The Redmi Note series will see two generations per year, GM Lu Weibing reveals

On the eve of the October 28 press conference, Redmi's official account finally announced that the Note 11 series will be the first in the world with the MediaTek Dimensity 920 chip.

The Redmi Note series will see two generations per year, GM Lu Weibing reveals

According to the official introduction, the processor uses the same process as the flagship TSMC 6nm chips, with dual core A78, an excellent balance between performance and power consumption.

Subsequently Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand and vice president of Xiaomi Group, posted on his personal social platform that starting from this year the Note series will launch a strategy of two generations per year, mainly to meet the needs of users always more diversified.

Lu Weibing also pointed out that the needs of users are very different. A product can hardly satisfy the needs of all users and only through multiple iterations of a product and simultaneous sales of multiple products is it possible to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users.

This is why Redmi is going to release the Note 11 series five months after the Note 10 series goes on sale.

It is worth mentioning that Lu Weibing today confirmed that the Note 11 Pro series reduces performance and adopts the Dimensity 920 with more balanced performance and power consumption (an overall score on AnTuTu of 500.000 points).

However, the user experience remains more than complete, with a trendy flat-edged design, 120W flash charging, AMOLED screen, 100MP camera, symmetrical stereo and so on.

Consumers can even consider the Note 11 Pro as an updated version of the Note 9 Pro, especially for battery life, according to Lu Weibing.

Finally, today the Redmi brand officially announced the third color combination of the Note 11 series, namely: “Light Dream Galaxy” (cover image), with a glass body and an exclusive very bright reflective effect.

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