Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Sometimes it takes very little time to clean your own home, other times it would take forever but in any case what annoys you is bring bulky household appliances along in which we could also stumble. For this reason i have been born for a few years wireless vacuum cleaner, among the most famous those proposed by Dyson, but definitely too expensive. And so here we come out of the meanders of the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform il Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner that makes its versatility a workhorse in addition to a smart side thanks to the Mi Home application, and that you can find in the store of Gearbest.com at an affordable price using the discount code ITGBGIU057. But will Roidmi F8 succeed in replacing traditional vacuum cleaners? Find out in our full review ..

roidmi f8

-9% Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 - Wireless vacuum cleaner

5 € shipping PriorityLine (5 / 15 days - NoDogana)

300 € 330 €


Previously we have already made a video in which we showed you the content of the home gadget, but it is better to make a summary because there are many things we're going to talk about. Therefore in the package that comes with a brown cardboard showing the stylized design of the product and the stickers concerning the international awards won in the 2018, such as the Red Dot and the iF Design Award, we will find (there is also a version including an anti-mite brush):

  • 1 Roidmi F8 main unit with built-in motor
  • 1 Extension rod
  • 1 Roller brush
  • 1 Propeller brush
  • 1 Magnetic wall support
  • 2 HEPA Filters
  • 1 Metal mesh filter
  • 1 Dust tank
  • 1 Flexible hose with spout
  • 1 Multi-function brush
  • 1 Fixed spout
  • 1 Brush remove dust
  • 1 Articulated head
  • 1 Network charger with Chinese connection (for which you will have to have a European socket adapter)
  • 1 User manual and documentation


As usual, although the Roidmi company is independent of Xiaomi, the design traces the sober one to which Chinese society has accustomed us with other products of the same kind, such as the Roborock Vacuum. In fact on the whole we have at a glance a white candid broken by some inserts in gray color as for the extension stick handle or the function keys. Roidmi F8 is completely made of plastic, decidedly resistant and of good quality, even if I announce to you that will tend to get dirty with very little due to the rough surface of the material used.

In any case, the feeling returned is absolutely not that of having a low-leverage product in your hands, indeed far from it the construction is decidedly solid and attentive to detail. The whole unit has a weight of about 2,5 Kg which makes the Roidmi F8 suitable for air cleaning, like those to remove cobwebs, clean curtains and much more. But let's see together all the accessories in detail:

Extension stick

Made of aluminum except for the fittings that are made of plastic. On one of them is the release button and of metal pins for a better attack but above all to transfer the energy to control the various accessories. In total we have a measure of 56,5 cm (from extreme to extreme).

Roller brush

This brush is made of nylon velvet particularly soft to the touch and therefore ideal for use on delicate floors like wooden ones.

roidmi f8

Propeller brush

This brush it adapts to all uses but above all it allows thanks to the use of flexible nylon bristles combined with a rubber strip and a propeller design, of easily remove hairs of animals and hair without these being coiled around the brush.

roidmi f8

Magnetic wall support

This support can be awall-mounted both with the supplied screws and fisher, and with the sticker on the back. But be careful, this support it is not meant to keep Roidmi F8 off the ground but only to keep it still during recharging, so on balance the vacuum cleaner will go to the same level as the floor. Furthermore the slots on the sides allow you to keep the power cord in place.

HEPA filter

Supplied we find two with one duration guaranteed by the supplier for 90 days. This type of filter absorbs very small particles up to 0,3 nm (micron), purifying up to 99% the air emitted by the engine. The filter is washable even if cleaning is recommended using the brush supplied. Also on the whole circumference we find one silicone gasket to avoid unwanted spillage of dust. The filters will be available for purchase separately.

Metal mesh filter

This filter actually consists of 3 different modules. The one in the network that intercepts the most coarse dirt then passing the powder into the second internal filter with a function of separation of dust from the air. Subsequently the passage takes place in the HEPA filter and then in a further sponge polymer filter, allowing a better filtering of allergens. In the upper part we find a semi-metallic ring that allows you to remove the filter from its seat. In the lower part instead we find a sort of silicone gasket that allows you to adhere to the powder tank.

Dust tank

Made of transparent plastic, the tank has a capacity of 0,4 liters, more than enough to clean a house of at least 110 square meters. In the upper part we find the slits for housing the filters while in the lower part we find the release button from the Roidmi F8 unit and a tab that will serve to open the tank to empty it from the coarse dirt collected. Really good finishes like the gaskets that run on each element to prevent dust from escaping.

Flexible tube with beak

This accessory will allow us to aspire to all those places where we will hardly arrive with a traditional vacuum cleaner, such as inside the drawers or in cabinets or shoe cabinets. The pipe 38 size cm in a natural position but we can get to extend it up to 76 cm without having the fear of breakages.

roidmi f8

Multi-function brush

This accessory manages to turn 360 ° in manual way both to the right and to the left. The nylon bristles allow the brush to be used cleaning of curtains, tablecloths, sofas, PC keyboards and much more. It is however recommended to use on soft materials.

-9% Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 - Wireless vacuum cleaner

5 € shipping PriorityLine (5 / 15 days - NoDogana)

300 € 330 €

Fixed spout

Through it we could aspire on all those surfaces that generally take up little space, such as the folds of the sofas, or the step of the skirting boards, but also the joints of the stairs. Also being fixed we have the possibility in combination with the extension tube to suck in the corners of the ceilings.

roidmi f8

Brush remove dust

We have already seen this accessory in other Xiaomi cleaning gadgets and we also find it on the Roidmi F8. Through this brush we could remove the coarse dust deposited in the wire mesh or HEPA filter, while the small blade presents in the head of the brush will allow us to remove hair / hair stuck in the brushes.

Swivel head

In a sense it is the main accessory of the lot, as it will be the one used mainly every day. In the part there is a transparent plastic window that allows us to see which brush we have mounted while below it we find one silicone gasket to cushion shocks when we collide with objects and / or walls. Immediately below we find instead of the LED sensitive photos, which will therefore be activated when the external lighting is at minimum levels, illuminating the area to be cleaned, such as could be under a piece of furniture. Light is detected by a sensor positioned in the neck of the suction channel. We can push ourselves up to a minimum ground size of 7,5 cm since the joint at 90 degrees in vertical and the further joint from 45 ° towards right or left, will allow you to get to clean where other vacuum cleaners fail. The articulated head of Roidmi F8 is electric with power of 35 W. In the part below we find 3 several wheeled wheels, one of which is larger than the other two, and this allows a fluid sliding on the floor. This is not always the case, as it is in the smallest wheels tend to fit considerable hairs that in the long run restrain the movement. However we also find a further nylon bristle sheath that collects the hairs and at the same time prevents scratches on the floors and finally there is a small red button that allows you to remove the brush for cleaning or replacement.

Network charger

I do not think should explain much, but I tell you that we have a output from 34.2 V / 1.0 A, while the attack is proprietary to 90 °. In the attack we also find slits that will fit into the Roidmi F8 charging inlet, thus keeping the wire firm and preventing it from coming off. It will take about 2 hours and a half to fully charge the battery integrated Roidmi F8, a lithium unit from 2500 mAh imported from LG / Samsung able to last 55 maximum minutes in standard mode while we go down to 10 minutes if we use the cyclone function. On balance we could clean up over 350 square meters in standard mode without fear of overheating as we find different integrated security systems such as protection against short circuit, overcurrent, overload, temperature or excessive discharge. Too bad, however, we cannot use the vacuum cleaner during the charging phase.

roidmi f8

Roidmi F8 main unit

And we finally came to the heart of Roidmi F8 which consists of a brushless motor able to generate us 100000 rotations per minute, exploiting a power of 415 W that allows to deliver one suction power of 115 W. All this translates into an effective power of aspiration and centrifugation of 18500 Pa, equal to one 1100 L / min air volume while maintaining low noise level. In fact, I'm alone 75 dB that are generated, but this does not mean that you can use it at night. In terms of grip, the Roidmi F8 unit is really comfortable thanks to the large handle with 270 ° design in which we find a silicone cap that covers the entrance for recharging, the switch button from normal to cyclone mode and the power button, which also acts as a switch to the two modes. You will need to hold down for about 1 / 2 seconds to start the shutdown. On the body we find the various ducts of the air vent while on the neck of the handle they are inserted 5 small LEDs of which 4 will indicate the percentage of remaining battery power, and the last one will signal us when the dust tank is full or it will light up blue when we are connected to the Mi Home app.

One thing I appreciated is the attention to detail that the company used to make the Roidmi F8, like the continuous gaskets on the elements like the one around the inlet to the tank. Roidmi did an excellent job of creating something attractive and making it look really premium.

The accessories included in the Roidmi F8 package are all extremely useful, which they actually make versatile this portable vacuum cleaner. You can aspirate inside your car, "refresh" the whiteness of the curtains, eliminate cobwebs, clean inside drawers, reach places you didn't even remember because of the accumulated dust. And to the portability (dimensions 1191 x 259 x 158 mm) is added the lightness (2,5 Kg max, 1,5 Kg only the motor body) which further increases the plus of wireless use.

Frankly though I don't think the Roidmi F8 will ever replace a traditional vacuum cleaner. The cyclone mode manages to clean thoroughly, but the duration is too limited, while in standard mode the power supplied can be good for all those who do not have pets at home and singles, or in any case to those who live little in their own homes but especially for small-scale dirt elements. Surely it is not suitable for those like me who has a family with two children, 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 little bird and IO.

In my case It is suitable as a support vacuum cleaner, as for the cleaning of sofas, curtains, beds, or for quick cleaning but absolutely NO carpets, even those with short hair remain trapped by the vortex generated by the Roidmi F8. But the expense, in my case, is not justified despite the versatility that unfortunately does not go hand in hand with the pragmatism.


Finally, it does not lack that smart thread that badly does not do. Indeed Roidmi F8 can be managed associated with the Mi Home ecosystem via the app with the same name, through which we can set the standard power level choosing between 80 W, 130 W and 180 W. Scrolling from the bottom upwards, we access the statistical data as a percentage of residual charge, use time in standard mode and in cyclone mode, percentage of filter autonomy and quality of the filtered air. We are also provided with cumulative clean-up data in square meters and cumulative usage time.

From the settings we can search for firmware updates, rename the device, set up alerts regarding anomalies, reset the filter usage time e view the cleaning and filter records graphically.

-9% Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 - Wireless vacuum cleaner

5 € shipping PriorityLine (5 / 15 days - NoDogana)

300 € 330 €


The price is definitely competitive respect models of more noble brands, net of similar performances if not at times superior; power, versatility and ease of use make Roidmi F8 a great choice as long as you are aware that it will never be a complete replacement for a traditional vacuum cleaner because of the autonomy of the battery and for the suction of more consistent dirt (in terms of size) that does not happen at all. I remind you that you can find the Roidmi F8 at the store of Gearbest.com at an affordable price using the discount code ITGBGIU057 or at the platform IndieGoGo where you will also find the model with anti mite head.

8.6 Total score
Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Roidmi F8 is a light and silent but above all wireless vacuum cleaner that can clean up to 55 minutes without having to recharge the integrated battery. Excellent possibility to associate it with the Mi Home ecosystem. Competitive price compared to the competition, but perhaps intended for a niche clientele, which will never see families involved.

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I'm about to buy a Xaomi electric broom and I'm torn between the new Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner and the Roidmi F8 Storm. Questions: 1) How do you empty the dirt tank on the F8? Is it possible to do it with a simple button without touching the dirt like the model Mi or like the Dyson? 2) the app that allows you to change the suction power is only available for F8 and is not available for the Mi? 3) the LEDs on the suction brush that allow you to see the dirt under the beds / sofas are only present on the F8 and not on the... Read the rest »

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