Redmi 10 protagonist of a new certification. When is the debut?

For some, what I'm about to say will turn out to be a blasphemy in church, but by now it seems that the only difference between top-of-the-range smartphones and entry level smartphones lies in the price. Of course, the flagships have the best hardware on the square, but the cheapest devices now manage to give satisfaction and performance that in everyday life coincide with a decidedly satisfying user experience and above expectations.

This is why in a certain sense the imminent arrival of Redmi 10 is more news than yet another device with muscles but maybe poco brain. In fact, the Redmi 10 today became the protagonist of the tech scene again, as it received a further and perhaps last certification, in particular from the SIRIM body of Malaysia, which considering the history of the previous models, coincides with the landing on the market in a very short time.

Redmi 10 protagonist of a new certification. When is the debut?

Redmi 10 is recognized as a 21061119AG model and the various certifications that have followed one another over the course of these weeks indicate that its presence will be widespread throughout the globe, not only in China or India. Unfortunately, none of the certifications obtained has revealed significant data about the specifications, but we remember that rather trusted sources have revealed that Redmi 10 will be the entry level of the most interesting brand ever.

There will be no 5G module, which will allow you to invest in other components such as those related to the photographic sector, on which you should rely on a 64 MP sensor, which would immediately decree Redmi 10 as the best camera phone in the category of entry level.

Other clues also indicate the presence of NFC and even stereo speakers. In short, we just have to wait for the actual landing on the scene. By the way, when is the happy event? At the moment there are no certainties but a rumor, insistently suggests the date of August 10th. So let's get ready for a fiery month, as in the same period the Xiaomi event is expected with the arrival of Mi Pad 5, Mi Note 11 and MIUI 13.

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