Redmi 9 review - A forklift that paws like a racehorse

It has been a while since that air of a real best buy was breathed, of a device offered at a small price but with great potential and finally with the release of this Redmi 9 the philosophy that from the outset is back with great pomp accompanies the Asian brand, or the high quality / price ratio. So we just have to discover Redmi 9 in our full review.

Redmi 9 Global 4 / 64Gb with NFC
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113 € 179 €
Price updated on: 18 January 2021 18:55

Although we are dealing with a low-cost device, the company does not make us miss anything, providing the device with everything necessary, which includes:

  • redmi 9
  • Mains power supply with European socket and 5V / 2A (10W) output
  • USB Type-C charging and data transfer cable
  • Soft transparent silicone cover, with charging input protection cap
  • Clip for removing the SIM tray
  • Multilingual user manual and warranty booklet

SAR values: Head (0,789 W / Kg), Body (1,065 W / Kg)

And given the preface that we have done, we can only start this review with the design by Redmi 9, one of the strengths the smartphone that is proposed to the general public with a construction characterized by "poor" materials like the polycarbonate that covers the entire rear bodyand also embracing the whole frame of the phone, but with excellent finishes and assembly. Beautiful then the coloring we tested, called Ocean Green, which stands out most with the knurling that runs along the entire back cover, which increases its grip and which has made possible a anti-fingerprint treatment, while the camera compartment is enclosed in a space marked by a circle in contrast with the shiny material of the phone, broadly recalling the style seen on the Redmi K30.

The quad camera on the rear consists of 3 optics inserted vertically and positioned centrally in the upper part of the body, while a fourth optic accompanied by a single tone LED flash is positioned next to these which in turn host a fingerprint sensor, raised above the body as it is incorporated in the protrusion dedicated to the cameras. For what concerns the fingerprint sensor as usual proved to be reliable, precise and fast in unlocking.

redmi 9

profiles that run along Redmi 9 are made of plastic  that for the period in which I used the smartphone seems to have resisted the resistance of the color and scratches. On them we find on the left side the SIM trolley able to accommodate two SIM cards in nano format and one micro SD card for memory expansion with support up to 256 GB, without giving up the Dual SIM Dual Standby functionality. At the level of connectivity to the network Redmi guarantees 4G navigation on both slots with support for the 20 band, but although not explicitly stated in my tests I almost always also hooked the 4G + signal, thus aggregating all the available bands without problems, do not underestimate in the price range where the phone is placed.

On the right are the volume rocker and the power button while on the upper profile we find the second microphone for the reduction of environmental noises which accompanies the IR transmitter. The main microphone, the 3.5 mm jack input and the door are specularly located Type-C for charging with OTG support and finally the mono speaker.

The sound performance is decidedly good, expressed with a good balance of all frequencies of the sound spectrum, without ever detecting distortions at high volume or the prevalence of some shades over others. Also at the software level, Redmi 9 boasts of the possibility of cleaning the speaker sound duct, if we notice some burrs maybe due to the presence of dust.

And before telling you about the rest, I'll briefly mention the ergonomics of the smartphone, which thanks to dimensions equal to 163,32 x 77,01 x 9,1 mm and a weight of 198 grams, distributed harmoniously over the entire body, make Redmi 9 one of the best smartphones that I have held in my hand. I have always been able to use it with one hand even in extreme situations, such as in the car, and I must say that I never had any complaints.

redmi 9

We end the overview linked to the design, which offers a panel on the front 6,53 inches marked by a notch drop-shaped inside which the selfie camera is contained while at the top we can admire a large ear capsule and the brightness and proximity sensors while the notification LED is absent. The display from 6,53 inch is IPS LCD type with resolution Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixels) format 19.5:9 and if compared to the price is another strong point of Redmi 9 (394 PPI, 89,93% screen to body ratio). High quality blacks, perfectly managed contrasts and faithful color reproduction, with the possibility at software level to calibrate its temperature and contrasts. In short, with Redmi 9 it is a pleasure to enjoy multimedia content.

We also have the option of using the Reading mode or enabling them double-touch gesture to activate the screen or that of the lift. Finally good visibility under the light with a peak of maximum brightness of 400 nits. Redmi also equips the display with a plastic film to protect against scratches and bumps, further enhanced by a glass cover Corning Gorilla Glass 3. But the positive notes do not end here, since we have the certification Google Widevine DRM Level 1 as well as that of Amazon Prime Video, a rarity on Asian brand devices.

Moreover, the optimization of the frames that are really reduced compared to many other devices, even top of the range, is a feature that enhances the browsing experience through the on-screen gestures. As I mentioned, Redmi 9 adopts the notch, which overall is content giving even more elegance to the terminal, but above all there is no problem for the display of notification icons which remain permanently fixed on the status bar.

Ok, Redmi 9 is undoubtedly nice to look at but then how it behaves in everyday life, in short, is the saying beautiful and stupid? The answer is no, as the entry level smartphone still offers a respectable hardware that consists of one MediaTek helio G80 CPU, Octacore with production process a 12nm and maximum clock of 2.0 GHz (structure 2 x Cortex A75 + 6 x Cortex A55) to which the Mali G52 MC2 @ 950MHz GPU4 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64 GB of expandable eMMC 5.1 internal storage. At the benchmark level you do not get dizzy scores, but I assure you that during the use of every day the difference between him and an average range of at least 450 euros is not even noticeable.

 In stressful situations, the terminal reacts well by offering always system fluidity up to expectations without ever overheating. A praise must certainly be made to Xiaomi for the optimization of the software on this Redmi 9, surprising for speed and fluidity, surpassing many devices of the competition.

A software that is based on the latest major release of the green robot, alias Android 10 with security patches updated June 2020, of course with customized interface from MIUI 11, but it is useless to tell you about it because by now we know it like the back of our hands, underlining that the device should be updated to the new MIUI 12 by the end of the year. Attention only that on the market there is also the variant from 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage , which first of all differs by a few euros from the "increased" version but above all offers a fundamental feature that certainly pleases all users, no one excluded.

For this we introduce the rest of the hardware which consists of a Dual bandwidth 802.11a / b / g / n / ac WiFi (2.4 / 5.0 GHz) with support for WiFi Direct and WiFi display, Bluetooth 5.0 e GPS / AGPS / GLONASS / BeiDou from the quick fix, but above all we find the welcome presence of the NFC sensor for mobile payments and the FM radio that can work even without necessarily connecting the wired earphones.

And not bad also the autonomy of Redmi 9 that during standby gets almost negligible consumption. There battery from 5020 mAh combined with low CPU consumption it offers very good performance, always bringing us to the end of the day which can be doubled with a more traditional use. Another gem that the company makes available on this terminal is the 18W fast charging support, although you must have a special charger since the one in the package allows a maximum output of 10W.

And finally we come to the photographic sector of this Redmi 9, perhaps the only discordant note of this device. I begin by listing the sensors of the rear quad camera which in themain lens houses a 13 megapixel sensor and opening f/ 2.2 to which a second 8-megapixel wide-angle sensor, FOV 118 ° and opening f/ 2.2. There are also two further optics, one of which with 2 MP resolution, aperture f/ 2.4 with specific depth data collection function to offer a bokeh effect with a more than satisfactory result and finally a 5 MP sensor aperture f/2.4 used for use in macro mode shots with focus 4 cm away from the subject.

On the front, however, Xiaomi has not unbalanced itself further, offering one selfie camera equipped with 8 megapixel sensor and opening f/ 2.0. For both rooms, rear and front, we have available the AI technology which once active is able to recognize the scene or the subject framed and automatically set the best shooting parameters. The rendering of the photos in the daytime is definitely valid, with a good presence of details and a good representation of the colors. The bokeh effect obtained from both cameras is very valid, although sometimes the contours of the subject are not so outlined.

AI mode is not too invasive and often helps us take a better picture, a really convenient option for those unfamiliar with photography. We can not define Redmi 9 a camera phone, especially for night photos where the appropriate mode is absent, returning shots with a high dose of digital noise and poor definition. It should also be noted that the camera software seems to be in difficulty in managing the shades with a predominance of red / fuchsia, returning this mixed shade.

At the video level then it is to be underlined in a negative way the absence of any form of stabilization as well as being able to record videos at maximum in 1080p resolution at 30fps. In any case, the focus was quick and the change of focal length does not seem to suffer from any problem, resulting in a quick and soft change. The audio captured by the videos also seemed to me to be of good quality. Finally, at the software level, the presence of theAutomatic HDR both on the rear camera and on that selfie. There is also a series of filters to be applied to photos in real time, manual mode (albeit limited to a few parameters), panorama mode and finally for the selfie camera the ability to take advantage of the screen as a flash for night shots.

But the front room amazed me especially for the Unlock Face support, which happens quickly even in low ambient light situations.

Redmi 9 Global 4 / 64Gb with NFC
🇨🇳EU Priority Line Shipping (No Customs) ✈
113 € 179 €


It seems clear that this Redmi 9 at the price to which it is offered, amazes positively by offering features and reliability that we hardly find on other devices. Redmi 9 in my opinion is a balanced smartphone, noteworthy in terms of aesthetics and satisfying in terms of performance. There are many points in favor of this terminal, such as autonomy, the display, the connectivity which also consists of NFC and 4G + while it is in line with the essence of the entry level, the photographic and video performance, however more than enough for the vast majority of generic uses of this sector. Fluidity and general speed combined with daily reliability (I have never encountered lag or jamming) are by themselves excellent reasons to recommend it to the vast majority of users who with a limited expense can take home a device that will not disappoint even in a few years . So if you are convinced of the purchase you can do it through the box offer that you find scattered within the review or follow the offers that we offer daily on ours Telegram channel.

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9 Total score

Redmi 9 because of its price could be mistakenly mistaken as a secondary and underperforming smartphone, but in reality he is complete with every feature, which often not even the top of the range offer. Robust, excellent autonomy, HD support for streaming content, complete connectivity including NFC and 4G +. Too bad the photographic rendering, but perhaps a future update will smooth out this sin of youth, but already for me it is absolutely to be promoted with flying colors.

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Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.

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2 months ago

is that outline on the sides of the display a protective film? Can it be removed?

ugo tom
ugo tom
5 months ago

Can play and play services be disabled? Thank you.

ugo tom
ugo tom
5 months ago

I haven't used them for two years, I prefer to keep control of the phone in my hands. Android is now a real operating system and alternatives to google applications are not lacking, not to mention the increase in autonomy and performance. I was wondering why it is easier to update the phone if the deactivation is foreseen, the road of the adb commands requires a reset in order to update.

5 months ago
Reply to  ugo tom

Just get any nokia for 15 euros. You save and you are sure that nobody spies on you!

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