Redmi Note 10 Pro: problems with the swipe on the screen? You are not alone

Notes redmi 10 Pro it is undoubtedly one of the best mid-range devices of the last period. There are many reasons: it is the first Redmi series with 120Hz AMOLED screen; owns a 108 megapixel camera; has a latest generation Snapdragon 7 series processor. But as we know, MIUI has problems every time it comes out on new smartphones. The bug we're going to see today is about it swipe on the screen and has been reported by several users on reddit.

Redmi Note 10 Pro seems to have problems with swiping on the screen. Should users report this problem, here's how to fix it

Based on the reports we found on the social network, several units of Redmi Note 10 Pro suffer from an annoying bug. specifically, it happens that the display does not recognize the touch at the time of the swipe. In the video below, coming from the social network, we see how a user has problems using their device. To make the situation better understood, he also activated the touch indicators (x-axis and y-axis).

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As you can see, the user swipes left and right but at certain times the display does not respond to the command. Unfortunately this happens at irregular intervals and not just in a single session of use. Testimonials say that once the problem is solved by restarting the smartphone, the bug recurs after 5 or 6 days.

How to solve?

Unfortunately we don't know if the bug in question on Redmi Note 10 Pro is known by developers (always report it through the app dedicated to feedback), therefore there is no always valid way to solve. However there are several ways to stem the problem.

One of these is restart the smartphone when we are faced with the problem; another temporary solution can be that of update the launcher to the latest version available. In this regard, we always recommend using the system one and not those of third parties as they can be unstable on MIUI.

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10 days ago

ditto on my mi 10t

10 days ago

Actually, I also find this problem on the redmi note 10 - ​​The Italian community for Xiaomi products