Xiaomi Youpin Treadmill Walking Pad Review - The living room treadmill

I will start this review from the end: Buy it, it's amazing!

The walking pad, or the Xiaomi treadmill, is loved immediately after having discarded it. Just connect it to the power outlets (with adapter) and you'll be ready to get back into shape, walking in front of your favorite TV series!

-3% Xiaomi Youpin Treadmill Walking Pad Review - The living room treadmill

Xiaomi Youpin Walkingpad

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Xiaomi Walking pad - Features

The small dimensions make it an accessory suitable for every home. It is in fact possible to fold it completely on itself bringing the overall dimensions from 142x54cm (from open) to 82x54cm with a thickness of 13cm that allows you to store the carpet under a table or a sofa. The aluminum alloy structure holds its weight only 28kg and the comfortable wheels allow it to be transported without particular effort. It is not designed to be stored vertically in an autonomous way but it is still possible to place it (eg on a wall, behind a door).

La declared maximum flow is 90kg and the express speed goes from 0,5km / ha 6km / h. For safety reasons, the maximum speed can only be reached after completing the introductory tutorial which also describes all the features.

The walking pad, as well as through the app, it can be controlled remotely via a convenient and small remote control which is also equipped with a silicone strap for attaching to the wrist. Through the remote control it is possible to control all the functions: ignition, mode change, speed variation.

The LED display, beautiful readable and positioned in the front, shows in English (also in the Chinese version of the product !!) all information from the session run. Alternatively, you can read the speed, duration, steps, calories consumed and distance traveled.

Immediately below the display are 3 lights that notify the various statuses of the device: StandBy / Auto Mode / Manual Mode). There is also a light that notifies the remote connection with the app.

Xiaomi Walking pad - Operation

We have 2 available for use, selectable from the remote control or via the button on the right in the front side.

in manual mode each operation can be managed in a completely "free" way by means of the remote control, by adjusting the pace speed as well as the end of the run session. Through the app it is also possible, however, to set the "smart" start / stop on the pad.

The real gem of this device is the automatic mode: sensors located in the front and rear, will detect any changes in the pace of the step, adapting adaptively the speed of the treadmill. It is therefore also possible to start the treadmill simply by stopping at the front and stopping it backing away at the back. In this mode the remote control becomes superfluous but we always recommend wearing it for security reasons.

The mechanism is in itself brilliant, because if we "impose" a faster rhythm to the mat we will easily find ourselves in the front part of the same automatically activating a speed increase. On the other hand, if we find ourselves in trouble, we will be led backwards, activating instead the decrease in speed.

Initially this mode could be a little tricky but after some use you can interact in perfect symbiosis with the machine. You can still adjust the sensitivity of this feature via the app as there are three different levels available depending on your pitch and weight.

Xiaomi Walking pad - Companion App

Another strength of the treadmill is the integration with the Xiaomi ecosystem, it is indeed the MiHome app that manages the device.

Through the companion app you can view live data during a session and also keep track of everything the history of previous sessions, grouped by days, weeks or months, similar to the MiFit app.

There are many possible customizations:

  • Maximum speed limit setting
  • Default speed in manual mode
  • Type of startup in manual mode (sensors on the mat or remote control)
  • Sensitivity of automatic mode
  • Information shown on the display (time, speed, distance, calories, steps)
  • Child block
  • Personal information (gender, weight, height, age)

Included with the purchase there is also an insurance policy but for the moment it is only valid in China.

Finally, there is a calibration function that, by acting with the hexagonal key supplied, allows to re-center the mat.

Xiaomi Walking pad - Conclusions

In spite of the unthinkable size and minimalist design, the Xiaomi treadmill provides excellent performance and ease of use for everyone. It can be stored and taken back in a few minutes, guaranteeing in comfort, our daily dose of exercise even on rainy days ... comfortably in front of the TV.

-3% Xiaomi Youpin Treadmill Walking Pad Review - The living room treadmill

Xiaomi Youpin Walkingpad

Tr FREE Trace Shipping (30 / 40gg, No Customs) ✈️

346€ 355€

8.8 Total score
Xiaomi Youpin Walkingpad Threadmill

Despite its small size, the Xiaomi treadmill proved to be usual, practical and functional. It performs well its functions and is able to find place in practically any room.

  • - Small size
  • - Transportable
  • - Solid
  • - Easy to use
  • - Max speed 6km / h (corset)
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apart from the goodness of the product described, I wanted to ask how the noise of the engine is and if walking on it could disturb any tenants of the floors below.
thank you

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But is it mechanical !?

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After how much time did you get from the purchase / request? The 40 / 50 working days scare me a little, otherwise I would have already taken it.
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I can not connect to the app ... Neither on me home nor on walkingpad ... Not even setting China as a country ... It does not detect ... Can you help me?

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