T12 Cube Review: The Economical Tablet That Knows Amazing

The tablet is a type of product that you do not hear so much about as smartphones are increasingly performing and with generous display sizes or because the market of the two in one is cannibalizing precisely that of the tablet. So can you still buy a tablet? My choice fell on the Cube T12, which offers just under 80 euro all the indispensable and even more. Keep reading our review and if you are interested in buying, hurry because the offer is limited. You can find the Cube T12 at the online store Banggood.com.


The sales package already portends that inside we will find a economic product, as it is made of recycled cardboard with the company logo in plain sight and some specifications on the back of the box.

Inside we find besides the tablet Cube T12, the pin for removing the SIM trolley, fthe gloom of the guarantee (in Chinese and therefore I doubt it is priceless to our latitudes), one VIP card with a scratch code with which to register at the manufacturer's site, the USB charging cable with Micro USB connector and the User Manual in Chinese and English with some quick information on how to use the tablet.

Tablet Cube T12
3G 16GB MTK MT8321 Quad Core 10.1 Inch Android 6.0
€ 77.50 € 86.11
T12 Cube Review: The Economical Tablet That Knows Amazing

Finally we also find a small one card with company certification regarding the checks carried out on the product, a sort of quality seal. Perhaps the endowment is little exploitable given the origin of the tablet but the intent of the company is however appreciable. Finally the online store Banggood.com who provided the sample also paid us a wall charger with 2A outlet with European plug.


The T12 Cube is an economical tablet but in spite of that the body is made of satin aluminum which engages the display frame with one milling finishing most of the perimeter. On the upper profile we find the on / off button and the volume rocker also made of metal. The right profile is completely free, while the lower profile houses the two system casks which therefore offer a stereo sound.

Finally the left profile is dedicated to slot for inserting the SIM in micro size, micro USB type charging input with OTG support, input for the insertion of a micro SD card to expand the 16 GB supplied up to a maximum of 64 GB, and jack input from 3.5 mm for earphones. On the rear panel, in addition to the company logo, there is also one 5 megapixel camera and its single LED flash both housed in a white colored plastic band that hides the antennas of the WiFi and telephone module.

Frontally we have the display from 10.1 inches, microphone and selfie camera from 0.3 megapixels. There is no proximity or ambient proximity sensor as well as the LED for notifications is absent. The design has nothing innovative but is pleasing and thanks to 4 cornered corners it does not seem to have a product with no personalization in the hands, it also turns out well manageable despite the weight not exactly contained in 557 grams.


The panel mounted on the CUBE T12 is a drive from 10.1 IPS matrix inches with resolution 1280 x 800 Full HD pixels. Brightness is not the strong point of this display, which, in turn, can be appreciated by proposing well-tinted colors with the possibility of further calibration through software Miravision.

Visibility in direct sunlight is practically zero, which only affects use indoors or on dull days. The touch is capacitive and fluid thanks to the support for 5 touch points, but speed is not a quality contemplated and so we should arm ourselves with patience if for example we have to write a very long mail.

Even the oleophobic treatment is almost non-existent but personally I did not find any big problems in displaying my favorite series on the Cube T12 screen so I did not feel the need to clean it continuously.


The T12 Cube uses a processor MediaTek MT8321 with clock frequency a 1.3 GHz and Cortex-A7 architecture to 32 bit, as well as a GPU Mali 400MP, 1 GB of RAM e 16 GB of internal memory expandable via micro SD card up to 64 GB. The operating system is entrusted to Android 6.0 Mashmallow without any customization by the manufacturer. Therefore the user experience is the classic stock, which given the limited hardware could be an advantage as i energy consumption is very low.

The module is completed Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n monoband, and module GPS Compass which turned out to be lightning-fast and reliable, but the surprise is in the phone segment as the CUBE T12 also allows you to make calls and then turn it into a smartphone with exaggerated dimensions support for 3G networks.

The benchmark results of the Cube T12 are not promising, for example, on AnTuTu are totalized just over 22000 points, but in spite of that I stayed pleasantly surprised from the yield of the device as it is able to offer a more than pleasant daily use experience. In fact we can use the Cube T12 for playing heavy games such as Real Racing 3 with maximum graphic detail without any particular frame rate loss or various heating, or we can use the tablet for work or study using the Office suite and then write documents with Word or process data in Excel. We can read newspapers, pdf or relax on the couch watching a movie or maybe one of the reviews offered by Xiaomitoday.it



The T12 Cube comes with 3G connectivity with the possibility of making calls just like a smartphone by inserting a Micro SIM card in the slot that can be removed using the pin provided. I must say that I was surprised because our interlocutor reports that we are feeling with ottima qualità while we are forced to talk hands-free, unless we connect earphones, we can feel pretty good, provided we do not find ourselves in noisy environments.

The sound comes from the two stereo system speakers placed on the lower profile of the tablet, but the sound output is insufficient because the high frequencies are emphasized by picking up medium and low basses that are virtually non-existent although the volume is quite high.

However, it is possible to slightly improve the sound by using the function of sound optimization through the Tablet Settings menu, with which we could decide to set the sound for the movie mode or music mode. Lastly, it is to be noted with pleasure that it is the FM radio is present, which is now almost unavailable even on smartphones.


The user interface is practically the stock one offered by the Android 6.0 Marshmallow system without any customization by the manufacturer that is limited to inserting the possibility of receiving the updates via OTA, although in my experience of use I have not received any notification about it. In spite of everything the basic functions are all carried out in an excellent way without ever having to get stuck in the system or lag. In a sense, the fact of could also be positive not having different applications that only saturate RAM and occupy memory, therefore you can choose to customize the system with alternative launchers or with the applications that we prefer. Video with resolution over Full HD is not supported but container formats such as the MKV are supported.


As mentioned, the T12 Cube comes with one 5 megapixel rear camera with possibility of registration video in full HD. The interface is the classic that MediaTek has accustomed us to, with few settings and extreme ease of use.

Unfortunately, the rendering of the camera is undoubtedly insufficient if used in low light conditions, while under good brightness conditions, the shot videos arrive just enough.

Le photo even in good brightness conditions full of background noise, from the kneaded colors and the points and clicks are a utopia. In short, a subdued camera that can be used for various social sharing. The same assessments apply to the front camera which has a resolution of just 0.3 megapixel, good for video chat and nothing more.


The battery supplied with the Cube T12 is a unit from 5000 mAh, which with medium intensity use guarantees almost three days of use guaranteeing over 6 active screen hours with brightness at 80%, which considering the generous dimensions of the display is an excellent result. Recharging also takes place quickly as it takes about 2 hours to bring the tablet back from completely unloaded to 100% autonomy. There are also some energy-saving settings that help to further improve battery efficiency.


The Cube T12 certainly has its shortcomings but it is able to perform every task, becoming a good traveling companion, offering even premium features, such as supporting the OTG so as to carry important files with you and, if necessary, display them on the large display. 10.1 inches. The battery also with the capacity of 5000 mAh manages to accompany you for almost three days of medium / intense use and if you are really short of energy you can activate energy saving. During daily use I changed my mind about the initial impressions I had on the Cube T12 and I can say that despite being a low-end tablet, the construction and materials make it look like a premium product. But above all, reliability really struck me: to think of having a tablet with phone support with me, even if only in 3G, which manages to turn into an accurate and precise browser, and at the same time a working tool to edit files of text, excel or powerpoint, as well as being able to relax by reading an ebook or watching a movie. All this at an ultra competitive price. In fact you can find the Cube T12 at just under 80 euro at the store Banggood.com thank you for sending the sample and that among the many stores I feel to advise you for the professionalism and care with which you ship the products.

Tablet Cube T12
3G 16GB MTK MT8321 Quad Core 10.1 Inch Android 6.0
€ 77.50 € 86.11
T12 Cube Review: The Economical Tablet That Knows Amazing
8.1 Total score
Cube T12

  • Materials and quality construction
  • General performance
  • 3G module
  • Quick and reliable GPS
  • Price
  • Low-power camera
  • Insufficient display brightness under direct sunlight
  • Unbalanced sounds
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