Redmi Giant Screen TV X86 is the new 86 ″ 4K extra large TV that costs just 4999 yuan (690 €)

Not long ago, Xiaomi released the Redmi X Pro series with 65 and 75-inch screens, a series of TVs dedicated to high-demand gamers. Well, tonight, in addition to launching the series Redmi Note 12 and the first projectors Redmi Projector, the Xiaomi sub brand has also released a TV with an extra large screen, the Redmi Giant Screen TV X86.

Redmi Giant Screen TV X86 is the new 86 ″ 4K extra large TV that costs just 4999 yuan (690 €)

Let's start with the specifications of the new Redmi Giant Screen TV X86. Redmi's super TV comes with a screen that, as the name suggests, has a diagonal of 86 inches. The TV uses a 4K panel with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 97%, supports 1 billion colors, supports MEMC motion compensation, and has a color standard of DeltaE <3. In addition, each Redmi Giant Screen TV X86 is adjusted one by one for accurate color reproduction.

In addition to watching TV, the Redmi X86 giant screen TV is also suitable for office work. In fact, it can be used to show slides, photos and videos to the entire office given its large size and low price.

The Giant Screen TV X86 also attempts to solve one of the big problems in China, which is transportation home. Since Chinese buildings are much more "efficient" and less spacious than ours, it often happens that the TV cannot be delivered to the customer precisely because it does not pass by the stairs. To alleviate this problem, Redmi's TV has optimized the design and packaging, reducing the size as much as possible. By doing so, the brand claims it can reach 99,9% of customers, but without sacrificing panel protection.

Finally, as regards prices, the Redmi Giant Screen TV X86 will be sold in China at the pre-sale price of 4999 yuan (690 euros), while its list price will be 5299 yuan (730 €). Recall that the previously released 98-inch Redmi TV Max cost 19999 yuan (2750 €).

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