He is Redmi Pad: here is the first real image of the 5G tablet

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It was back in April 2020 when we first talked about the 5G tablet from Redmi. The device in question would be the first tablet ever of the Xiaomi sub-brand, now famous for low-cost smartphones. In the last period we have seen it Xiaomi pad 5, accompanied by the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro. Both of these models have come out in the Global market, but the user would also need one solution more economic. Redmi Pad will be just that. But in anticipation of the debut, here are the first real photos.

When will Redmi Pad be released? Soon actually, probably in August. Meanwhile, here is the first real image that shows it live

Some bloggers on the Chinese social network Weibo have started running the photo of RedmiPad 5G. One of these is the well-known Digital Chat Station, which however only showed a render from the press. The second insider who showed the Redmi tablet responds to the name of Digital God Test. He, however, showed everyone a real photo of the device: from this emerge the first distinctive features in clear Redmi K50 style. In fact, from what we see, the rear camera has a design very similar to that of the latest smartphone series presented.

redmi pad
The render disclosed by Digital Chat Station
The render disclosed by Digital God Test

Although the two images seem to refer to two completely different tablets, the comments of the social Weibo confirm that it is in both cases of Redmi Pad. only one rear camera while the front panel will have some flat edges and frames not poco evident.

Now, let's move on to the Redmi Pad 5G specifics. Redmi Pad should have integrated an SoC Snapdragon 765G, a camera from 48 megapixel, support for charging from 30W and a screen from 90 Hz. Of course, this was a figment of the imagination or at least of speculations based only on rumors. Currently, at least, we can say that Redmi Pad 5G is in the pipeline, even if the specifications have not been revealed.

We expect that in next few months we will know something more, but one thing is certain: it seems that everyone is sure of the fact that will debut in August.

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