Redmi Pad 5G: This image suggests its arrival

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Poco more than a month ago ours Gianluca he had managed to find a first photo of what seemed to be the specifications of a can RedmiPad 5G. Well, today that rumor seems to have been confirmed in part by a new image that should portray the next cheap tablet of the Xiaomi sub-brand.

Redmi Pad 5G: This image suggests its arrival

redmi pad 5g

As we can see in the render leaked online, the tablet would arrive with the name of "Redmi Pad 5G" and a multitude of somewhat interesting features.

Let's start from the display, which according to this image would have a refresh rate of 90Hz. So above the typical average of smartphones, or at least those of the past year at 60Hz, but lower than 120Hz still available in a few devices. In any case, 90Hz would still be a step forward even compared to the current Redmi flagship phone, the K30 Pro.

In addition to the very fluid display, the tablet would also arrive with a medium-high range processor, namely the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. This CPU integrates eight Kryo 475 cores and a three cluster 1 + 1 + 6 architecture, with a larger core that can reach the frequency of 2,4GHz, a 2,2GHz core and six more efficient cores with maximum clock of 1,8GHz. In terms of GPU instead, the new Adreno 620 is used which combined with the new architecture (similar to that of the Snapdragon 865) allows to see an increase in graphics performance of about 40% compared to the predecessor, namely the Snapdragon 730.

redmi pad 5g

Furthermore, from the point of view of connectivity, the chipset adopts a second generation 5G modem, the Snapdragon X52, with support for both SA and NSA 5G networks, therefore also the Sub 6G and mmWave frequency bands.

The Redmi Pad 5G then seems to be equipped quite well also as regards the photographic sector. In fact, the image suggests the presence of a 48MP main camera, thus leaving well poco to be envied compared to other smartphones currently on the market. This camera will be assisted by AI (artificial intelligence) to help us take better photos depending on the situation.

I pad 4 plus

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 and Mi Pad 4 Plus

Turning to autonomy instead, the battery capacity has not been confirmed, we were talking about 8.920mAh, while the charging speed would seem to reach the maximum power of 30W, which would be a huge step forward compared to the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 with recharge only 10W.

Finally, Redmi's 5G Pad should arrive with a new customized operating system called MIUI For Pad, which in the name reminds us of the “MIUI For Watch”Adopted by the Mi Watch. For prices, however, the poster suggests a cost of 1999 Yuan, or about 260 euros at the current exchange rate.


Pierpaolo Figuccia

Pierpaolo Figuccia

Nerd, passionate about technology, photography, video maker and gamer. And of course I love Xiaomi products! Available on Twitter.


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Carlo Franzoni
Carlo Franzoni
2 years ago

On April 27th we should learn more. No sales in Europe as xiaomi did for the mi pad? We will see, but almost certainly I will buy it as soon as possible (also hoping for good speakers)