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Guys I do not know about you, but when I stay home and try to clean the tiredness and fatigue are felt immediately but above all the time it takes is really huge not to mention the results that according to my wife (but I think your ) they are really insufficient. Washing the floors and making them shine is really difficult especially in homes of recent construction ed to this necessity Xiaomi comes to meet us proposing his electric mop that promises the minimum effort and maximum yield. So let's find out together Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop in our full review, thanking the store right away for sending the sample.

It 'really difficult to get a lineup for this type of product and then I started with the contents of the package, which resumes the cousin's style Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum. In fact, the cardboard on the front part in a stylized way proposes the shape of our electric mop while inside we will find a Chinese-language user manualNaturally our Xiaomi Mop (the real name is actually SWDK-D260) that will be assembled as the handle is divided into 4 sections of which 2 in metal and 2 in plastic one of which controls the product. We also find a measuring cup with capacity of 150 ml to top up the water inside the Mop and a wall charger with Chinese attack (for which you will need to have an adapter) and a proprietary output, while the toutput voltage is 12,6 V / 1A. Complete the equipment 3 different types of cloths which we now examine in detail.

Depending on the level of dirt on the floor, we can decide which cloth to use for example to remove grease from cooking food, manate and tread, residues of liquids / juices and other stains. Therefore for this type of dirt and stubborn stains you use the first cloth, which is divided into two symmetrical elements joined together by two really resistant elastic bands also thanks to the industrial type seam that you still have to the cloth. The surface is composed of little more or less rough filaments that thanks to the vibrations emitted by the Xiaomi Mop will go to "Scratching" the dirt from the surface we are cleaning.

xiaomi mop

If instead we do not have a level of stubborn dirt but we need to wash the floors in a more delicate way, removing at the same time hair and hair that maybe escaped the vacuum cleaner, then we can use the second supplied cloth that consists of electrostatic fringes.

xiaomi mop

Finally we find gods single cloths that will go used in pairs by 2, useful for the daily cleaning and not thoroughto. On the store I am already also the spare parts are present, even if with a bit of cunning we can opt for a do-it-yourself manufacturing, buying for example cheap fabrics at the neighborhood markets and then proceed to shape it according to the shape of the original cloth. Anyway all three types of cloth are machine washable provided you use low temperatures during washing. The clothes are slightly protruding so as to place the foot on it to remove them without having to bend down.

At this point we analyze the central part of the Xiaomi Mop that contains the vibration motor, As well as the water tank with capacity of 230 ml. Made completely of rigid ABS in white color with the exception of some light gray details such as the company logo placed centrally on the front profile of the Mop. Just above the logo are located 3 small LEDs that indicate the charge level of the battery and therefore the remaining autonomy corresponding to 100%, 65% and 30%.

Continuing we find the attachment for the handle on which are printed the technical indications about the electric voltage and the various certifications annexed. The handle allows the Mop to be maneuvered and is adjustable by 90 degrees horizontally and vertically making sure that the electric mop can get even under the furniture and in the blind corners.

xiaomi mop

Present a cap in gray coloring, which conceals the access to the tank with capacity of 230 ml in which to insert water (preferably distilled / demineralized) and any detergents and which also covers the function of protection against dust that could lurk inside. On the tank cap there is a small hole that serves to let air enter, in order to have a uniform spray, while lifting the cap you can see one small grill with the probable lock function about any small objects that can accidentally fall inside.

On the back profile instead we find theinput for charging hidden by a small cap made of silicone soft, also gray. Finally, on the front profile there is space hole for water spray with jet up to 10 cm and with shape a fan to evenly wet the floor without leaving excess water residues. In addition to this we find one LED light used to identify the most hidden spots.

The part that touches the floor hosts two panels with a surface composed of small teeth, which will serve to anchor the clothes, and which are the beating heart (in the true sense of the word) of the electric mop. In fact the two plates during operation arrive at 1000 oscillations / vibrations per minute. This speed of vibrating movement allows the inserted cloth not to dry quickly remaining therefore humid for a cleaning of considerable square meters of floor. The engine is also well optimized by making sure that the energy delivered during the oscillations does not dissipate, moreover it results little noisy as maximum 68 decibels are delivered.

One of the strengths of the Xiaomi Mop lies in portability made possible thanks to the absence of wires, thus allowing a cleaning in wireless mode. Also the weight of the product, equal to 2,4 Kg, the extreme maneuverability and ease of use make the cleaning experience really excellent, saving time and effort.

xiaomi mop

Operation is therefore guaranteed by one integrated lithium polymer battery from 2000 mAh which guarantees an autonomy of continuous use of 50 minutes managing to safely clean around 90 square meters of surface with a residual of about 30%, with one recharge that uses 3 hours During my tests, however, I managed to push the autonomy even at 60 minutes. The operation of the Xiaomi Mop is really simple: just move the handle to yourself to operate the electric circuit while on the end of the handle are placed the control buttons, one of which is used to turn on / off the electric mop and l instead for the spray with maximum duration of 5 seconds. Replacing the handlebar vertically, we will turn off the Mop, saving battery and making our smart cleaning gadget stable and balanced.

During cleaning maneuvers the integrated LED light on the front allows you to identify all those spots that in a sense are camouflaged with the color of our floor and that would easily escape a passage of the classic scopitone. Furthermore the jet helps "soften" the most stubborn dirt facilitating the removal operation. The profiles of the cloth come out slightly relative to their seat and this allows to clean the edges even in depth and in equal measure to the floor, moreover the handle allows to change the angle of the trajectory without having to strain the backto even when our Xiaomi Mop is used for cleaning under furniture, because the handle allows precisely a movement up to 90 degrees. A defect that we can find, but in a certain sense it is plausible to expect, is the fact that the joints of the floors are not absolutely clean as the contact with the cloth is practically nil. Furthermore it should be noted that with a tank full (230 ml) we can clean around 25 / 30 mq, while there are no "smart" features as there is no dedicated application.

A deepening must go to the fact that sooner or later the battery integrated in the handle of the electric Mop will run out and will need to be replaced (estimated duration of about 45 days with the use of Xiaomi Mop daily for about 30 minutes). The operation is really very simple since the three caps that conceal the screws (of different sizes) will be removed to access the battery compartment, taking care not to lose the small spring of the ignition control housed inside. At this point you can easily replace our battery to continue cleaning our floors. The battery to be used is a 12 volt type A23 but anyway I leave you a video really well done by Youtuber Simone Xiaomi.

Secondly it may occur that the jet does not deliver more water and this could be caused by a solidified powder block inside the water transmission pipes. Again, however the solution is within reach of a screwdriver in that it will be enough to remove the screws positioned near the vibrating panels, as well as further screws placed below, to access the electronic card of the Xiaomi Mop where the water tank is also located. At this point you have to remove the tube that connects the tank to the spray system. Inside you will find a small metallic straw, a sort of filter, which will probably have formed on its surface a sort of small veil of dirt that does not let the water seep. Anyway I leave you a video really well done by Youtuber Simone Xiaomi.

In conclusion our Xiaomi Mop makes the efforts invested in the daily cleaning of our home really good, allowing us to save time and effort. Mostly who has pets will find a huge benefit from the electric Mop because the sanitization of their floors takes place in a very meticulous and without a legacy of halos. So this technological gadget for the daily cleaning of our home is really recommended, suitable for every age group because the use is really simplein fact, three seconds will be enough to be operative in the cleaning of the floors. You are wondering where to find the Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop: of course on which is always among the first stores to offer the latest news from Xiaomi and beyond, and I thank you again for making this review possible.

9.1 Total score
Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop

Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop is a great product and suitable for all age groups because the use is really simple and practical. You will save time and effort obtaining really "brilliant" results. In short, this electric mop in the hands of Cinderella would have given a not indifferent hand.

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