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Lo Xiaomi Note 5 Redmire It was one of the flagship products that during the launch event of Xiaomi in Italy was presented to the public of Italian Mi Fans who from 8 years awaited the happy event. Defined by many a best buy and from the company itself "Camera beast", we of Xiaomitoday.it have had the pleasure to try it in the Chinese version and on that occasion we have arranged for the test in the Global version. So today we discover together if it is Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global Version can really boast the best buy 2018 title in the mid range, but first of all I want to thank him Mi-Italy authorized store for providing the sample.

-14% Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global Version

230€ 269€

As soon as we received the terminal we wanted to deepen the differences that we can find between a sales package relating to a China Version terminal from a Global, therefore I invite you to also watch the video that I will post below.

In this review I will not elaborate on the aspects related to design and hardware as you can find all the information by viewing the our previous review, considering that the only difference between the two versions, China and Global, lies in the presence of the 20 band to 800 MHz that will therefore allow to exploit the 4G connectivity without problems with every Italian telephone operator and software in Italian with related Google services already installed and working.

But then you are wondering what we should expect from this review, considering that much of the specialized sector both on the Internet and on YouTube has already expressed itself on this terminal? The answer, without sin of presumption, is that we at XiaomiToday.it smartphones we test them really and in depth and what I will tell you in part might leave you speechless.

The main news about the Redmi Note 5 Global Version concerns the integration of the ROM that integrates the Italian language and all the perfectly functioning Google services. In short, a phone ready to use for all users, aware or not. Specifically, we find the operating system Android Oreo 8.1.0 with security patches updated to 01 March 2018 and customized interface from MIUI in version. And it is the integration of the Global Stable ROM that should tip the scales in favor of the Redmi Note 5, but unfortunately in my opinion the software is still immature, immature due to some bugs that in certain situations and for certain users are really critical.

note 5 notes

First of all Redmi Note 5 offers the possibility of unlocking through face recognition, the Unlock Face, but be careful because this feature is not present in the case (as it should be) set the region on Italy (Settings-Additional Settings-Region). There is a ploy this gap which also resolves the absence of the theme store, which has been eliminated for some time by the company in some countries due to privacy issues. Therefore to benefit from the Face Face you will have to set the region on Russia, India, Indonesia, Hongkong or Taiwan.This change will not cause any problems to the daily usability of the Redmi Note 5, if not that in some cases external applications like the Mi Store will be installed, however they can be uninstalled at will.

The release with the face turned out effective in most situations even if not very fast, even in low light conditions but do not expect unlocking in total darkness. Unfortunately, however, during my tests I happened to not be able to unlock the device, not due to the lack of recognition, but because although the data of the face were entered correctly at the software level seemed as if the function was no longer present. I had therefore restart the terminal and re-register the data to access the function again.

Having said that I could unfortunately find other software-level bugs on the Redmi Note 5. One is related to management of the two SIMs (in my case two SIMs of the same mobile operator) that often does not work properly because the line where it is not active the internet service suddenly no longer receives any signal thus creating a situation of non-traceability on the offending number. Also in this case the solution is the restart of the Redmi Note 5.

note 5 notes

Another bug found is always related to the management of SIM, or better to say Tethering service that on the SIM compartment 1 number creates compatibility problems and in fact can not navigate the host device. Therefore the solution is to take advantage of the 2 SIM compartment but you understand well that these are temporary solutions that only a future software update, surely it will solve.

-14% Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global Version

230€ 269€

Finally (and fortunately) I recognized some lag and slowdowns especially when starting the camera. It happened to me that during a video recording this started after about 5 seconds from having pressed the start button and immediately after the image remained fixed so the solution in this case was the forced closure of the camera application and relative restart of the terminal.

Everything suggests the software, or rather the ROM Global Stable not properly optimized, which I could also find in relation tobattery life. Nothing disastrous, I quietly managed to always arrive until the evening but saw one capacity of 4000 mAh and a processor developed to improve energy efficiency, I would have expected something better. I managed to get anyway over 4 hours of active screen, with dual SIM active receiving about 950 notifications between various social, Whatsapp, Telegram and 3 mail in push.

Redmi Note 5 fortunately is not only this, indeed the fact of having on an official Global ROM also means the smartphone certification by Google. Furthermore, at the level of connectivity we find the Dual 4G function that will allow us to keep the 4G signal active for both SIM cards. Il 5,99 inch display in 18: 9 format it is clearly visible even under direct sunlight while the fingerprint sensor on the back is always reliable and also allows the shooting of photos as well as to protect access to certain applications. MIUI is a really complete interface, which offers highly respected features such as Dual Apps, ie the ability to duplicate an application in order to have two different accounts on a single smartphone, or the Second Space that will allow you to create a virtual space on your phone. But we also find functions to increase the speed of the system in the case of, for example, the use of games that require a lot of resources and much more.

note 5 notes

Removed the problems I listed before, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 turned out to be a excellent daily companion. CPU Snapdragon 636, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of expandable internal storage with micro SD card up to 128 they give a really satisfying user experience. No problem receiving notifications and a solid construction, characterized by an opaque metal body and ergonomics at the top (further improved by the use of the supplied cover) complete the overall picture of a smartphone that expresses the best of itself in multimedia activities, from the simple viewing of a video on YouTube, listening to music, or from gaming. Audio with good volume and without smudging in all frequency ranges, crystal clear during telephone conversations. in conclusion Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 has nothing to envy to devices that cost at least twice as much.

And maybe envy should try the rivals, at least to judge the photographic performance that can give this Redmi Note 5. Precise immediately that the considerations are made in comparison with the price range and terminals with the same technical specifications. Redmi Note 5 adopts one rear camera composed of a double module divided as follows: 12 megapixel in the primary optics with f / 1.9 aperture and 5 megapixel in the support optics with f / 2.0 aperture. This allows to obtain images in a very professional portrait mode. The effect of trimming the subject in relief with respect to the background is much higher than expected even if in all honesty you need to take a little hand to understand the proper functioning, before getting semi-professional shots. At the software level we also find theAutomatic HDR and some scene modes that exploit the AI technology that in certain situations really makes the difference between a shot to be trashed to a good quality shot.

What has convinced me most of all is it EIS electronic stabilizer in videos, giving amazing results. Also also the focusing of the Dual PDAF type is a function that we will not find in any smartphone at the same price, and that is nothing short of lightning, translating into fact in the ability to capture the fleeting moment.

Also the filters allow you to create artistic photos, in which the only limit remains only your imagination. On the front we find a 13 megapixe camera insteadl assisted by a small LED flash, really useful in low light situations. Also for this reason we are offered the portrait mode with amazing results too. Too bad that Xiaomi for this Redmi Note 5 has folded up a OmniVision sensor which unfortunately in the color rendering does not shine for efficiency.

-6% Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global Version

Xiaomi Redmi Notes 5 (3 / 32GB) Global GOLD

Shipping from Italy. OFFICIAL XIAOMI Guarantee

205€ 219€


Although it is not a complete review, I managed to delay a lot and then it is now time to give the conclusions on this terminal that I remember you can buy at the Mi-Italy authorized store, which will provide a two-year Italian guarantee, assistance and shipping from Italy. Net of what we have just said the only defect found resides in the software that will undoubtedly be updated considering the recent release of MIUI 10. However, the bugs I found do not involve the daily usability of all users who then think of the Redmi Note 5 as an investment, which over time will return the right interests. Buy it or not is subjective, and I will not be forced to force you but I can tell you in all sincerity that Redmi Note 5 has become my main smartphone, thus retiring the good old Mi Max 2.

8.7 Total score

Xiaomi Redmi Notes 5 Global Version proves to be a ready-to-use terminal and therefore suitable for all types of users. Price definitely competitive compared to the models offered by rivals, while ensuring a user experience at 360 degrees. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global Version does not miss anything: cutting-edge processor, dual rear camera, face release and much more. Too bad the presence of some bugs, even if the device will be one of the first to receive the new MIUI 10 interface.

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