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Red Magic 9S Pro and 9S Pro+ are the definitive gaming phones

The new Red Magic 9S Pro and 9S Pro+ have officially launched in China, bringing with them an upgraded chipset and improved cooling system.

Red Magic 9S Pro and 9S Pro+ are the definitive gaming phones

Red Magic 9S Pro+

The heart of these devices is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Leading Version, a version of the chip with the main CPU core at 3,4GHz and increases the GPU frequency to 1GHz. This allows the Red Magic 9S Pro to achieve a AnTuTu score of 2.369.542 points, the highest ever achieved by an Android device. However, there are other numbers that deserve attention. Additionally, the ICE 13.5 cooling system has been completely revamped and now includes a 10.182mm² vapor chamber and a new cooling gel that reduces thermal resistance. Combined with an active 22.000 RPM cooling fan, the system can reduce chipset temperatures by up to 19,5°C, compared to 18°C ​​on the original ICE 13 system used in the Red Magic 9 Pro and 9 Pro+.

Smartphones come with a 6,8 inch flat OLED display (BOE Q9+), which has rare characteristics: it is a perfect rectangle (without rounded corners) and the 16MP camera it's placed underneath it, so there's nothing in the way of the game's user interface. This display has a resolution of 1.116 x 2.480 pixels and has a 120Hz refresh rate. For controls, it can reach an instant touch sampling rate of 2.000Hz and there are two 520Hz shoulder triggers.

The rear camera remains unchanged from previous models, with a 50MP main sensor (1/1.57” GN5, lens with OIS) and a 50MP ultra wide angle (JN1). Additionally, Red Magic deserves praise for keeping the cameras flush with the back of the device.

As for the battery, there are two options: one large 6.500mAh battery with recharge from 80W for the 9SPro and smaller but faster 5.500mAh battery with 165W charging for the 9S Pro+. The 80W version is also quite fast, managing to complete a full charge in just 35 minutes. If you opt for the Plus model, 100% is reached in 16 minutes, even if the battery is smaller at 1.000mAh.

Both phones offer the ability to bypass the battery and run directly on external power, thus reducing heat generation and battery wear. The dimensions of the two phones remain unchanged compared to the 9 Pro models, with a thickness of 8,9mm and a weight of 229g.

As for connectivity, the series supports Wi-Fi 7 and USB-C 3.2, plus a jack from 3,5mm for wired headphones. If you prefer, you can use dual speakers (DTS:X Ultra certified).

Red Magic did not miss the opportunity to add AI functionality to the new Red Magic 9.5 operating system. These include Smart Navigator with real-time recommendations, AI Triggers, sound recognition for games and more. Other AI features include image magnification, background generation, a writing assistant, summaries, search, and so on.

In addition to battery and charging, the differences between the regular Pro and the Pro+ include different memory options: the 9S Pro has 12GB of RAM and 256/512GB of storage, while the 9S Pro+ has 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

Aside from this flagship version, you can choose between the Dark Knight/White Knight colorways and the clear Silver Deuterium/Dark Knight versions (which are a bit more expensive). The two models will be available in China from July 9th with basic model starting from 3800 Yuan (around 480 euros). While Red Magic 9S Pro+ starts from 5800 Yuan (around 740 euros). Furthermore, the Red Magic 9S Pro+ also has a special edition with 24GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, sold for 7000 Yuan (890 euros).

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