Will Redmi Note 9 Pro Max take the place of Xiaomi Mi Max 4?

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A few minutes ago we reported on the next Notes redmi 9 Pro, but apparently the new mid-range may not be the only device that sees sunlight on March 12th.

Will Redmi Note 9 Pro Max take the place of Xiaomi Mi Max 4?

Will Redmi Note 9 Pro Max take the place of Xiaomi Mi Max 4?

The indiscretion comes directly from Twitter where a famous leakster revealed that the Note 9 Pro could arrive together with an older brother: the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. Now, we do not know what the differences of the Max version from the Pro version may be, but at least one we can venture it: the size of the screen.

The name "Max" reminds us of one of the most loved series by fans of the Chinese brand, the "Mi Max". As we well know, however, the series stopped at the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and several releases then removed all doubts: the Mi Max 3 was the last of the series.

Xiaomi Mi Max 4 Redmi Max 4

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Well, apparently not all hopes are lost, as today's leak could confirm the resumption of the series, this time under the Redmi brand. In fact, the Mi Max series has never equipped flagship or semi-flagship hardware like all the other devices of the "Mi", so a move to the Redmi Note one was perhaps appropriate.

This means that we will finally be able to see the successor to the Mi Max 3, whose internal specifications would be similar to those of the Note 9 Pro. So let's talk about Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G (1.8GHz, 8 core) as a processor, at least 6GB of RAM, a main camera from 64MP, with the new Sony IMX686 sensor, a second ultra wide camera, a telephoto and a depth of field sensor. The smartphone could then support a fast charging at 22.5W or 30W and run with MIUI 11 based on Android 10.

Notes redmi 9 Pro

While where we will see a substantial change will be the screen, which could even cross the 7-inch threshold, satisfying all phablet fans, even if in reality we could already call them tablets.

What can I say, really exciting news for those who were waiting for Mi Max 4. What do you think? Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments section below!

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3 years ago

For people like me who have to work all day on charts it would be a godsend. The alternative is to travel with a laptop: At this point a 7-8 inch with telephone functions in a small shoulder strap is better.

3 years ago

that's what I expected, I'm satisfied with the owner of max 3, I think I'm not the only one

Piervittorio Trebucchi
Reply to  Ivano

I confirm ... after a Mi Max, two Mi Max 2 and a Mi Max 3 that has just abandoned me, going below those minimum dimensions becomes very very difficult ...