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Review of the Mudiro MR50 the travel refrigerator

The 12 Volt Mudiro refrigerator is an excellent solution for those looking for a compact, efficient and portable appliance, ideal for camping, car trips or use on campers and boats. After testing it, I can say that it offers a combination of convenience and performance that makes it a useful addition to any outdoor adventure.

Design and Construction

The 12 Volt Mudiro refrigerator features a robust and modern design. The construction in resistant materials makes it suitable to resist shocks and adverse climatic conditions, typical of outdoor use. The compact dimensions of (726 x 390 x 513 mm) make it easy to fit into limited spaces, such as the trunk of a car or the compartment of a camper. The ergonomic handle, wheels, empty weight of only 14,9kg they facilitate transport, and the non-slip feet guarantee good stability even on uneven surfaces.

Capacity and Functionality

Despite its small size, the refrigerator delivers the considerable internal capacity of 55L (but there is also a smaller 30L version), enough to store food and drinks for a small group of people (about 30 33cl bottles of beer). It features two well organized compartments, one that refreshes and the other that freezes, which help keep food tidy and easily accessible. The separator can also be removed to have a single large compartment and accommodate large products.

The cooling function is powerful and efficient, capable of maintaining a constant temperature even in extreme heat. The possibility of adjust the temperature via the touch display allows you to adapt the refrigerator to different storage needs.


One of the most appreciable features of the Mudiro MR50 is its energy efficiency. It consumes little power, which is essential when using a limited power source such as a car battery. There ECO mode is designed to maintain the temperature and low consumption, while the MAX mode allows the set temperature to be reached in a very short time. Operation is silent (only 35db), ensuring a quiet environment during use at night or in confined spaces.

Ease of Use

Using the refrigerator is intuitive thanks to the simple and clearly visible control panel. The buttons are responsive and the interface is easy to understand even for those who are not tech savvy. Installation and connection to the power source are quick and simple thanks to the two adapters supplied (car/home), making the refrigerator ready for use in minutes.

Mudiro MR50 accessories

Mudiro MR50 Technical data sheet

Product dimensions (L*W*H)726 * 390 * 513mm
Weight of the object14,9 kg
Soft DrinkR600a
ConfigurationCompact internal freezer
Temperature range-20℃-20℃(-4℉~68℉)
Defrost systemFrost free
Rated current3.75A / 1.875A
Nominal power45W ±20%
Insulating materialPolyurethane foam
Battery protectionYes
Control PanelLED display with touch screen

Mudiro MR50 Final opinions and price

In conclusion, the Mudiro MR50 12 Volt refrigerator is an excellent product for those who need a portable and reliable refrigerator. The combination of rugged design, good cooling capacity, energy efficiency and ease of use make it an ideal choice for campers, travelers and anyone in need of a portable refrigeration system. If you are looking for a refrigerator that can accompany you on all your adventures, the Mudiro MR50 is definitely worth considering.

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Mudiro MR50 12 Volt - Travel Refrigerator
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178,46€ 225,43€
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