RedMi Note 7 - The King of the Mid Range

redmi for about a month it has been detached by Mom Xiaomi but he did it by releasing his first "independent" device. The first born in the RedMi house is just the RedMi Note 7 and we tried it with extreme curiosity. Here is the review of the RedMi Note 7.

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The news always like, new air, change, curiosity to 1000 etc .. and, as the RedMi Note 7 is simply the seventh model of a well-known series of Xiaomi midrange for years now, this time something has changed.

RedMi takes off the wheels from the bike and starts pedaling, churning out the bike first device marked RedMi instead of Xiaomi and, instead of being content to follow the series with small hardware upgrades, it does so by inserting in what can be defined the RedMi flagship very interesting features.

RedMi Notes 7 - Design

The RedMi Note 7 certainly does not stand out for originality and innovation, but the lines are definitely pleasing.
On the front there is the Notch to drop which not only limits the typical damages of the notch but also confers a certainty elegance to the display.

The frames of the device are not very thin me they are harmonics, the upper frame is almost identical to the lateral ones leaving only the lower line "thicker".

The RedMi Note 7 is not exactly a slice (8.1 mm) and, to aggravate its thickness, there is the photographic sensor that protrudes a lot of the body. Not even the silicone cover can hide or at least level the thickness of the camera.

Infrared port superior (iRda) e headphone jack they will make more happy and gripping USB Type C it begins to be the bare minimum to think of placing itself in the middle market.

Il weight of 186 grams it is certainly not feather but for a device from 6.3 inches of display we could not have expected much less.

RedMi Notes 7 - Display

As already said the display is very wide, well 6.3 inches. It is not a Super AMOLED unit but the IPS technology used in this display is decidedly advanced.

Blacks do not regret the Super AMOLED much and the colors are brilliant.

The display resolution is FHD + (Full HD Plus) 1080 x 2340 pixels. It is not 4K but honestly in smartphones I have not yet understood the utility unless you want to use them with CardBoard VR.

RedMi Notes 7 - Performances

Le performances of the RedMi 7 Notes are in line with those of other Mid-Range. To make a comparison in the family does practically the same AnTuTu score of the Xiaomi Mi8 Lite. Too bad for the fact that the sample arrived was the 3GB version of RAM that, in the intense us begin to be a bit 'little.

Here is a video of the AnTuTu performances of the RedMi 7 Notes.

RedMi Notes 7 - Battery

La well battery 4000mah is one of the aspects that most satisfied me with this RedMi Note 7. With the passage of time I always appreciate more capacious batteries but not always software optimization is able to make the ampere of the battery in a worthy way.

In this case the battery is behaved very well. Already from the first uses I noticed that I was able to arrive in the evening very comfortable and I wanted to try the battery life of the RedMi Note 7 with a "long" day without taking the battery charger with me ... I know ... I know ... I'm a daredevil!

Well, the result was very good bringing me from 4: 30 to 22: 30 without problems with about 6 hours and a half of display lit., the download of different applications from the Play Store, two SIM cards connected, download and installation of a 1.8GB MIUI update and, icing on the cake, also a couple of AnTuTu tests.

Then to this we add that from the subsequent top-ups the phone has started to last even longer ... well ... .battery promoted with flying colors.

RedMi Notes 7 - Camera

In the RedMi Note 7 the main feature is definitely the camera. The main camera block (the back one) is formed by two cameras from 48mpx and 5mpx.

Yes, you got it right, 48 megapixel of camera with one focal F1.8 to capture maximum brightness and one camera from 5mpx to gain depth.

How are the photos taken by RedMi Note 7? I leave you to judge and then I will give you my opinion.

Here are the pictures.




Reduced light

Total darkness

How do you think the photos?

I liked them a lot, a short will be published soon photoconference with the Xiaomi Mi8, a little to see if this "mid-range" can compete with an actual TOP range in the photographic sector.

What struck me most about the camera is not so much the resolution (among other things, to access the resolution from 48mpx it is necessary to activate the option in camera settings in the PRO mode) but the light that manages to capture and the low noise on the photos at night.

I get a nice "Well done Xiaom ... ..RedMi !!!"

RedMi Notes 7 - Software

The RedMi Note 7 it's not perfect. Unfortunately, he has some guts too. But in this case I can justify RedMi because the main shortcomings are not so much on the phone hardware as on the software.

La MIUI 10.2 Stable for RedMi 7 Notes it is not exactly lightning. Despite the overall performances are definitely good every now and then we are faced with some stumbling software.

To this we must add the fact that, not being the GLOBAL version optimized for the Extra China market, also some features like GPS optimization for the Fix the satellites and a little' disappointing.

I tried unsuccessfully to browse with Google Map but the Fix of the satellites was, to say the least, fluctuating in fact navigation software unusable.

I am aware that these problems depend on the software and I hope that for the international launch, proceed to a nice rundown of FIX and optimizations.

RedMi Notes 7 - Conclusions

What to say in conclusion, I loved the RedMi Note 7. I was not expecting a departure like that for the newly detached RedMi. But you know ... who stops is lost so I hope that soon the RedMi begin to pull out device able to STUPIRCI (someone said RedMi X?) as he did, he did and we hope will still be the mother Xiaomi.

And you? What do you think about this RedMi Note 7?

Please let us know in the comments.

Meanwhile, I leave you the video of our review ... make yourself comfortable ... it's a longish ... 😀


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The RedMi Note 7 is the first device of the neo-detached RedMi from mom Xiaomi. Part with a nice device. Important smartphone with its thumbs but balanced 6.3. Great battery and very good camera from 48mpx. But not everything is gold ...

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1 year ago

But if you make a review, it also talks about the front camera.
And put the prices of the global version that are around the 250-300 euro.

Simone Rodriguez
1 year ago
Reply to  Lucas

Global's prices are completely hypothetical for now… it makes no sense to talk about it!

1 year ago

But you don't say the price in the article

1 year ago

is the display polarized (badly) vertically like other Xiaomi devices? Dual sim management as it is, is it possible to permanently associate a number to a sim? Thanks

1 year ago

Why is it that the reviews never mention the audio in the headphones? Not all smartphones have the same quality .. what dac has? Does type C also allow audio through type C headphones? The pro version will have the sony camera ... will it protrude like the samsung camera in your opinion? Good guys keep filling us with news 🙂

1 year ago

It was an advice Alessandro, not a criticism😉.. I listen to a lot of music with headphones and I look for the quality as much as possible from a smartphone

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