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Redmi K70 Ultra officially anticipated: design and specifications revealed

Today Xiaomi officially anticipated the launch of Redmi K70 Ultra, expected this month, with the company just showing off what the phone will look like for the first time.

Redmi K70 Ultra officially anticipated: design and specifications revealed

The Redmi K70 Ultra features a similar rear design as the K70 series, with a horizontally arranged camera module. However, the lens has a rounded rectangular design that is very reminiscent of the Xiaomi logo. The rear body is made of four-sided curved glass, ensuring a more comfortable sensation to the touch.

One of the most interesting novelties is the new “ice glass” color”, a blue-purple hue never seen before on a Redmi device. This color gives the phone an elegant and distinctive look.

The K70 Ultra adopts a straight edge and flat screen design, eliminating the front plastic frame and opting for a solution with metal central frame, much appreciated in the K70 series. The top and side bezels of the phone measure just 1,7mm, while the bottom is 1,9mm, making the K70 Ultra the Redmi device with the thinnest bottom edge ever. Turning on the screen promises a stunning visual effect.

The device is also equipped with the new Huaxing's flagship 1,5K screen, based on C8+ materials, offering longer pixel life and the best eye protection in low light conditions. While the 1,5K screen isn't as detailed as a 2K screen, it still offers higher quality than 1080P, balancing power saving and clarity. Support one 144Hz refresh rate and a PWM frequency of 3840Hz.

Wang Teng, a representative of Xiaomi, said that thanks to the C8+ materials jointly developed by Xiaomi and TCL Huaxing, the Redmi K70 Ultra can offer "the best low-light eye protection in the industry."

The heart of the Redmi K70 Ultra is the chip MediaTek Dimension 9300+, accompanied by the D1 independent graphics chip, an absolute novelty. The latter is equipped with an in-house developed super visual AI engine, which supports super-resolution and super-frame, greatly improving the viewing experience.

Pierpaolo Figuccia
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