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Redmi Note 8 is updating to Android 11 after his heir Notes 9 a few weeks ago he too started receiving the update for the latest version of the green robot's operating system. Of course, it is not one of the first devices to update, but all in all we must say that the updates for Xiaomi smartphones are not lacking. That said, let's go into the details since this is not an update that everyone will get right away.

When does Android 11 arrive for Redmi Note 8? It is about to be released right now but it is an update for Mi Pilot, therefore not for everyone

As for Notes redmi 8 Pro, also Redmi Note 8 is receiving Android 11. However, this is an update I Pilot. What does it mean? In essence, the update package arrived only to a few users (those enrolled in the Mi Pilot program) who are nothing more than beta tester. Only after they have tested Android 11 and sent feedback, will the developers release the update on a large scale. Basically let's not panic if our device hasn't updated yet.

note 8 notes

As we know in fact, it will be a few days before the Redmi Note 8 will receive Android 11 on a large scale

. This is because you need to give the developers time to fix any bugs. At the end of the article we leave the link for the download of the update, remembering however that we do not recommend installing it if you are not a Mi Pilot. Why? Simply because it could run into incompatibility problems, as the package is not intended for non-Mi Pilots.

In any case, the update for this device to Android 11 brings with it all the news of the case. The update comes with build number V12.0.1.0.RCOMIXM. Recall that the link you find below is a recovery. Therefore, if you want to install the update, you need it unlocking the bootloader and ROM flash.

The team is relieved of any liability in case of damage to the smartphone as a result of modding operations

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