm developed by Huami, offers advanced monitoring of large-scale heart rate. Reading is faster and more precise than previous models.

Also in the GTR, as in the Verge LITE, the microphone and its function have been removed to answer / make calls from the watch. Also the function for listening to music directly from the clock (via bluetooth earphones) is no longer present.

AmazFit GTR - Technical sheet

Dimensions 47,2 x 47,2 x 10,75 mm
Weight (without strap) Aluminum alloy : Approx. 34g Stainless steel : About 48g Titanium : About 40g
Degree of resistance to water and dust 5 ATM
Screen 1.39 "AMOLED, resolution 454x454, 326 ppi
Touch screen Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass + anti-fingerprint coating
Types of standard straps Aluminum alloy: brown leather strap Stainless steel: brown leather strap Titanium: fluorescent rubber strap
Strap width 22mm
Strap length 8cm + 11.5cm
Sensori PPG BioTracker TM optical tracking sensor, 6 axis acceleration sensor, 3 geomagnetic sensor, air pressure sensor, capacity sensor, ambient light sensor
Placement GPS + GLONASS
Connettività Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Battery 410 mAh LiPo
Recharge method Magnetic charging base, Pogo Pin 2Pin charging - 2 approx. Hours
Battery life Typical usage scenario: 24 days Always active heart rate, sleep monitoring, 150 push notifications with screen illumination, raise the wrist to view the 30 screen times, run or train 3 times per week for 30 minutes with GPS turned on and 5 minutes for other operations. Basic clock mode: 74 days Turn off Bluetooth, heart rate and other functions and raise the pulse to see the 100 screen times a day.

AmazFit GTR - Software e functions

Also the AmazFit GTR offers the proprietary software of Amazfit / Huami and that in the tested version (V1.3.3.06) is already in Italian. With the necessary differences, it is the same new version of the OS seen in the Verge LITE: a new graphic with larger writings but which does not provide the "always on" function. UPDATE: the AoD function has been made available by updating, both on the 47mm and 42mm versions.

In return the "raise the wrist" gesture is reliable and the 100 works% of the time. Through the companion app, as well as the other Verges, you can choose the sensitivity and time slot for activation.

The software now at a good level of maturity is easy and intuitive. The large display and the highly responsive touchscreen allow you to move around the menus easily after just a few hours of use. The new status bar allows quick access to the DND mode, screen lock, torch, brightness adjustment and al energy saving. This last function allows you to double the autonomy by limiting the recording of only steps and sleep and using a minimal display of the time.

The sports section it is wide and well-kept thanks to the 12 sports modes: running, treadmill, walking, cycling, exercise bike, swimming in the pool, outdoor swimming, elliptical, mountaineering, track racing, skiing, weight lifting. Each with specific optimizations and customizations for the objectives, the recorded data and the graphs available. For example, in addition to the classic values ​​(calories, beat, distance), the slope and altitude are measured for skiing; in swimming the rhythm of strokes;

Also the recording of daily activities is excellent: steps, cardio and sleep. Probably thanks to the large number of high quality sensors, the data is always on average reliable and not discontinuous and overestimated as it happens in cheaper products like the Mi Band, Bip and Verge Lite. In comparisons made between all Amazfit products, the only one that holds its own is Verge.

From the side notifications no news and that basically remains the same as all the latest Amazfit devices: The messages are displayed on the screen upon receipt, or you can consult them via the menu item. It is not possible to reply as well as display photos and emoticons. It is possible to interact with incoming calls, refusing them or silencing the smartphone.

To complete the software equipment there are the "usual" convenient additional features: weather, alarm, reminder, sedentariness notice, find telephone, timer, stopwatch and compass.

AmazFit GTR - App companion

To manage the pairing, the update and most of the customizations we have the now excellent and complete AmazFit App downloadable from Playstore and AppStore.

The app makes it easier to consult all reports and the history of the acquired data (sport, sleep, steps, cardio). Possible settings are available including personalization of notifications, cardio detection, weather, order of menu items, etc.

The possibility of exploiting the excellent is obviously not lacking Amoled color display choosing among the already many watch faces available and that over time will increase ..

At the moment it is also possible to synchronize a Strava account but not Google Fit as in the Mi Fit app.

AmazFit GTR - Conclusions and advice for purchasing

I personally believe that in a "watch" theautonomy is a key feature to allow you to fully enjoy a product. I am willing to charge the phone every day, NO.

For this reason I entered the Amazfit GTR with great enthusiasm and even if with only a week of tests on my shoulders, I can confirm that exceeding 24 days is absolutely possible.

If we then add that these results have been achieved by containing size, weight, price and design ... then the magic is done!

From the aesthetic point of view and the proposed hardware, theAmazFit GTR has convinced me from all points of view, I maintain some reservations about the software that could very easily improve with more accurate notification management and the introduction of the always on. The "sporting" part is instead impeccable.

The price, in line with that of other high-end sportwatches, is never as justified this time even by the quality materials which make it suitable for all situations.

AmazFit GTR - Offers, discounts and coupons

The AmazFit GTR is available from today on the official AmazFit Italia store with free 24 / 48 shipping and 2 years warranty.

Review Amazfit GTR - A sportwatch without compromises

AmazFit GTR

Official AmazFit Italia Store with free 24 / 48 shipping and 2 years warranty


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An excellent sportwatch that combines a fantastic design with a high level technical equipment.

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8 months ago

Hi, have you tested the swimming mode? it does not monitor it, yet it is declared in every product description. do you have any ideas?

9 months ago

Is it possible to connect a bluetooth cardio band to the Gtr? Thank you

9 months ago

my GTR's GPS is a shit. Dropping signal permanently, the longest logging (cycling) without errors was 1,6 kilometers. 🙁

47 mm stainless steel, international version

健 さ ん
健 さ ん
9 months ago

通知 の 日本語 の フ ォ ン ト が 文字 化 け す る と 噂 を 聞 い て い ま す.
こ れ は 修正 さ れ る の で し ょ う か?
ま た い つ 頃 で し ょ う か?

Andrea Neri
9 months ago

question; I ordered the international version on [Email protected]@@@ st, because at the time on the official website it was not yet for sale (otherwise I would have taken it there). my fear is the Italian language (but also English would be good); whether you know there is only one version of the GTR, or how for the organic they have released a Chinese and a European one? thank you

Andrea Neri
Andrea Neri
9 months ago

sure! Thanks for the reply

by the way, but did they fix that bug for which you didn't read the writing?

Andrea Neri
9 months ago
Reply to Andrea Neri

Update: today my GTR stainless steel version arrived; at the first start it was already in English, and as soon as it was synchronized with the amazfit app it immediately translated into Italian, so I confirm that there is only one version of the GTR (and not like the bipo where there was the global and the Chinese)

9 months ago

Are you sure the soc is the snapdragon 3100? I was rumored like that but I don't really know if it was confirmed. The software is the same as the hardware, which has hardware (cpu and ram) instead of the snapdragon ... That makes me doubt

9 months ago

Is it possible to connect a bluetooth cardio band to the Gtr? Thank you

9 months ago
Reply to Giulio

I would like to know the same thing to me too, but I guess not ... ..

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