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Redmi Flagship: The presence of an ultra wide-angle lens is very likely

We can't finish the week without the latest rumor just arrived from China regarding the long-awaited Redmi flagship

The general manager of Redmi and vice president of Xiaomi Group, Lu Weibing, has in fact published a comment that could suggest the presence of a highly requested feature in today's smartphones.

Redmi Flagship: The presence of an ultra wide-angle lens is very likely

Redmi Flagship ultra wide-angle lens

As you will already have understood from the title, the feature in question would be placed in the third camera (second for some), we talk about the lens that allows to have an ultra wide-angle view, or at least so the Chinese media report.

The indiscretion was born from a reply from Lu Weibing to a comment under one of his posts on the Weibo social network. In fact, the user would have asked if the next flagship will have a lens with a wide viewing angle, to which Weibing has placed an "Ah!" Therefore, even if he did not give us a real official confirmation, in many I consider it a clear indication of his presence.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Will it have the same cameras as the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE?

Moreover, we have known for some time about a possible trio of rear cameras on the back and unless Redmi decides to question its usefulness, the three sensors will almost certainly be accompanied by a "normal" lens, a telephoto and the last ultra wide -angle.

In addition to the three rear cameras that most likely will include a main one from 48MP (Sony IMX586 sensor), in the front we will have instead a camera with a pop-up mechanism with an 32MP sensor (rumor) for very high resolution selfies.

redmi flagship no ud scanner

The rest of the hardware now confirmed includes the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, a very thin "chin" (lower edge), an audio jack from 3.5mm to use your favorite headphones and a NFC module to make electronic payments and more.

As for the specifications still not validated instead, in many give the Redmi flagship coming with a fingerprint sensor under the screen and consequent AMOLED screen (even though Lu Weibing has recently questioned it) and a large 4000mAh battery or more.

Pierpaolo Figuccia
Pierpaolo Figuccia

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5 years ago

Is there to be expected after the release of this top range, a decline in note 7?

5 years ago

Ok, but are they moving?