Redmi Note 10S: this is how the cameras are according to experts

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Redmi Notes 10S it is a very popular smartphone and not only for the value for money. It is a medium range of substance that offers the right level of performance when compared to other mid-range competitors. But how does it behave from a photographic point of view? DxOMark he tells us with his review dedicated to main photographic compartment of the smartphone. So, the experts took care of reviewing the rear cameras. Let's go see what the verdict is.

DxOMark evaluates the photography and main cameras of Redmi Note 10S: this is how the latest generation mid-range behaves

On the DxOMark portal, the capabilities of the cameras of Redmi Notes 10S. Before issuing a verdict, the experts snapped about 3000 images trial and more than 2.5 hours of video. To obtain an objective evaluation, the survey was carried out both in the laboratory and in natural conditions. According to DxOMark experts, the main camera delivers vivid colors and neutral white balance

in photos taken outdoors. Accurate exposure and greater depth of field are seen in all images.

redmi note 10s: cameras are rated by dxomark

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However, according to the staff, many photographs are characterized by low details and unnatural textures, as well as a limited dynamic range. Another disadvantage of the Redmi Note 10S camera for DxOMark is the dull colors in ultra wide shots and the frequent autofocus errors. As for video shooting, experts noted effective stabilization. 

In addition, outdoors, the camera offers a Low-noise and fast and accurate AF tracking. The same performance deteriorates when shooting indoors and in low light conditions. In general, slightly unsaturated colors are seen in all videos. As a result of the tests, the Redmi got 92 points, losing to smartphones in its class like the Google Pixel 4a and Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G, which score 111 points.

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