Redmi users prefer AMOLEDs but are hoping for a different future

The eternal struggle between good and evil: LCD o AMOLED? Redmi expressed itself in this regard by asking, through the mouth of the manager Lu Weibing, which type of display was preferred. The survey was launched yesterday by the company's big game and in a few hours the responses have risen to thousands. As can be understood from the title, most voted for an AMOLED but the comments are very interesting because they show a new trend. Let's find out which one.

Better LCD or AMOLED on Redmi smartphones? Lu Weibing launches a survey and users respond: the preference is AMOLED but not for the future

According to what we read on the Lu Weibing's official profile, at the head of Redmi for several years, the preference is clear. The survey results reveal that 6.314 people chose an LCD type display while more than 15.000 have chosen one of the AMOLED type. The poll refers to another vote last year, always from the same period and always on the same question. In fact, he said:

Last year's survey showed that many people prefer LCD screens to AMOLED displays. I wonder which one will you choose this year?

Lu Weibing

Based on the comments, users choose screens LCD mainly thanks to them long life and low energy consumption. They also claim that LCD screens are more comfortable for the eyes at night. The main advantages of screens AMOLED, however, I'm there thinness, color reproduction and in particular of blacks that are deeper. Recall that the Redmi K40 released this year is the first ever of the company to have an OLED screen.

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But the interesting part of the survey is not the result, but the comments. Users admitted in the comments that the trend towards full transition to OLED displays is inevitable, but they still hope that Redmi will keep one or two LCD flagships in its lineup every year. The reason is obvious: in addition to energy saving, there is also an effective saving at stake considering that they cost less than OLEDs.

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