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Redmi Note 9S updates to MIUI 13 Global and Android 12 | Download

Redmi Notes 9S is the second smartphone of the homonymous series to be updated to the MIUI 13 Global and to Android 12. In fact, the first device to do so was the Notes 9 standard. Unfortunately, Note 9 Pro users are still waiting for the coming of these two packages which shouldn't be delayed anyway. In any case the release starts today of MIUI 13 Global and Android 12 for the Note 9S. Let's go and see the news and who can download it (or receive it via OTA) since it is a package reserved for I Pilot.

Redmi Note 9S is the second in the series to upgrade to MIUI 13 Global and Android 12. The first was the standard Note 9. Here are the news of the update for Mi Pilot

According to what we learn from the list of updates released by Redmi, the developers have released the update to MIUI 13 Android 12 for Redmi Notes 9S. In any case, as we anticipated before, this is an update reserved for this smartphone in particular, but it will only come to I Pilot for the moment. This means that only those who have joined the program of the same name can immediately take advantage of functionality of MIUI 13.

redmi note 9s updates to miui 12.5 enhanced global

As for the details of the update, we understand that the build number that brings MIUI 13 and Android 12 on Redmi Note 9S is the From the letters MI at the center of the build it is recognized that the release is intended for the global branch. In this regard, we invite you to read this article to understand how MIUI works and how many branches it has in all. At the moment we don't know which ones bugs e critical issues this update brings. The Mi Pilots are used in this sense to improve performance and understand their compatibility well. We therefore recommend that you wait for the update via OTA to be active.

Below we leave you the download link NOT RECOMMENDED installation if you weren't Mi Pilot. The team is released from any liability in case of damage to the device following the installation of the updates listed in the article.

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1 year ago

My REDMI NOTE 10 PRO updated MIUI SKFEUXM with June 2022 Patch, shouldn't it receive the August 2022 patch now? (The MIUI and MIUI versions were with the April 2022 Patch while the MIUI January 2022 Patch version).

1 year ago

Thanks for your time.