Redmi Note 7 updates to the MIUI 12.5 stable European version

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We are almost running out: the latest devices of Xiaomi still run out of MIUI 12.5 now they are receiving the update to the new graphic interface of the Chinese house. One of these was Redmi Note 7, which is welcoming the update in the stable European version.

Therefore, the rollout of the European ROM has actually begun also for this device. Excellent news for all those who own the device in question. Xiaomi is proceeding like a train in the release of the update in question, let's see all the data related to the'update to the new interface.

Redmi Note 7 updates to the MIUI 12.5 stable European version: the details

Therefore the work of spreading MIUI 12.5 by Xiaomi continues in its devices. Now there are very few smartphones of the Chinese house that have not received the major update. That said, now let's focus on Redmi Note 7 and the news that have arrived in these hours.

Redmi Note 7 today begins to update to MIUI 12.5 stable European version. It was one of the last remaining most anticipated updates in question. MIUI 12.5 for Redmi Note 7 comes with build number V12.5.1.0.QFGEUXM. As we can see from the abbreviation EU in the build code, this is the package intended for European ROM. Specifically, the Stable one.

For the sake of completeness, we leave you the download link for the update at the end of the article, but not before pointing out some things. First of all it is a recovery, consequently serves it unlocking the bootloader and ROM flash. Secondly, we don't recommend updating in this way. It gets better and better wait for the package to arrive via OTA, since it is still the first version and may not be too stable yet.

The team is released from any liability in case of damage to the smartphone as a result of modding operations.

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5 minutes ago

Received today and installed, I would have some doubts:
Gone are the menus from multitasking for example blocking the app in ram, picture in picture does not exist as well as the reduced window view, switching between apps as with the old versions…. You can confirm?

11 days ago

And still nothing for me - ​​The Italian community for Xiaomi products