SmartWatch Review I4PRO - An assistant all to do on his own wrist

Everyday life has made us slaves of various social networks and notifications in general, making the smartphone an appendage of our lives. But who really cares about this morality? In fact we are constantly looking for the perfect smartphone or technological gadget that will make life easier for us in a radical way. The conjunction between the two could be the use of a SmartWatch like the I4PRO model, supplied by the store Banggood.com I thank you personally for sending the sample and for making this review possible. But enough talk and let's start with ours complete review of the SmartWatch I4PRO.

Smart Watch I4PRO 2GB + 16GB
3G WIFI GPS Heart Rate Monitor
95 €
SmartWatch Review I4PRO - An assistant all to do on his own wrist

Starting as always from the sales package, we can already criticize the manufacturer, as the product is contained in an anonymous black-colored hardcover with no indication other than the SMARTWATCH inscription on the packaging profiles which, due to its simplicity, diminishes in a sense the value of I4PRO. Controversy apart from the inside we can find in addition to the SmartWatch also a Instruction Manual in Chinese / English, 2 small spare screws, 1 small screwdriver to access the SIM slot, the charging cable USB with Magnetic-Type Attachment and One protective film plastic already applied to the SmartWatch display, which I removed for this review.

The SmartWatch I4PRO comes with a design already seen on this type of product not greatly distorting the general appearance. Strap in Medical TPU not quite soft but still resistant and that does not create any general annoyance allowing you to wear the device in any situation (weighing up to 60 grams) even while we sleep, but above all it is comfortable even in phases where sweating is intense. However, the ease with which this strap captures dust and dirt varies is to be noted. Closing well thanks to'metal ring and with two silicone loops allowing wearability for all types of wrist (strap width 24 mm, part length with ring 80 mm, part length with holes 130 mm).

La circular case (49 mm for a thickness of 14,50 mm) is made of galvanized aluminum with anti oxidation technology and has on the left side the grid for the small speaker while on the right side we find the multifunction button on / off and the hole for the microphone. The back of the case is a hybrid between plastic and metal, as we find the compartment for inserting the SIM in nano format, precisely made of metal, closed with the help of 2 small screws that will be removed with the small screwdriver supplied in the sales package, where there are two additional spare screws. The rest of the back of the shell is instead made of plastic where the heart rate sensor and of pogo pin connection to the charging cable with magnetic-type connector.

Finally on the front of the smartwatch we find the touch display type AMOLED with circular shape from 1,39 inches of capacitive type with resolution 400 x 400 pixels with technology and machining of glass 2.5D. The touch is responsive at all times and the color rendering is really good lending itself to the vision of multimedia contents if necessary.

i4 pro
For the I4PRO smartwatch we find one technical data sheet of all respect as they are present well 2 GB of RAM memory with a internal storage by 16 GB (not expandable), where you can store music, photos, and documents. But to weave the files think of it quad-core MediaTek MT6580 processor with 1.3 GHz clocks in conjunction with the operating system Android Lollipop 5.1. In addition to this we find in combination also one Mali GPU 400 as well as connectivity Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi e support for 3G networks. Already why our I4PRO can be used in stand alone mode, that is, it will be enough to insert the nano SIM inside the SmartWatch e exploit it as a real smartphone to your wrist.


You can therefore call, send messages and reply to them, you can consult the weather, or maybe carry out voice searches using Google's native application, or better still take advantage of I4PRO as a real navigation system thanks to Integrated GPS that will lean on the Google Maps application, bringing you to your destination without any uncertainty. But as mentioned before, I4PRO integrates the Android operating system 5.1 and therefore you can install all sorts of applications directly from the Play Store on your SmartWatch. Certainly with limits as it is still a wearable device and not a real smartphone, but you will have it full support at Telegram, Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook and more provided you do not give up the camera functions as it is not present on the device.

Smart Watch I4PRO 2GB + 16GB
3G WIFI GPS Heart Rate Monitor
95 €
SmartWatch Review I4PRO - An assistant all to do on his own wrist

The interface it does not differ much from what has been seen in previous models, in any case indeed user friendly. It is possible in fact to pass from the Home to the sport mode, notifications, settings and weather simply by swiping towards the programmed direction. It is also possible change watchface to our SmartWatch, drawing on the myriad of devices already on your device downloading new ones directly from the integrated store. With the SmartWatch I4PRO you can do everything, call, record, watch movies, watch weather and news, use GPS to go to unknown destinations, voice searches, and more. You can also use it as a small helper for sports sessions as a walk or walk, as it will provide you with details about steps, and distance traveled but it will also detect the heart rate in real time. It must be noted that unlike other SmartWatch, the I4PRO model for the phone feature will only leverage the connectivity offered by the nano SIM, if inserted, and then connecting to the smartphone for this function is extremely useless.

Definitely not professional and perfect functions but that complete the many other offers from I4PRO. In fact, the pedometer overestimates real values ​​(about 25%), while the heart rate sensor proved to be quite accurate. Unfortunately, all this is diminished by the battery integrated with 350 mAh who can guarantee you a maximum 5 hours with stress usage, that is, with all the operational functions throughout the day. Otherwise with a decidedly milder use we will be able to reach the maximum at 11 hours while if we opt for the classic use of a simple watch with smart micro uses then we can get there also at 1 day, considering that 2 hours will be required for full recharging.

We dedicate a small parenthesis to the application that serves to let our smartphone communicate with the I4PRO. The application is called WiiWatch but its utility is practically related to zero. Once we connected our SmartWatch to the phone we could set which applications to receive notifications (practically all applications on the phone and the Play Store are supported), and set the daily target for the steps. These two features are left apart, except the screens in which the collected data on heart rate and heart rate are highlighted, but no cloud rescue is possible, and therefore, whenever the device changes, the collected data will be lost.

Smart Watch I4PRO 2GB + 16GB
3G WIFI GPS Heart Rate Monitor
95 €
SmartWatch Review I4PRO - An assistant all to do on his own wrist

In conclusion I thank you again, for sending the sample, the store Banggood.com which is a valid alternative where you can buy electronic devices of Chinese origin like this I4PRO that you will find at the price of about 95 euro. Very reasonable price compared to the features offered. Needless to compare it to a basic Apple Watch that offers at least half of the features of this I4PRO, which, in my opinion, sins only in the duration of the battery and in the lack of any certification against water and dust, proving to be an excellent personal assistant to rely on when we have no possibility of exploiting our smartphone. So if you are interested in buying and want to experience the excitement of a wearable device but don't want to spend a fortune this is the product for you.

8.2 Total score
I4PRO SmartWatch

The SmartWatch I4PRO seems to have all the cards in place to become a real assistant to bring to your wrist. Multiple functions for all uses and thanks to the Play Store you can enrich the versatility of this device. A reliable server provided you do not stress it because the autonomy is inversely proportional to the features offered.

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