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We live more and more in a technological world and we are constantly coming bombed by radiant light coming from the screens of our PCs, TVs and Smartphones. And after a busy day of work the headache seems to be the inseparable companion of our nights or our awakening.
At this premise, a solution comes from Xiaomi, which offers its goggles for protection against harmful blue light (Blu-Ray), known as Roidmi B1. Let's face it in our comprehensive review for which we thank the store Gearbest.com for sending the sample.

-22% Review Xiaomi Roidmi B1 blue light blue glasses

29€ 37€

First, however, we try to better understand the "enemy" we are talking about. The light that reaches the human eye divides itself into two spectra, a visible one consisting of light with wavelengths between 380 and 780 nm, and the other not visible where the ultraviolet (UV) light and infrared light (IR). And it is well known that UV rays can tend to damage organic tissues such as skin and that creams or sunglasses are used for protection. While recent studies confirming the potential damage caused by visible blue-violet light, which from the human eye is in no way filtered by reaching the retina. The blue light component is comprised between the wavelengths of 380 and 500 nm and is also known as visible high energy light (HEV) and in particular the blue light between the 380 and 440 nm wavelengths is considered harmful to such an extent that cause photoretinitis, that is, damage to the retina caused by high energy incident light.

That said, the world today is made up of many new light sources that vary from the adoption of light emitting diodes (LEDs), xenon light, energy-saving bulbs and electromagnetic radiation of the screens, which contain a proportion of blue light higher than the one present in nature, even though one should consider the fact that spending an hour outdoors on a normal cloudy day exposes our eyes in 30 blue light more times than spending it in a closed environment in front of a screen. For this Roidmi B1 glasses also fit in natural conditions like an outdoor walk or maybe a jogging session, and not just the traditional use in front of a screen etc ..

The sales package is similar to the one used for the smartphones produced by the Xiaomi company, where the eyeglasses are shown on the top, while the back features the main features of the product.

The particularity of Roidmi B1 glasses is the modularity offered, in fact we are in packs two pairs of rods, one type for one more classic use and the other for one use during sport thanks also to the comfortable non-slip rubber grommets inserted in the stanghette. Modularity also extends to naselli, as in the box there are two types to better adapt the eyeglass to the face of the user or allowing use also for teenagers. Finally we find the user manual and an elegant case where the Rodimi B1 is stored when unused or otherwise allow transportation without fear of ruining the lenses, as well as a comfortable microfiber cloth to clean the lenses. A truly more than satisfying endowment for these Xiaomi light blue glasses.

Changing the temples according to the use or design that you prefer is very simple as it will be enough rotate 180 degrees, to the right or to the left according to the shutter we are removing, and at this point the shutter will be disengaged from the lens structure, while for placement simply simply perform the reverse operation. The stents are finally there very resistant and at the same time flexible ensuring a long life even for less alert users.

Also the naselli made of plastic they can be removed and changed easily as it will be enough to pull them slightly to unhook them from the structure that holds them steady thanks to the presence of a small magnet placed inside the frame of the glasses and on the end of the nose pads themselves. The plastic looks well made and although transparent, the same seems destined to last over time keeping its "color" without the classic yellowing due to time.

-22% Review Xiaomi Roidmi B1 blue light blue glasses

29€ 37€

The main prerogative of Roidmi B1 glasses is that of block about 35% of the damaging blue light and 99,99% of the ultraviolet light. Personally I am not a technician and I have no way of measuring if the percentages indicated by the producer are real or not, but I can rely on 'Experience with anyone who has tried them for days, weeks, and months as well as mine. Even though I am a wearer of glasses I have been able to benefit from the use of Roidmi B1 with the help of contact lenses. Personally I really found benefits in terms of usage arriving at the end of the day with him eyes rested and less reddened. The immediacy of the benefits is easily measurable because the blue light will be filtered from the glasses of the Roidmi B1 glasses and converted into "hottest shades", almost tending to the marroncino. Also for my wife who uses them daily in the office, she has found the same benefits as her Classic headaches are a distant reminder. It should be noted that the first uses could be discouraged since not our eye used to such a protection could in the first instance give you slight dizziness especially if you go quickly from the viewing of electronic screens to that of paper sheets.

From a technical point of view, the Roidmi B1 glasses are equipped with a high degree of transparency thanks to the use of high quality resin, although the appearance is likely to be identical to traditional glasses. The lenses use well 9 coatings effectively preventing the various damage the eyes would suffer without any protection. The glasses weigh only 21 grams thanks to the ultralight frame made in material TR90, a special combination of nylon and carbon fiber, biologically compatible and safe for direct contact with the skin, even in very long-lasting use.

It turns out 20% lighter than conventional materials and offers greater impact resistance and traction. It also offers greater resistance without deformation at high temperatures, and can be folded back to its original shape. Thanks to its flexibility and toughness, the TR90 is the safest material for sports use, in fact, the resistance of the frame tested to accidental shocks has proved to be a strong structural integrity.

-22% Review Xiaomi Roidmi B1 blue light blue glasses

29€ 37€

In conclusion, the Xiaomi Roidmi B1 eyeglasses are definitely a great help and a safeguard for health, especially for those types of users who spend a lot of time in front of PC or Smartphone screens. In fact, these blue anti-glare glasses are tailored to all users, as the design is delicate and simple, adapting to every sex and face, transforming almost into a fashionable object. I really advise everyone in adopting this lifestyle of this Roidmi B1 glasses by virtue of the fact that we are now "slaves" of light emitting technology and radiation, just think how the school world is increasingly modernizing so much from include multimedia content in textbooks. I personally bought a couple of Roidmi B1 also for my little princess who this year starts the middle school, addressing me of course at the store Gearbest.com thank you as always and advise everyone for the support offered, the prices and the quality of the services.

9.5 Total score
Xiaomi Roidmi B1

Whether we are at work or comfortably sat messaging with our smartphone, but even while watching a movie, playing at the last purchased video game, or just going out with friends, Roidmi B1 glasses can accompany these moments by protecting our eyes from the light blue radiation. Beautiful, fashionable and comfortable to wear ... so what else to ask for?

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