Redmi 8 will be released next week with a flagship Sony camera

It is not the smartphone that we need, true, but personally I believe that the real novelty of these last months of the year like the Mi Mix Alpha and of Mi 9 Pro 5G it will be this ultra cheap device: I speak of the redmi 8 which will be launched on the market next week, more precisely the 9 October. To call it revolutionary is too much, but it is undoubtedly much talked about as it will probably be a smartphone that will not cost more than 150 € although it has from its different features notes on smartphones with a higher price. We refer to the type-C for charging, to a rear body material that will increase grip it's a 5000 mAh battery, equal to that of the younger brother Redmi 8A. But there is something new: it will be top compared to the latter also from the point of view of quality of the photo sensor which, according to Manu Kumar Jain, will be a Sony from flagship.

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Redmi 8 will be released next week with a flagship Sony camera

The ninety piece of Redmi yesterday published on Twitter the news of the release of this super entry level publicizing it as a smartphone with which "Do more". We can see the tweet below which suggests that the points in his favor will be camera, battery, something related to video games and storage.

Until now we have thought that the point related to photography referred to an upgrade from the Redmi 8A that it has only one sensor, while the device in question has two. And instead Jain is talking about a qualitative upgrade since, according to her, there will be a Sony photo sensor own of the flagship who have a price higher than 20.000 Indian rupees, or about 260 €. Now, going very calmly with the assumptions we could hypothesize that on board there is the same photographic sensor of the Redmi Notes 7 / Pro, Or the Sony IMX586 to 48 megapixel. You can say "Yes, but the processor Snapdragon 439 does not support sensors higher than 21 megapixels "and you are right, but let's not forget that they are not 48 megapixels, but 12 megapixels thanks to technology pixel binning.

In short, we tend to think that this device could shake up all the producers who try to make too much money on low-end devices while Xiaomi is the only one of the biggest brands that can give quality at low prices. All tuned to the 9 October so for the release of this smartphone that we can safely call "Low-camera phone".

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Or I would like to understand if these phones that you offer at very attractive prices with excellent discounts are located in the Italian language also, even the keyboard layout, and which version of OS Android is installed, finally I would like to know about the possibility of post purchase assistance or any return and refund of the goods thank you!

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