Redmi K20: Code name and new mascot revealed

After weeks of waiting and rumors to no end, yesterday we finally discovered the official name of Redmi's first top of the range, the Xiaomi sub-brand that became independent last January. Well, today we learn another detail that for practical purposes is not very relevant, but that Xiaomi fans could still be interested in, we are talking about the code name.

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As we can see in the image below, the Redmi K20 has been internally called "The Demon King". An Xiaomi employee then explained that this name stems from the desire to "destroy" all other competitors, in particular Huawei's Honor 20 which will be presented these days.

Redmi K20: Code name and new mascot revealed

Moreover, always in the same teaser, we can see a small fire-breathing dragon, this seems to be the new mascot of Redmi K20 Pro, which actually serves as a reminder of the presence of the Qualcomm processor, namely the SnapDragon 855.

In any case, code names and mascots aside, we are all much more interested in the hardware we will find on board and at the final price, which according to Redmi's general manger, Lu Weibing, will be ultra competitive and will do Redmi K20 the smartphone with the cheapest 855 SD processor on the market.

As for the other specifications instead, those already confirmed include a front camera with a pop-up mechanism, an audio jack from 3.5mm and NFC technology. While among the unconfirmed but very probable features we have an XOLUMX-type AMOLED screen with fingerprint sensor under the display, from 6.39GB to 6GB of RAM and from 8GB to 64GB of internal memory. The cameras will instead be three with 256MP, 48MP and 8MP resolution, while in front we will find a sensor from 13MP (or 20MP) for ultra-high resolution selfies.

We await further information, specifically the date of presentation still unknown.


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Lower chin must be less than 3mm

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