Redmi K30 Pro: confirmed notch display, pop up camera and launch in March

Just yesterday we told you about the official announcement by the Redmi brand, about the desire to end the production of the glorious Redmi K20 Pro in favor of the new K30 series. Today, therefore, the rumors of the future Redmi K20 Pro 5G continue, which appears in a first official teaser, confirming the rumors and leaks that wanted the new smartphone with a design without notches or holes for the selfie camera.

In fact, in the poster published on Weibo we can admire the new Redmi K30 Pro 5G, half-length, with a design that is pronounced with a completely full screen display, therefore without various notches and that confirms the presence of a pop up camera, just like the previous generation, but more importantly, the Chinese brand has also indicated the expected launch date of the new flagship.

The phone will be announced in March, although it is not clear the day that Redmi has chosen for the presentation, which will probably take place behind closed doors due to the epidemic event that still afflicts the country.redmi k30 pro

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Redmi K30 Pro: confirmed notch display, pop up camera and launch in March

Another detail that we can admire from the teaser image is that on the right we find the classic power buttons and volume rocker, thus abandoning the fingerprint sensor solution embedded in the power button. This could therefore also confirm the presence of an OLED display with in-display biometric sensor.

Probably the leak leaked in the last few days and concerning the Redmi K30 Pro, could prove to be true in its entirety, therefore the rear of the flagship should be identical to that of the younger brother K30, hosting a triple vertical camera system plus a fourth separate module, perhaps dedicated to Macro photography. The render also suggests that Redmi K30 Pro's pop-up selfie camera system will include two lenses.

redmi k30 pro

Among the other specifications expected for Redmi K30 Pro 5G we find a 6,6-inch display, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset which will be joined by LPDDR5 RAM cuts and UFS 3.0 storage up to 256 GB. On a photographic level, the main sensor of the rear 4 could be the Sony IMX686 64 megapixel while the autonomy will be entrusted to a 4700 mAh battery with 33 W fast charge support. In March the global version of Mi 10 is also expected / Mi 10 Pro, device that will create competition between the two related brands.

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Marcoesse Mi9T
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Marcoesse Mi9T

Great!! perfect successor of my excellent Mi9T / 730, time that comes, time that goes down a little price, for July 2021, it will be the perfect change of my Mi9T goooddddddd !!!
(I hate gotch! notch! holes!) my priority is the full screen 👍💪 everything else is a di + 😆😆

not ready yet

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed by the pop-up because I would have preferred a more favorable solution to facial unlocking.
Today the sensors under the display are really irritating, so now I will have to evaluate the new Mi 10, which however have a curved display (another thing I hate)

not ready yet

facial release by force with the notch. which is now becoming fashionable

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