REVIEW - Mijia Car DVR / dashcam according to Xiaomi

La road safety is a difficult topic to deal with, especially when it comes to claims that have been affected by the victims. According to data released by State Police, in 2016, have occurred 73836 road accidents , 2 million road traffic offenses, about 3 millions of decimated points and almost 45 thousands of patents withdrawn.

It becomes indispensable for the motorist therefore to have a tool that can reconstruct precisely and reliably what happens during car trips, and this tool takes the name of dashcam, a room that can record videos of what's going on around the vehicle.

It will be easier to claim the right compensation for the insurance company but also to avoid small scams such as the mirror. Taking this prerequisite we could not avoid trying and reviewing it for you Mijia Car DVR, dashcam according to Xiaomi. I thank the online store immediately Gearbest for sending the sample, which is currently sold only 57 € with shipping included in price. At this price, do not get away.

Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR Camera
Including Shipping ItalyExpress (10 days - No Customs)
€ 57 € 62
REVIEW - Mijia Car DVR / dashcam according to Xiaomi


The sales package comes in classic Xiaomi style, white coloring with logos on the sides and some summary indications on the front and back of the box. The cardboard used is very often and it is a very good thing because couriers often tend to launch products on the doorstep, and in this case the product contained inside was well protected. The inside of the lid of the box also reserves one small chicca, as there is a small layer of foam to the further scratch or shock protection, to which Mijia dashcam might meet.

The equipment is very rich as we find in addition to the Mijia Car DVR also the USB connection cable with micro USB connector long 3 meters and a half, instruction manual in Chinese, bracket for fixing to the car glass, car charger with output 5V / 2A, a spare sticker to replace the one already on the bracket, 2 Transparent Films for fixing the bracket to the car glass and finally a small plastic tool which will be used to fit the Mijia Car DVR power cable inside the car inserts as shown in the card containing the dashcam.


Mijia Car DVR is made of matte plastic while the lens is enclosed in a ring made of metal knurled and smooth on the front. The design is minimal but elegant, in fact on the back we find the display from 2,7 inches that hosts 4 touch buttons for functions, the left side is cleaned while the right one incorporates a small led indicating the operation of the room which will be white when it becomes red when it is turned off.

There is also a micro door that houses themicro SD housing with support up to 64 GB. On the lower part of the room, in addition to the label with the product indications, we find a hole for reset of the Mijia Car DVR and the microphone for recording ambient sound. In the upper part we find theinput for charging in micro USB format which requires a power supply from 5V / 2A, the slot for inserting the bracket of anchoring and the power button or shutdown.

Just press the power button once, once to turn off the screen or if pressed for about 3 seconds, it will turn off the camera, even if actually the camera once connected to the car power will turn on automatically. Finally, in front of the lens we find a small system speaker for playback of recorded video and audio logo Mijia.


Xiaomi thought to equip the Mijia car DVR with a comfortable one 2,7 LCD display than at the bottom incorporates 4 touch buttons including the one to enable / disable the microphone, the one relating to the activation / deactivation of WiFi for remote connection with the smartphone.

Very important is the Event button which is used to tag movies, that is, if activated dashcam will immediately save what it was recording by storing it on the micro SD card in a separate folder, so that the video will not be overwritten in the future but above all it will be easily searchable.

Finally, we find the button for the Settings through which we could find serious difficulties as well the big defect of Mijia Car DVR is that it "speaks" only Chinese but I'll show you the menus in succession as you will find them.


Before the actual Settings we will find a menu of menus in which we can view all the videos saved on the memory card or those marked as an Event.
Il first menu which we will find will be related to WiFi, where we will display the password for smartphone access to the dashcam interface but we will also have the option to turn off the signal.

Il second menu will relate to display power on, time that can be set to the values ​​of 30 seconds, 1 minute or keep the display always on to always have an eye on what the Mijia Car DVR is recording.

Il third menu instead it will give us the chance to calibrate it sensitivity of the Event, choosing between the low or high option or deactivating the option, as you may find yourself on a street with many holes that would generate a series of useless events.

Through our fourth menu we will have the chance to format the SD card inserted in the dashcam for video recording, which will be required when the dashcam is first powered on or after a system update.

Since fifth menu instead we could adjust the date and time to appear on the movies, an option that cannot be eliminated, therefore our videos will always have a signature composed of the company logo and the time / date.

Il sixth menu it will only come into play when we have a system update for the dashcam, which will always be carried out via smartphone with the proprietary application Mi Home.

Il seventh menu will serve a reset to initial settings dashcam, a menu that could be useful in case the same gives rise to problems, which I personally have never encountered.

Finally theeighth and last menu will provide us with the firmware information of the Mija Car DVR. Once the language handicap has been removed, the system is very simple and fluid and personally, during my long use, I have never encountered jamming or malfunctions resulting from bugs or anything else. In short, the Xiaomi dashcam has proved to be a faithful witness for my routes.


The hardware that drives the Mijia dashcam is based on combination of MSTAR MSC8328P image processor and of Sony CMOS sensor IMX323 of dimensions of 1 / 2.9 inches while the resolution ratio is of 2: 19 megapixel (to be clear the same resolution used in professional video surveillance cameras). There is also one mini battery from 240 mAh which can only be used only as a reserve to save videos when power is lost, in fact the camera must always be powered via the micro USB input to function, and finally the gravity sensor.

Do not miss the support for 802.11 b / g / n mono band WiFi through which Xiaomi dashcam creates its own WLAN network to which to connect with the smartphone / tablet for see streaming recorded images from the same but also to archive the previous video recordings on your device.

Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR Camera
Including Shipping ItalyExpress (10 days - No Customs)
€ 57 € 62
REVIEW - Mijia Car DVR / dashcam according to Xiaomi


Once connected to the car's power supply the Mijia Car DVR yes will turn on automatically and will start recording the scene immediately. Therefore, no action will be required by the user who will have to concentrate on driving. The dashcam will record one series of 2 minutes with a footprint of approximately 250 Mb. Therefore with a 16 GB card you will be able to store about 64 movies for a total of about 2 hours and 15 minutes of recording.

Of course as soon as the memory is saturated the room will begin to overwrite older movies except those labeled as Event, and therefore there is no danger of losing important files but above all of finding yourself without the dashcam support during a long journey. Personally, I preferred to always keep the display on and disable the possibility of the automatic event, as I found it very sensitive and in streets with considerable holes the same was activated frequently.


The objective of the Mijia Car DVR is composed of 6 lenses with focal opening f / 1.8 and viewing angle of 160 builds FOV. The sensor is entrusted to the performer Sony IMX323 which allows you to record video with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels at 29 fps in the compression standard H.264 in MP4 format. The videos are shot in loops and therefore will be overwritten once the space available on the micro SD card is finished. The opening f / 1.8 and the excellent sensor offered by Xiaomi offer detailed and noise-free videos even in low light conditions.


I claim that the Mijia Car DVR is an excellent dashcam, although it is not easy to adjust the settings of the same, it is still easy to use as it is sufficient to connect it to the power supply and the recording and any Event are completely automatic. Unfortunately Xiaomi has lost in 3 small things in my opinion fundamental: first of all the language of the product that turns out to be only in Chinese when it was enough to insert in the firmware at least the English one.

Secondly it would have been the top if the company had also included a GPS that would trace the route in order to have further "evidence" of a possible accident, and finally also the insertion of a secondary chamber that framed the rear scene would have been fundamental in so as to ascertain any rear-end collisions. Surely these features would have increased the price but perhaps the end user would have been willing to spend it.

At any rate I would definitely recommend this product to Xiaomi fans and especially to those who already have other products of the Mi Home ecosystem, but also to those looking for one dashcam with high quality performance in terms of video recording and that does not need further settings that could affect the ease of use. Moreover the Xiaomi dashcam is very compact (dimensions equal to 87.5 x 53 x 18 mm weight 84.7 grams) and can be conveniently stored in a pocket of a trouser but especially when in operation does not weigh down the sight of the driver camouflaging itself well behind the mirror rearview. So if you are interested in the Mijia Car DVR you can contact the store Gearbest, one of the most reliable which I tested in my path as a reviewer and user and I thank him for sending the sample.

Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR Camera
Including Shipping ItalyExpress (10 days - No Customs)
€ 57 € 62
REVIEW - Mijia Car DVR / dashcam according to Xiaomi

8.3 Total score
Mijia Car DVR

The Mijia Car DVR does not bring anything revolutionary in the dashcam world, but its strength lies in its ease of use and the quality of full HD movies shot through the Sony IMX323 sensor. An almost irreplaceable travel companion.

  • Ease of use
  • Movie quality
  • Reduced size and weight
  • Rich content packing
  • Presence of the only Chinese language
  • Lack of GPS
  • Lack of a secondary chamber
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Roberto Piffari
Roberto Piffari

Hi ... I need a compassionate advice.
I now know the existence of the Dash Cam Mijia ... I was going to buy the Yi DashCam released last year (it's the same price as this Mijia) ... YI also has firmware in English and Italian application ... and this Mijia does not seem to have "Something more" ... but I'm here to ask you ... about which orientation?
The "old" but good model ... or the new one in the hope of having updates that will improve it soon?
I thank anyone who will help me.

PS: thanks for your arecension

not ready yet

strange but worse than the "old" version, only the design is more beautiful. then, the field of view switches from 165 ° of the old model to 160 ° of this, the recording switches from 1080p 60fps of the old model to 30fps of this. the new model is for now only in Chinese while in the old one the international firmware can be put. if you watch comparative videos of the recordings of the two dashcam on yt the old surprisingly wins ... by day the new one burns the image that is always overexposed and you lose details ... it would logically give it advantages at night but in my opinion it loses even at night ...... Read the rest »

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