Jimmy JV63 review - Efficiency and versatility better than Cinderella

Forced to stay at home because of the Coronavirus Covid-19, among the most popular "pastimes" we certainly find the one related to household cleaning, so better to do it with appropriate tools such as the new Jimmy JV63 wireless electric broom.

It is the most recent model we have tried exclusive: best combines the philosophy of the mother Xiaomi, i.e. the best quality / price ratio that you can look for in this category and that today we are going to discover in our complete review made possible thanks to the sample sent directly by Jimmy Italia.

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Last update was on: April 6, 2020 16:47
-9% Jimmy JV63 review - Efficiency and versatility better than Cinderella

Xiaomi JIMMY JV63

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Before starting with the actual review, we cannot avoid telling you the contents of the package, really rich and complete. Inside the white hardcover with the product depicted on the lid, we find all the components well positioned and protected by polystyrene and plastic for each individual accessory.

We find the blue aluminum tube and the terminals in dark gray color, while on one of the two there is the release button in red color. This is very light but rather resistant and of good quality. The coupling of the tube to the motor body and to the various accessories is precise and very stable.

Proceeding in unboxing, we find the mini turbo rotating brush with roller formed by two semi-rigid red plastic blades and two brushes in soft bristles, which can be removed for better cleaning. This accessory is mainly used for cleaning mattresses but can also be used safely on armchairs, sofas, car seats and small rugs. Removal of the internal brush is very simple, just turn the side grip anticlockwise and then remove the roller.

The main roller instead allows you to change the brush according to your cleaning needs, or better according to the type of floor on which we will operate. In fact, it is sufficient to move a lever located under the brush and remove the plastic insert to the side.


The first brush is completely covered with micro bristles in soft material, in Dyson style, suitable for more precious and delicate floors. The second brush, similar to what is seen on the head for mattresses, adapts to all types of flooring as well as carpets, as long as they are not excessively soft, otherwise the risk of "sucking in" is almost assured (to be honest on the manufacturer's website, indicated quite the opposite but my experience has led to these conclusions).

The head of the floor brush is very articulated, thanks to a small portion of flexible hose with which it is possible to fold the electric broom also laterally and it is almost possible to place the motor on the ground.

Before moving on to the body of the vacuum cleaner, let's face the knowledge of the other accessories that are made up of a nozzle with a built-in mini brush, which through two small plastic releases can slide on the body of the lance to be used or not. This type of accessory is suitable for cleaning restricted areas, such as the cracks between the skirting boards and the floor, or between the folds of the sofas where small crumbs of food often nest.

Similar is the multifunction brush, which also takes on two positions, with or without bristles, allowing the extraction of crumbs or coarser dirt elements.

Finally, we find the UP TOP 3-position accessory, a sort of plastic fitting that matches the brush with soft bristles supplied, ideal for cleaning at height, above the furniture and kitchen cabinets.

Inevitable then the flexible and extendable hose that allows, coupled with the right accessory, for example the removal of cobwebs or the cleaning inside drawers, behind the sanitary ware etc ..

Last but not least, we find the base to be fixed to the wall with 3M adhesive, on which to anchor the electric broom once the cleaning is finished. I would have preferred the possibility of being able to attack the base also by means of stops and screws but with a little ingenuity we can overcome this lack. Also present the user manual, also in Italian.

We have therefore come to the flab of this Jimmy JV63, which offers a 0,5 liter tank, which is released from the engine by means of a small push button located at the bottom. We therefore find the filter made up of several elements, all removable and washable for better sealing over time and sanitation. If you are afraid of not being able to reassemble it, do not worry because Jimmy's attention to detail meant that a small sticker was placed with a reminder of the correct succession of the pieces.

The main filter is of the HEPA type, also washable, to which the rest of the filter mechanism in general is anchored. We can remove the block simply by pulling it upwards with the help of a metal hook, an operation that will allow us to access the tank and then empty it completely of any residual dirt collected.


The block consists of a first filter made of perforated metal inside which a small funnel is positioned which will convey the finer dust to an additional sponge filter. I repeat that every single element is washable, which should not be underestimated for this type of product. Too bad for the general emptying of the tank which occurs by force by releasing it from the main body as well as by removing the filter, making the operation more articulated than expected.

The main body of Jimmy JV63 integrates an engine capable of reaching 100.000 rpm and a suction power of 130 AW, noticeable above all at the maximum power level of the 3 possible. When the engine is turned on, the air passing through it is let out on the sides of the engine body, this means that it will not reach us during house cleaning.

The handle of the handle is rather wide and allows a good balance of the electric broom during cleaning operations, thus ensuring greater comfort, considering a low weight of 1,4 kg. Scrolling on the handle at the top we find the power button / switch-off and an additional button to adjust the suction power, selecting up to 3 speeds, as well as a small green LED during the cleaning phase which then turns red flashing to indicate that the battery needs a new charge.

On the lower part of the handle, on the other hand, there is a small silicone flap which conceals the charging input which takes place via a charger with a proprietary attachment, very reminiscent of that of traditional electric razors, with 30V / 0,6A output, which allows a recharge complete with built-in 2500 mAh battery (7 cells) in about 5 hours.


Too long, too important considering the actual battery life. Consider that at maximum power we can get to 9 minutes and 20 seconds of work to which it is possible to add another 2 minutes and 10 seconds to finish the work, but at minimum power. A more than honest duration, in line if not better than many other competing electric brooms, even of the most famous brands. We certainly cannot say that this Jimmy JV63 is a battery vacuum, but the one that weighs most are the 5 hours for recharging; an infinite waiting time if we cannot finish our cleaning with a single charge.

Finally, if used at maximum power, the battery begins to overheat slightly, so in order not to ruin it, it is advisable not to put it on charge immediately but wait for it to cool down. The build quality of the Jimmy JV63 is good, the plastic used is of fair quality, but to the touch it conveys a slightly "cheap" feeling, although in general the material used is very resistant.

The suction power offered by the Jimmy JV63 is more than satisfactory for most homes and average users, as well as, using medium power, it allows the cleaning of a house up to about 100 square meters, thanks to a brushless motor 450 W with suction power of 130AW and Dual Cyclonic filtration system. For the general cleaning tests, I invite you to view the video review, spoiling that this electric broom is truly versatile and easy to handle allows it to be used in any environment and condition, even with carpets, but above all the joint on the floor head allows you to get in. also in depth under beds and furniture.

The wealth of accessories supplied also allows us to range in various areas, from car cleaning, to desks, to kitchens, to curtains, as well as to reach points of difficult destination without the aid of stairs and / or stools. Even the noise during cleaning, at maximum power, was quite acceptable (78 dB max), certainly not such as to be able to use the gadget for cleaning at night, but still good enough not to create annoying situations.

The head for the floor has a height of about 5,5 cm while the height of the body resting on the ground reaches a height of about 11,5 cm, destined to drop to 9,3 cm if we turn the engine block to the side. So these are the heights that we can push our Jimmy JV63 into during cleaning, more than suitable for the vast majority of domestic environments, but given the good flex that this gadget gives us, it would have been perhaps convenient to have placed small LEDs on the head brush.

Offers Jimmy JV63

Last update was on: April 6, 2020 16:47
-9% Jimmy JV63 review - Efficiency and versatility better than Cinderella

Xiaomi JIMMY JV63

Free shipping in Italy

€ 209 € 229

Use discount codes:


The Jimmy JV63 wireless electric broom is very similar to many other models on the market, but with this model we have better autonomy and many accessories available that give infinite versatility. The materials on the whole are robust but with a “cheap” effect, but the real problem perhaps is the suction power that it cannot satisfy when we have large families at home, therefore with a tendency to dirty more, as well as 4-legged friends. In my case, with 3 cats and a dog, Jimmy JV63 was unable to satisfy my cleaning requests, often leaving me on the ground during the cleaning session.

Mine is perhaps a borderline situation or maybe not, the fact is that by trying Jimmy JV63 in other conditions, for example in those typical of a newlywed couple, a single but also a family of 3 with 1 cat, success is guaranteed . So I would recommend it, by virtue of the competitive price to which it is proposed, with the possibility of purchasing directly on the official store but also on Amazon.

8.5 Total score

Jimmy JV63 is a light and silent but above all wireless vacuum cleaner that manages to clean for about 1 hour without having to recharge the integrated battery at a competitive price compared to the competition, but perhaps intended for a niche clientele, which will never see the families with pets. Such a pity!!!

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