Phaewo Wings electric scooter review X5 - A valid alternative to Xiaomi MXXUMX

During my adventure at I could appreciate a couple of ecological vehicles, like the M365 electric scooter by Xiaomi or DYU D1 electric bike, both excellent and competitive price. But we are not satisfied and we want to go further, and so after aaccurate research related to an ecological vehicle which at the same time combines practicality, quality and fun, we came across the Wings X5 electric scooter proposed by Phaewo, a Chinese company specialized in the field that as a distribution uses a company based in the Netherlands and that you can find on the online store Amazon Italia. Will he be able to get our consent?

Phaewo Wings electric scooter review X5 - A valid alternative to Xiaomi MXXUMX


From the packaging we understand that we are dealing with a quality product, in fact the equipment is really complete, because in addition to the manual for which the Italian language is available, we also find one product warranty card, A small Allen key to tighten any loose screws, but above all the charger from 29,4V and max 1,5A output complete already of the European outlet so no adapter will be needed. To this with my suprise, we add one protective case practice against scratches and dust that will serve to store the scooter in case you take it with you in the car or simply when you store it somewhere for a long time.


The scooter itself is ready to use, it will not be necessary to mount anything but simply lift the vertical barrel of the handlebar acting on the pins which are above the platform and subsequently pull the knobs outwards. Oh yes, because these can even be folded down to take up less space and do not worry about being too delicate as their function is only supportive for the hands as the controls are integrated in the handlebar.

In fact, next to the right knob we find the accelerator lever while next to the left the lever of the emergency brake (and I stress emergency). On the barrel of the handlebar, driver's side, we find the entrance for charging is covered by a small silicone cap and above it a red button that will serve to operate the lighthouse composed of small non-adjustable LED lights (4 files from 3 LED each) of not strong intensity that actually serve more as position lights than as a real beacon.

Completely made of aluminum and well finished the scooter Phaewo has a weight of 9,25 Kg and 105 x 24 x 25 cm (when closed) while the height from the ground is 13 cm conferred by the wheels by 6,5 inches that do not seem to contain air chambers but be full, so theoretically we will never run the risk of piercing. On the rear wheel we find the integrated brushless motor from 350 W which allows our vehicle to go up to 19,5 Km / h, also overcoming important slopes (very dependent on the weight of the driver), while thanks to the lithium battery from 4000 mAh, integrated into the handlebar neck with power from 96 W, the autonomy of the Phaewo goes well for 20 Km.

They will take about 2 hours and 10 minutes for a full charge, while the data on the autonomy are variable according to the terrain, to the slope of the same (maximum 15 degrees) but above all the weight of the driver. In fact, the scooter Phaewo manages to support up to 100 Kg of weight, even if in the tests carried out by me the weight comes safely to 110 Kg, but in this case unless you are on the plain the scooter becomes really slow and unusable at times. In standard situations, considering an average weight of 70 Kg the values ​​are summarily confirmed. The average speed of travel settles on 16-17 Km / h and autonomy arrives on 17 km on mixed terrain.


Are you wondering if the vehicle is legal, or if it can also be used outside of bicycle lanes? The answer is yes, as through the on-board computer, positioned on the handlebars, we can adjust 3 different speeds distinguished by the numbers 1,2 and 3. The 1 number theoretically arrives up to 8 km / h that on the road turn into about 5 Km / h, the 2 number reaches up to 13 Km / h which translates into 10 once on the road while the 3 number goes up to 25 Km / h but on the road we arrive at values ​​of 19 / 20. I use the term theoretically because in this case the speed measurement was detected by making the wheel spin without any friction.

Phaewo Wings electric scooter review X5 - A valid alternative to Xiaomi MXXUMX


The on-board computer also provides us with indications about the state of charge of the battery, the current speed, the total kilometers of operation and those of the single stroke, the gear (1,2,3) but it is able to signal us also operating anomalies such as brake, engine, acceleration, or control system problems. Furthermore in case of inactivity after about 10 minutes the vehicle will switch off automatically thus preserving the battery charge. To turn the scooter on or off, simply hold down the On / Off button on the on-board computer for about 3 seconds. To change gear speed instead, it is necessary to select the upper or lower key placed on the axis with the on / off key.

Returning to the Phaewo scooter, I can say chand driving it is really a pleasure: the comfortable platform is the right size to comfortably accommodate every foot size. Without any effort you can go on the road, make a few rounds even in grassy areas, tackle climbs and have fun on the slopes, try to drift on the small pools of water thanks to the IP54 certification etc .. Just act on the throttle lever to start the fun of driving while it is advisable to brake just leave the acceleration lever and use the brake lever only if you are asked to stop the gear immediately, to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of the wheel. And here I unfortunately have to report two small anomalies.

The first refers to acceleration, because although the manufacturer declares the presence of a security system, this does not actually work. Let me explain: in general, to start a vehicle like this, you have to give a kick to the ground, give yourself a push, and then act on the accelerator to get going. In the case of the Phaewo scooter, this does not happen, as it will be enough to push the accelerator lever to see the ecological vehicle starting The safety system goes into action only if we immediately push the lever of the gas to the maximumso it is better not to give it to children who are too small.


Another anomaly concerns the STOP message: in fact despite being present two red LED lights to signal the stop of the gear, these do not activate neither releasing the accelerator nor acting on the brake lever, but effectively they tend to turn on / off repeatedly to signal the position and that's it. The finishes of the scooter Phaewo un practical metal easel and a fender made of plastic that houses the STOP light, while in the final part of the barrel of the handlebar we find a small shock absorber to cushion shocks and keep the stability in gear in case of holes. I also find the writing in white contrasting with the metallic red on the neck of the handlebars and on the ample footrest which is covered with an anti-slip material, from the double soul, because if on the one hand helps the grip of the foot on the other it retains a lot of dirt.

Phaewo Wings electric scooter review X5 - A valid alternative to Xiaomi MXXUMX



Net of what we told, this Phaewo scooter really satisfied me. Versatile for both 8-year-old and adult-age-free children. Price definitely cheap compared to solutions that we can find online but also at retailers of GDO electronics. I was also convinced by the robustness of the vehicle and finishes and then if we add the IP54 certification then we can define this scooter one true best buy for those looking for a quality product with good skills and performance. I remind you that you can find it at the store Amazon Italia, always synonymous with quality and professionalism.

9.4 Total score

Many of us yearn to own the Xiaomi electric scooter, but for someone the expense is excessive, while the model proposed by Phaewo comes to us with a very good price without giving up the fun that this type of products offers. Excellent construction, fresh and youthful design and good performance make the Wings X5 electric scooter a valid alternative to the many too expensive proposals on the market.

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