REVIEW - Xiaomi (Huami) AmazFit: a masterpiece for all athletes

The common mistake we encounter when talking about the Xiaomi (Huami) AmazFit is to think of it as a smartwatch when in reality I think the term suitable for this device is sportwatch with smarwatch functions. But let's better explore the knowledge of AmazFit through our comprehensive review by making a necessary premise, that this device has so much to say that even the Wikipedia database would not be enough. So take a look at our video review and read the article for the most technical aspects.


AmazFit is contained within a fairly simple, yet elegant, packaging box where we find two compartments containing the USB charging cable with micro USB connector, one manual in Chinese useful for scanning QR Code to make the download the proprietary app and charging base which is embedded on the clock case and is very firm. The base will also serve for the connection to the PC of Amazfit to perform operations such as firmware translation, install new watchfaces, or third-party applications.


Starting from strap which in our test version is red with a contrast in black color on the part resting on the wrist, results made of rubber which makes the device very comfortable to wear. In fact, the AmazFit has one low weight of only 53 grams and as far as I'm concerned about wearing watches of various kinds, I have even forgotten to wear it during everyday operations. Another value is the fact that the rubber is smooth which prevents any ingress with clothing.

The strap also comes with quick coupling and release and being of the common dimension of 22mm allows it to be replaced with any other commercial strap in order to personalize its sportwatch. The chest is made of ceramic as are the straps for the strap as well the only physical button of the device that serves in addition to turning it on / off even when the display is activated and therefore the ability to interact with the Amazfit.

La backlight it is still possible to activate by rotating the wrist, but in this case does not allow direct access to the AmazFit, but you have to unlock the display with a double tap on the screen or by pressing the physical button. On the left side we find the microphone but I did not understand the function because through it you can not answer the calls or give voice commands or even respond to application notifications. The back brings with him charging connectors also the heart rate sensor.


The Xiaomi (Huami) AmazFit integrates a dual core processor from 1.2 GHz assisted by 512 MB of RAM e 4 GB of internal memory which offer the ability to store music, but also photos, as well as to load watchfaces. There battery albeit from 280 mAh it is able to guarantee almost 4 full days of use thanks to the LCD 1.37 inch display with 320 x 300 pixel resolution.

Also there is connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 for pairing to smartphones and bluetooth headsets, module WiFi and especially the Integrated GPS that gives accuracy in the surveys of sporting activities. The AmazFit sportwatch is not designed for water sports or any other activity where the total immersion of the device is foreseen, although the standard IP67 certification which makes it water resistant.


The screen on Amazfit is a unit from 1.34 inches with resolution 320 × 300 pixels. No is not a typing error because the missing 20 pixels are dedicated to environmental sensor. Now, in my opinion, it is beautiful, as the display is of a kind transflective, ie it lights besides the backlight even thanks to the ambient light, and the more light it gets the better the visibility will be which is therefore perfect under direct sunlight.

Someone might shake their nose thinking that in closed environments or with little light all this is not the maximum, but I repeat AmazFit is a sportwatch and therefore to associate with sports activities that are usually done outdoors. But in any case I guarantee that even in low light conditions I've never had any display readability issues.


The operating system used by AmazFit is not Android Wear but a highly personalized Android version. The first time the device is powered on will be in Chinese, and the firmware on board will be the 0.9.5, so-called motherboard firmware. We then updated to the latest firmware available that is the 1.2.11c and later translated it into Italian for a satisfying experience.

That said from the main screen where we find the main info such as time, steps, goal, etc. scrolling to the left we find the menu to record the physical activities which running, walking, treadmill, bicycle, cyclists, track and elliptical racing. We can also review all of our registered activities and adjust some settings as any alert when the heart rate exceeds a certain threshold of bpm.

Moving from bottom to top instead we access the notifications that we can choose whether to receive or not based on the single application and that they are signaled by a good vibration. Can not we answer such honestly as many people do from their smartwatch? Also calls are notified to us via a vibration deciding whether to reject them or to silence the notification. Personally, I appreciated the fact that the device is present only the vibration and no ringtone that should be distinguished from the noise pollution that we are subjected to every day.

By going from top to bottom we access some quick toggle from which we can set the airplane mode, set the function not to disturb, set the brightness to automatic, always on or off, peek the weather on the fly and finally access the settings of the AmazFit.

Through the Imposed menu we can set up WiFi or Bluetooth connection, set the degree of vibration from weak, medium to intense, set it unlocking the display with double tap. But above all through this menu we could make the OTA updates (not possible if you have translated into Italian, so you will need to return to Chinese), reset the device to the factory settings, and for the most ridiculous, activate the launcher which will allow you to install third-party applications, APKs compiled according to the AMAZFOS OS.

Always from the home screen by swipe to the right we will go to the "Applications" such as monitor steps, and the heart rate measurement which was always reliable. The same can be activated at will or keep it on, even if this will greatly affect the battery life, however during a sports activity the heart rate measurement is continuous.

We also find the music application that will allow us through bluetooth headphones proceed to a workout by listening to our favorite musician, we also find it possible to set one or more alarms to repeat once or several times in the days, weather,the compass, the stopwatch, the sleep monitor, the training that the name suggests will advise on the steps to be taken during a workout, and finally the launcher for the most vulnerable where we will find third-party PC installed applications.

This was just the software part of the AmazFit that works in conjunction with the homonymous application which will allow us to synchronize data with our smartphone, as well as set the applications from which to receive the notifications, set the location for the weather etc .. La synchronization of data It will then allow us to import monitored sleep data as well as physical activity on the most popular application MiFit or Midong which I did not personally install. It should also be pointed out that every day there are improvements and novelties in this regard thanks also to the community you find on Facebook, so you can not rule out compatibility with applications like GoogleFit or Runtastic in a short time.

Many users have also succeeded with the Chinese version of importing data on Strava, a social sporting thing, though not feasible on the 1.2.11c firmware and in my opinion I have not missed it because the only importable activities are the race and the bicycle. Conversely with MiFit I could not see the mappage but all the imported data is more than satisfactory. But even in this case, developments are getting more and more news, in fact, some users succeed also view the path of a walk / race / bicycle directly on Google map directly in the MiFit application.


The 280 mAh battery guarantees good autonomy and makes AmazFit not to be charged every night, in fact with medium-intensive use with active notifications all day except the night I was able to push the device to about 4 full days with a residual autonomy of the 15%.


The Xiaomi AmazFit is available on a just over 100 euros at the current state in which we write the review but the offers are followed by day to day and it is easy to find it at even lower prices than the 100 euro. In any case, the price is quite attractive for both the hardware and the features offered.


It is true, there is no room, not even the speaker, and to talk or listen to music, we have to have bluetooth headphones. But as I said at the beginning, AmazFit is a sportwatch that offers an all-in-one hardware, a great display, and a drastic battery. But above all, the community, even Italian, behind this device brings new exciting features and extensions every day that make this product unique and inimitable. Software is constantly evolving and updates are constant and timely. I fell in love with AmazFit and I think that what I wear on my wrist will keep it for me.

9.2 Total score
Xiaomi (Huami) Amazeph

The Xiaomi device designed for athletes is undoubtedly elegant and at the same time a technology concentrate. Unfortunately, if we are not cumbersome users, we may find it difficult to use it, even if the support community is really a plus. AmazFit enthused me for its apparent simplicity that actually hides the necessary and not superfluous to make sport a smart business.

  • wearability
  • Battery life
  • Community support
  • Display
  • Materials
  • Reliability in measuring heart rate and heart rate
  • First use can be difficult for neophytes
  • Applications for still synchronized synchronization
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vincenzo francesco
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vincenzo francesco

Great review! I have AmazFit from 3 days and I find myself in every word of the review.
I really hope that they can hone their companion apps early because they are really the only limit to this wonderful device.
From this point of view, the Gear Fit 2 that I possess is certainly far ahead of the goodness of S Health.

not ready yet

It's a great product but the curious thing is that even a 5 € watch has at least one beep for the alarm clock or stopwatch. I understand it has vibration and is not invasive, but it does not cost much to put a buzzer.

not ready yet

Is it possible to import data into Runtastic?

gianni groppelli
not ready yet
gianni groppelli

Unfortunately I can not sync it with my xiaomi redmi 5 notes, I have been told that they are not compatible !!! who can help me?

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands. - ​​The Italian n.1 community for Xiaomi products
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