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Domino DM368 3G Smartwatch Review (Coupon in the article at 68 €)

In recent years there has been a real one explosion about wearable gadgets, including handheld smartwatches that began to look more like regular watches but with a heart of pure technology. Today we will see a circular dial smartwatch together, a quadcore processor and the ability to use a SIM for calls and more. We find the details of the smartwatch Domino DM368 purchased at the store on line Gearbest.com. The product in question is currently on offer with flash sale so I suggest you click in box provided below to take advantage of a special discount.



The Domino DM368 smartwatch is contained in a elegant packaging of black color completely realized with texture leather texture, while at the top we find the writing SmartWatch of gold color. Inside the packaging seems typical of a jewelery as the Domino smartwatch envelops a soft velvet cushion that in turn hides a small cloth to polish the display clock. On the side instead there is a box containing the USB charging cable with magnetic holder holder. The cable runs also function of data transfer once you connect it to a PC while the magnetic attack is good, but I found it impractical for everyday use. Finally at the top of the box we find a small compartment containing a instruction manual in English and a convenient and practical one screen protector film of a circular type, in addition to the one already applied on the display.


The central body is made in stainless steel with a thickness of 1,2 cm, which makes the Domino DM368 look like an elegant and sporty clock at the same time thanks to the presence of a silicone strap of good quality that does not create irritation to skin contact when used in sessions where sweating becomes intense. The dimensions are 50 x 50 x 180 mm for a weight of 69,3 grams. The finishes are made with care and on the right side of the chest we find the on / off button and microphone, on the left side it system speaker. On the reverse made of plastic instead is the heart rate sensor, i pin connectors for charging and a small tab that hides thehousing the nano-type SIM card. After a day of exercise the weight is felt, making it uncomfortable for those with a slim wrist. The Domino DM368 smartwatch is available in three different colors: silver, gun metal (that in test) and red.


The circular dial is finished by one knurled ring that gives further elegance and sportiness to the Domino smartwatch. The display is a unit from 1,39 AMOLED matrix inches with resolution 400 x 400 pixels (160ppi). There is no sensor for the brightness that at the highest level makes the display clearly visible even under sunlight. The touch is always responsive at all times as well as the colors are all over vivid and clean.


To feed the entire system of the Domino DM368 we find one CPU MediaTek MT6580 Quad Core with clock frequency up to 1,3 GHz supported by 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory not expandable. Last but not least the presence of one Mali GPU 400 which, coupled with the above elements, makes the general experience fluid that, during my use, has never undergone any sudden crashes or slowdowns. Surely the only 512 MB of RAM are a bit scarce but for the use and the features that the smartwatch offers are not so much reduced.


Domino DM368 is the operating system Android Lollipop 5.1, which allows you to start multiple applications at one time and to be able to enjoy all the application parks on the Play Store already pre-installed on the smartwatch. It is possible to use YouTube, Telegram or browse with the browser, in short, everything you can do with a smartphone can be replicated with Domino, naturally without demanding great performance. It's possible respond to messages or search through the integrated keyboard which, however, due to the reduced size, is not practical. However, the problem can be obviated using i voice commands offered by Google which allow complete smartwatch management in a few steps. It should also be noted that the Italian language is present and that it is possible to reproduce it movies in MP4 as well as picture format BMP, JPEG and PNG and music in format MP3. Of course, thanks to the Play Store, you can add applications that can further expand functionality.


The software customization includes the use of Watch Face (we find it installed well 18) which allow a customization of the design. To further transform the smartwatch it is possible to choose the style of the same from the Settings menu by choosing from one list or circular display. From the main screen you can access additional screens by swipe: to the left to access the notifications panel, down to display the weather, to the right to access the installed applications and upwards to view the main info but above all to access the quick toggle which enable you to activate / deactivate wifi, bluetooth, gps, adjust the brightness, etc. The ignition key in addition to performing the function back

pressed once gives you the ability to access a screen where we can restart or turn off the device, activate power saving, access the task manager to close open applications as well as change the view of applications from full screen to reduced. Useful function when we use apps like Play Store with side menus that we cannot access with full screen view. Among the system applications we also find a calendar, a file manager, a voice recorder, the phone book, the music player, the weather and Google Maps, in addition to those relating to the telephone line. Finally, the function is present pedometer which, however, overestimates the steps of a good 30 / 35% compared to those actually performed. However, there is no possibility to synchronize data to make a backup and therefore you need to install third-party apps like good Google Fit. However, it is possible to set up your own profile by entering data relating to weight, height, gender and a daily goal. To overcome the exaggerated count of steps, the smartwatch can be placed on the non-dominant arm in order to reduce the overestimated count to 15%. Also present the possibility of timing a running / walking session. Finally, through the Health app you can take advantage of the heart rate detection that I must say I found it even in situations of physical stress and intense sweating.


On board Domino DM368 we find a module WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G connection and GPS module. Both Bluetooth and WiFi behaved well by offering good coverage, as well as the 3G module was found satisfactory even if at times I noticed the loss of the signal by switching to the 2G. Calls made via the inserted nano SIM returned a slightly subdued audio in outdoor environments even if our interlocutor had no problems, reporting that he heard our voice very clear. The GPS when compared to the entity of the product offers good results even if the size of the screen does not allow you to orient yourself better, but it remains a good alternative when needed. The application is supported, as it were, by the smartwatch WiiWear, downloadable from QR Code present in the Mobile Assistant menu. The application is not downloadable from the Play Store and offers few functions. Through it we can manage the reception of notifications, ie from which app to receive them or not, send photos directly to the device via Bluetooth, manage remote controls of camera and music, as well as activate the Alert function to and from the smartwatch: in practice, from the phone we can make the clock ring if we do not find it and vice versa. Regarding the notifications it should be noted that it is often necessary to open the application concerned to receive them as if they remained in standby.



The Domino Dm368 mounts a battery with a capacity of 400 mAh, which according to the manufacturer's assures an autonomy in conversation of 2 hours and a half, while in standby we can also get to 48 hours. Unfortunately, I have found that this does not reflect reality in that without SIM inserted and with medium / intensive use (WiFi and Bluetooth on) I managed to cover about 10 hours total, while even using a SIM the duration drops to approx 8 total hours. Although the full recharging takes about 1 now and 35 minutes it is not plausible that the battery life has this low autonomy. Perhaps the problem is at software level and hence in the hope that some update will be released it becomes difficult to make a judgment on this aspect, which at the moment is disappointing.



As mentioned at the beginning of the review the market is now chock-full, but the cost for a good smartwatch is often noticeably high and therefore the DM368 Domino can result a good compromise between quality and price unless you use it intensively. For example, if you are an athlete who needs to have a track of your run, monitor your heartbeats and maybe not miss any calls while listening to music, then this is not the product for you. Of great value are the materials and also the features offered, like the heartbeat sensor that has proved to be very precise, make the Domino DM368 smartwatch suitable for many users, for example those who like me need a second number but do not want to have an additional smartphone in tow , or to those who may want to have at your fingertips the entire internet ecosystem to perform searches on the fly, check the weather and why not be assisted by the GPS while going somewhere that we do not know the exact location. The device is available at the online store Gearbest.com for sale only € 76 with our discount code, but hurry up because there are few pieces left.

Proceed to purchase from a PC and log in to the gearbest.com website, otherwise the code will not be valid

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Domino DM368 Smartwatch 3G

Is it worth spending too much money on a smartwatch? Domino DM368 with just over 80 Euro offers you a lot of features on the most popular models as long as you do not stress the battery. Good materials, beautiful design and thanks to the Play Store you can enrich the capabilities of Domino DM368.

  • Materials
  • Value for money
  • Presence of the Play Store
  • GPS
  • Battery life
  • Receive notifications
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Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.

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Giovanni Franzin
1 year ago

Hello, can anyone tell me where I can find the dm368 domino strap because mine broke, thanks

Marx Orm
Marx Orm
3 years ago

Hi, I would like to know if possible regarding the Domino smartwatch. Is it possible to receive notifications of messages, calls, mails, etc, synchronizing it with the smartphone, without inserting the card inside? Because I bought one yesterday, and the Domono + with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory, but I don't receive message notifications or other applications, synchronizing it with the smartphone via the WiiWear downloaded on the smartphone. I only receive the call, but when I answer from the smartwatch you can't hear who is talking to me on the other side, in practice you don't hear anything. Please suggest ?! Maybe you need to install another app instead... Read the rest »

3 years ago


3 years ago

Hi, I did not understand if you can answer the phone calls and pay directly from the smartwatch when it's bluetooth-connected to the smartphone. Thank you

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