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Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G: IMDA certification confirms imminent arrival

Xiaomi is about to expand its tablet range with the addition of the Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G, a device that promises to be a practical solution for those looking for connectivity and portability at a reduced price. This new model follows the success of the previous Redmi Pad SE, but differs in some key features, including an 8.7-inch display and support for the 4G mobile network.

Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G: IMDA certification confirms imminent arrival

Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G

Well today we discover that the IMDA certification, a crucial step for the marketing of electronic devices, has confirmed the existence of the model number 24076RP19G, corresponding to the long-awaited Redmi Pad SE 8.7. This detail does nothing but increase the wait for the official launch, scheduled for next July 2024.

The Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G stands out from its predecessor, the Redmi Pad SE, with a series of innovative features. The most obvious is the screen size, which goes from 11 inches to 8.7 inches, making the device more handy and portable. But the real news is represented by 4G connectivity, which will allow users to always stay connected, even in the absence of Wi-Fi networks.

Xiaomi's choice to equip the Redmi Pad SE 8.7 with mobile connectivity is a direct response to the needs of an increasingly mobile and dynamic audience, which requires devices capable of supporting an active lifestyle without compromising on quality and performance.

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Although the IMDA certification does not reveal the commercial name of the device, the information leaked so far is shocking poco room for doubts: the Pad SE 8.7 4G is ready to make its entry onto the market. With specific variants for the global and Indian markets, it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi will decide to launch this model in China too.

If the premises are confirmed, the Redmi Pad SE 8.7 4G could become a very interesting device that offers quality at an accessible price, in line with Xiaomi's philosophy. In the meantime, we are waiting to discover all the features and functionality of this newcomer to the world of tablets.

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