Redmi Note 9 Pro can also count on an official tempered glass

Less than a year ago, after the presentation of the Redmi Note 8 Pro, the sub brand company of Xiaomi presented a very interesting although well known product. Let's talk about the tempered glass dedicated to the device mentioned above, the first product of this kind for the Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones family. No device of the Chinese giant has ever been able to count on one official accessory, at least until today: Redmi has in fact announced an "official" tempered glass for Notes redmi 9 Pro, exclusively in India (at least for the moment). Let's see or details of the protection for smartphones.

Even Redmi Note 9 pro can count on an official tempered glass: even its predecessor had a super resistant one

Therefore, following his dad Note 8 Pro, the Notes redmi 9 Pro he can now rely on a tempered glass dedicated exclusively to him. To announce it is the brand itself via twitter, that day 30 July will make available on the official website first accessory dedicated to protection

of the new "top of the range" Redmi.

redmi note 9 pro official tempered glass

But what are the characteristics of this tempered glass? First of all it was certified by Corning. As we used to read on the brand's devices, all are equipped with a "native" protection by Corning: it is the front panel made of glass, built specifically to withstand the strongest impacts. Well, in addition to Corning Gorilla Glass 5 del Note 9 Pro (in reality the whole series is interested, therefore also the Pro Max), from 30 July this smartphone can rely on a glass with hardness 9H. This implies that it will be among the most "indestructible" mobile devices on the market: be careful, however, let's just talk about the front glass. Unfortunately, it is not possible to protect the back of the smartphone, which is still equipped with cameras of a coating Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Unfortunately, at least for the first time, the product will only be available in India. We hope that later it will also come to us, on sale on the official channels of the brand.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Global 6 / 128Gb
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