Redmi Note 7S ignites in India: self-igniting battery

Until now it has rarely been said that a battery went into spontaneous combustion. Let's say that the biggest problem concerning the battery has always been the duration, rather than its safety. True, there have been sporadic cases of smartphones that have caught fire, each due to different reasons. We recall the case of the 2016 concerning a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, for example. Although the 4 number is what the Chinese fear most, it seems that this time the 7 is the most unlucky number considering that in India a Redmi Note 7S was on fire. We do not know this device in Europe, but in reality it is almost similar to the brother without the S.

Redmi Note 7S ignites in India: self-igniting battery

This unpleasant event takes place, as mentioned, in India and the protagonist of the unfortunate incident is called Chavhan Ishwar. In a decidedly long post on Facebook, he told his story starting from the purchase of the aforementioned smartphone up to the sad ending. The subject has purchased the Note series device 01 / 10 / 2019 on the well-known Indian site Flipkart; received two days after, the user started using it without any problem until, after exactly one month, the device has decided to ignite and send its battery to self-combustion.

Ishwar claimed that his device it was in no way under chargeindeed, it was normally placed on the table. As we see from the images the machine it caught fire from the lower part, where the battery is housed. The upper part is "unharmed" and therefore we can say that the battery was the problem and not the processor. Immediately after the crime, the Indian user contacted the assistance, went to the repair center and found it almost impossible to extract the SIM so much the device was fused.

But now comes the curious point: after a few days that the user left Redmi Note 7S at the repair center, he was called back and was informed that the repair procedure he requested was rejected because "there was something in the battery that caused the accident

"This means that, according to the user, the repair center believes that something put on top of the battery caused this self-combustion. Xiaomi batteries, however, not being removable, it is impossible to tamper with them and so how is it possible that I had something on it?

At this point Ishwar, not happy with the answer, contacted Xiaomi directly and the company's response left him speechless:

"The battery is not covered by warranty"

Later, as reported by Gizchina.com, the company claimed:

"For Xiaomi, the quality of the products is of utmost importance. The confidence that the Mi Fans have shown over the last 5 years is a testament to this. We are also proud to have one of the strongest after-sales service networks in the country that is fighting to solve customer problems. In this particular case, after careful examination, it was concluded that the damage was caused by an external force and therefore classified as "damage caused by the customer".

In fact, such an answer, when it is an exceptional case that has never had precedents, is rather strange. The user remained decidedly unhappy with the brand's after-sales service and said that it will be difficult for such a product to regain. Thinking about it, it is really impossible for the Indian to have tampered with the device at the battery level because, as we said before, it is not removable. Besides, removing the door that covers it is a meticulous job that (this one) would really invalidate the guarantee. We hope this does not happen to us too. Or has it happened to you already with a Xiaomi?


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