Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review - A niche smartphone

In the continuous race to bring out the top of the year range, Xiaomi does not forget that a large part of its smartphone business is linked to the medium-low market segment, and so after only 6 months away from the presentation of the last model belonging to the Redmi series, here is the surprise redmi 6 which is also amazing for the choice of the processor with which it was equipped, returning to an old flame, namely MediaTek. I do not deny that I love to test these smartphones much more than the so-called flagships and then I thank them Gearbest.com for making this full review possible.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review - A niche smartphone

Xiaomi Redmire 6

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Very compact sales package, now proposed in the classic red color that identifies the Chinese variant of the device and with stylized the name of the product on the front of the box. Inside the equipment is really minimal, as we find in addition to the smartphone also the User Manual in Chinese, warranty sheet (always Chinese), the pin for extracting the SIM cart, cable for charging and data transfer micro USB and finally a compact one loader with 5V / 1A output and Chinese attack, so you will need to have an adapter as well as any earphones and protective covers not included in the package.

The appearance of the Redmi 6 sometimes appears a bit "cheap" even if in reality the general construction is performed to perfection saw the absence of crunches and weaknesses. Shell completely made of opaque polycarbonate which helps to preserve the smartphone from the annoying fat left by the footprints and that is made in the classic design at 3 stadiumstherefore, the block will be interrupted by a horizontal line in the upper and lower part of the device to separate the bands dedicated to the antennas for signal reception.

Also on the back we find one double room arranged horizontally, in style Mi A1, accompanied by an LED flash. A budget not to be underestimated considering the price range of the smartphone. Continuing we find also a convenient sensor for unlocking with fingerprint which is almost flush with the body, which is also made of plastic but which results finished by a sort of circular milling. The sensor turned out always reliable and fast enough in unlocking (differences of milliseconds compared to more expensive models) and also allows extra features, such as taking a picture or protecting access to certain applications.

redmi 6

Complete the design of the Redmi 6 back, the system speaker hidden behind a row of holes. Unfortunately one unhappy position because every time we place the terminal on a surface it will suffocate the sound coming from the box, while it would have been enough to insert a small step to remedy the problem. A pity because the maximum volume of the speaker is really good and although the sound is decidedly unbalanced towards half-tones it is still a pleasure to play, listen to music and enjoy multimedia content. The problem of the choked sound instead does not occur if we hold the Redmi 6 in hand, for example in a horizontal position while we are playing titles like Real Racing 3.

The good construction quality is also known in the slightly curved profiles to favor the already excellent grip (dimensions 147,5 x 71,5 x 8,3 mm, weight 146 grams) and that host the power button and the volume rocker on the right, which are free of "dancers" movements compared to their seats, typical of low cost. On the left we find the SIM cart able to host 2 in nano format or 1 SIM in nano format and a micro SD for internal memory expansion, up to 256 GB, thus renouncing the Dual SIM Dual Standby functionality.

Another lack we find on the top profile of the smartphone, because the company has not entered the iconic IR transmitter but left only the input jack 3,5 mm and the second microphone for the reduction of environmental noise, while at the bottom we find the input for charging micro USB with OTG support and the main microphone.

Well and if we want to continue on the vein of the shortcomings, then I start by talking to you about the glass display that is devoid of 2.5D processing leaving space instead to an anti-aesthetic step. However, if we want to look at the positive sides, it will be easier to apply tempered glass films covering the total surface of the display that in the upper part houses the capsule, the proximity and brightness sensors, the selfie camera and a small monochromatic notification LED in white color.

redmi 6

No key at the bottom that is symmetrical to the top, while the actual display is just a 10 unit touches IPS from 5,45 inches in 18 format: 9 offering a resolution HD + 720 x 1440 pixels, 295 PPI, 1000 contrast ratio: 1 and 80,5% screen ratio. Elegant design thanks to rounded edges while the colors returned are a dull hair and the color rendering is certainly not the best to have witnessed entry level targati Xiaomi. On the other hand, fluidity of flow, visibility under direct sunlight and viewing angles is good, even though all the IPSs are not the maximum depth of black shades. Finally, there is the possibility of awakening by double tap or by lifting the device, calibration of the color temperature up to 16 million possibilities and blue light filter (reading mode).

We remember that we are dealing with one low-cost smartphone, but nevertheless Xiaomi Redmi 6 does not want to renounce in its way the performances, which are guaranteed by the adoption of new MediaTek Helio P22 processor (MT6762), octacore 64 bit ARM Cortex-A53 with maximum clock frequency at 2.0 GHz and production process at 12 nm, which is joined by one PowerVR Rogue GE8320 GPU, 3 GB of RAM type LPDDR3 and 32 GB of internal storage eMMC 5.0 expandable via micro SD.


And if someone has broken his nose for this processor, he has to change his mind because without problems and above all without overheating, Xiaomi Redmi 6 manages to take home all sorts of uses, from the mildest to the most stressful. Games like Real Racing 3 manage to run smoothly, without loss of frames while heavy applications such as Facebook and Instagram do not seem to scratch the system fluency much. Perhaps speed is not the strength but once the applications are loaded, we will not have any problem in daily usability and this should not be underestimated. Consider that I ran 4 benchmark one after the other and Redmi 6 did not give any sign of thermal throttling, a praise to Xiaomi who knew how to optimize this new MediaTek branded processor.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review - A niche smartphone

Xiaomi Redmire 6

Including shipping to ItalyExpress (7-15gg NoDogana)

even the GPS / AGPS / GLONASS / Beidou module integrated I was definitely surprised, for quickness to hook the satellites and firmness in maintaining the signal during the journey. In Redmi 6 we also find the functionality Dual 4G which confirms the excellent telephone reception of the smartphone, net ofabsence of 20 band support, which has never disappointed me in these days of use. Excellent audio quality in capsule and crystalline for both the interlocutors and the speaker even if placed in an "unhappy" position he managed to do his job even in particular situations: consider that I activated the new SIM of the operator HO.mobile through video call while I was at the inside a crowded McDonald to which I was "peeling" the WiFi connection.

And since I told you about it WiFi, our Redmi 6, is also excellent with this connectivity even if it is only equipped with a module monoband 2.4 Ghz, but with support for WiFi Direct. Also the connection Bluetooth 4.2 type it turned out excellent while the presence of the FM radio, now almost forgotten by other producers. Overflow the software aspect as currently the entry level Xiaomi mounts the ROM MIUI China Stable on a base Android 8.1 Oreo e security patches updated to 5 May 2018. I wanted to try the new MIUI 10 via xiaomi.eu but there is no possibility at the moment to flash alternative ROMs due to the absence of TWRP. Therefore it is useless for you to list defects of a ROM that in Italy does not make sense to exist even if the news related to AI technology are very interesting: I will limit myself to tell you that I had no problems installing the Play Store and Google services through the installer made available in the Xiaomi store app, as well as I had no problems whatsoever in receiving various notifications. In addition, Xiaomi today released a new update that should solve some bugs and bring improvements.

But with Xiaomi Redmi 6 you will not even give up photos worthy of entering your album of memories, thanks to a double photographic module which consists of a 'main optic from 12 megapixel, sensor Sony IMX486, pixel surface from 1,25 μm, aperture f/ 2.2, supported by asecondary optic from 5 megapixel, sensor Samsung S5K5E8YX, aperture f/ 2.2 which therefore allows you to shoot photos with bokeh effect worthy of note thanks to the introduction of the AI technology. As with the vast majority of smartphones on the market, the result is guaranteed in conditions of good lighting and at times I was definitely amazed at the quality returned (always in comparison to the price range), while the ambient light decreases the background noise becomes quite evident and the flash does not help much, not so much for the power that instead turned out to be too high but by the fact that the subjects will tend to be "burned". But let's face it, those who buy this type of smartphone certainly know that they can not expect shots from National Geographic.

However, we have the function Automatic HDR, and the ability to apply filters in real time and turn Full HD video to 30 fps, with digital image stabilization which unfortunately does not seem to work, but perhaps the problem is related to the software and therefore a future update will fix the bug, such as the future MIUI 10. We can also carry out time lapse and slow motion, although in this last circumstance I have sometimes found some lag, in the sense that the final video was snappy. Perhaps the problem is related to PDAF focus which is equipped with the Redmi 6, which was not fast but above all is clearly visible "focus hunting" phenomenon.

for frontal room Xiaomi has decided to equip the Redmi 6 with a5 megapixel optic with 1,12 μm pixel surface and aperture f/ 2.2 whose sensor type is currently unknown, although an OmniVision is presumed. In this case the quality is sufficient for social sharing and nothing more but the presence of automatic HDR, which works discreetly and the possibility of shooting videos in Full HD at 30 fps is appreciable. But above all it is appreciable that with the camera selfie we could perform the release with the face, which is less secure and less optimized in dark conditions than the fingerprint sensor, is a much appreciated feature.

Complete the overview of features of Redmi 6 one battery from 3000 mAh that although it may be of little autonomy, actually thanks to the low-powered processor and a low-resolution display, it actually gives us a very good duration. Of course it all depends on the real use that a user makes of a smartphone and then I will limit myself to tell you that the stress day is guaranteed. Too bad either no support for fast charging, and so we should be content with one full of energy in about 2 hours and 20 minutes using the supplied charger.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Review - A niche smartphone

Xiaomi Redmire 6

Including shipping to ItalyExpress (7-15gg NoDogana)


Xiaomi Redmi 6 is definitely recommended for those looking for a handy smartphone, with a large display but without exaggeration. On balance the MediaTek Helio P22 processor proved to be up to expectations and did not regret the Qualcomm CPU. I was able to face my days without any problem and considering the future MIUI 10 software release, things can only improve in every respect. It's true Xiaomi could work better on some small details as the insertion of the step to not suffocate the sound emitted by the speaker, or leave the iconic IR transmitter but in reality the only flaw that I can find this Redmi 6 is the price too similar if not higher than that of Redmi S2 (here you find the Full review), which on balance is both on paper and in the field test, better than this entry level. But if you are looking for a reliable and small size smartphone, similar to those of a 5 inch, then Xiaomi Redmi 6 is a good solution and it is also for those who may be looking for a second smartphone, the so-called battle forklift. So if you are among these users or you just want to get closer to the Xiaomi world without spending a fortune you can find the Redmi 6 at the store Gearbest.com I thank again for sending the sample in record time and that is revealing and confirming one of the best online store to turn to for all technological purchases.

8.1 Total score

Redmi 6 is a smartphone difficult to place in a market where Xiaomi continually outflows devices, too similar to each other. However, it could be perfect for all those looking for good performance under any field of use but who do not want to spend more than their due, but above all they do not like particularly generous dimensions. Excellent ergonomics given the small size and weight. In addition, the new MIUI 10 can only improve the overall performance of this entry level characterized by a good MediaTek processor that has been able to assert itself and not to regret the dear and old Snapdragon 625.

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When could the 20 band version come out?

Massimo G
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Massimo G

I do not think it will come out .. Xiaomi with the Mediatek device has never released Global versions with 20 Band ..
better to opt for Mi A2 Lite or the much bigger but balanced Redmi S2 Global if you like MIUI

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Emanuele Iafulla

I'm sorry to contradict this statement of yours but the Redmi 6 is already coming to the Italian Mi Store, therefore also 20 band.

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Did you try it with the global rom?

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It is actually already on sale


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