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Like scooters and bicycles, even skateboards have received a wave of technology that brought them back into the spotlight of the general public, so we couldn't not try the ACTON X1 (or M9) Electric Skateboard, Xiaomi's electric skateboard presented in your YouPin crowdfunding.

Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard review

Body and design

With rather small dimensions (70mm x 20mm x 13mm) the ACTON looks really modern and attractive. The electronic equipment, added to the classic factor of skateboarding gives a decidedly futuristic appearance.

Il frame is made of aeronautical aluminum alloy while the table is composed of 7 layers of Canadian maple. The quality of the two components gives it a particular sturdiness that allows the skateboard to support up to 100kg in weight.

The wheels are polyurethane with a degree of 78A hardness, so soft enough to allow good traction. Also the diameter of 83mm is definitely a choice devoted to speed at the expense of the possible "tricks" for which we usually use wheels among the 50 / 55mm

In the rear hub, in particular in the left rear wheel, we find housed the electric motor that with its 500 watts of power guarantees in the plain one maximum speed of 22km / h and a burning acceleration.

The entire Electronic part of the skateboard is guaranteed as splashproof (splash-proof) which is a very important feature as it is a strictly outdoor sport. In any case, Xiaomi itself strongly advises against its use in rainy conditions.

The total weight including battery is 5kg.


The Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard is powered by one rechargeable lithium-ion battery Samsung 18650 and has a capacity of 80Wh and a nominal voltage of 36V which give it an average autonomy of 12km which can vary according to the weight of the user. A full charge takes about an hour.

The battery is housed below the table and can be removed for charging while using the Acton as a normal "non-motorized" skateboard

The ACTON is also equipped with a battery management system (BMS) which protects the accumulator from overheating, overvoltage and overcurrent.

The battery also integrates into its body (cool) LED lights that are useful when traveling in the evening, more to be noticed than to light up. There are white stripes on the sides, two white spotlights in the front and two (red) in the back. Only the front and rear ones can be turned off.



All control operations are carried out using a comfortable and ergonomic system wireless remote control that works with 2 AAA batteries supplied.

Acton Electric Skateboard

The available commands are:

  • goodwill, which can be adjusted in intensity
  • braking, electromagnetic is very "soft" and especially useful for beginners
  • the direction of travel, which allows it to be used indiscriminately in both directions without the need to rotate the skate
  • turning off / on the remote control

To complete the use and configuration of the ACTON, could not miss acompanion app that easily connects via bluetooth to the skateboard is and present in the Google PlayStore . Although the Italian language is absent, it is also possible to explore the available features in English.

from dashboards initial it is possible to monitor the various states of the device: charge of battery and remaining residual distance; there speed current (when in motion); daily / weekly statistics on distance traveled.

Always from the dashboard it is possible turn the lights on / off front and rear as well choose your own level of experience (beginner, normal pro) which will influence the powerful and the maximum speed.

Inside the app is also possible access the community in which it is possible to climb the world rankings to the sound of miles traveled (the app currently does not support km).


Since technical point of view I did not find any difficulties or problems. All the functions, both of the app and of the remote control, have been placed as they should and already 5 minutes after unpacking the package I could take a ride.

I'm not a skateboard expert and I was not even at 15 years when in Italy for the first time skateboarding "fashion" arrived, yet I found myself enjoying ACTON as a child: you get to know yourself very easily and transmit more security than you can a traditional skate.

- PRO users, as also confirmed by Roberto (see the video review), they will have the unique opportunity to expand their skaters' lifestyle by using it as the main means of locomotion (eg to go to work) where the climbs make the "classic" skateboard not sufficient.

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Xiaomi ACTON Electric Skateboard

A quality device, easy to use. Fun for beginners, useful for fans.

App Companion
Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable in functions
  • Sturdy but light
  • English only app and units of measurement that cannot be set
  • The side lights cannot be turned off or changed in color
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3 months ago

have you ever try to carry electric skateboard to a plane?

Fabrizio Catena
Fabrizio Catena
1 year ago

What a dangerous contraption! You can't go to the street

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