REVIEW of the Xiaomi Smart Jacket that Selfheats - How cool (Coupon inside 106 €) !!!

The 90fun, the famous crowdfunding brand of Xiaomi, runs to the aid of everyone in the cold of the world with its jacket capable of self-heating. We've tried it!

From the aesthetic point of view, although it is a subjective aspect, the 90 FUN Intelligent Down Jacket it has a simple, modern but sporty line. The five comfortable pockets, external 4 and internal 1, all have zips and blend well with the contemporary style. The hood is not removable but has a strap to adjust the closure.

Great quality is noticed in all the details but above all in the materials. Externally the jacket is made with one special IPX7 certified material which guarantees a frightening resistance water repulsion (test on the video of the review at the bottom of the page). Internally we find 90% goose down padding which from the environmental point of view is not the best but which guarantees a very high level of protection from the cold while maintaining a low weight.

However, the real peculiarity of this garment is its ability to generate heat independently. Internally in fact, there are two resistances capable of reaching the temperature of 40 ° or 50 ° selectable according to your needs.

Resistances are placed at strategic points from where the cold enters most frequently: in the lumbar part and in the neck. The largest, being positioned at the bottom, allows the heat to rise and heat the entire bust. The one around the neck returns a pleasant "scarf effect".

Unlike other cheaper (and perhaps shoddy) products, the heating system is equipped with a chip that guarantees and maintains a constant temperature. This translates into a great advantage from the point of view of comfort since the jacket will adapt by itself based on the outside temperature and we would not be subject to overheating even entering closed rooms. Also the autonomy it gains as the power will then be adjusted according to need.

For the power supply it is entrusted to a powerbank (not included). On the right rear side there is a pocket in which there is a USB cable to which to connect the power supply. The pocket is large enough to accommodate a 10.000mAh powerbank though in my tests I passed the 2 hours of continuous use at 50 ° with a small 2.000mAh battery.

90fun jacket

Although the absence of an autonomous diet may seem a defect, it does guarantee several advantages:

  • It is possible to use batteries of different capacities according to different needs
  • It is possible to carry and use an additional battery
  • It is possible to change the battery when it is a little performing after some time.

Another great advantage that I found in the 90 FUN Intelligent Down Jacket it is the possibility of being machine washed without any contraindication, thanks to the choice of powering the circuit with a separate powerbank and allows all the electrical / electronic part to remain sealed. unlike many other cheap products.

Turning the heating on and off is carried out by a long press on a rubber button located near the feeding pocket. The single pressure then, allows to switch between the two settings of 40 and 50 degrees. This button also incorporates a status LED that indicates the selected mode: orange for 40 °; red for 50 °.

In conclusion I was positively impressed by this product from all points of view. The price that fluctuates between 100 € and 130 € depending on the offers, confirms the incredible quality / price ratio of the Xiaomi ecosystem products.

We want to thank you BangGood for sending the sample.

90 FUN Intelligent Down Jacket - Technical Data Sheet

  • 90% goose feather padding
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • 2 Zone Self-heating via PowerBank
  • 2 Selectable temperatures (40 ° or 50 °)
  • Smart chip for constant temperature maintenance
  • Machine washable

90 FUN Intelligent Down Jacket - Offers

-24% REVIEW of the Xiaomi Smart Jacket that Selfheats - How cool (Coupon inside 106 €) !!!

Xiaomi 90 FUN Waterproof Warming Jacket (Presale)

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106 € 140 €

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90 FUN Intelligent Down Jacket - Video Review

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The coupon with the discount does not work! : '(

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Really great product!

Fabio Lelli

a friend of mine bought with fast shipping, arrived in 10 days (he would have to pay 70 € of VAT and customs) but once in Italy DHL wrote that there was no health declaration x via feathers and he turned the package over to the sender ... you can investigate ? thanks.

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the coupon does not work, can you reactivate it? thanks for the presentation of the jacket

Fabio Lelli

thank you for reactivating the 97 € coupon

Fabio Lelli

unfortunately the coupon is sold out 🙁

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I carry an Italian 50, what size should I take? thanks

Nerio Masia
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Nerio Masia

40 and 50 degrees are not excessive?

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I too add to the request

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