Redmi TV MAX 98 ″ is the brand's new smart TV: will 2.5 m be enough?

Today is a very special day for Redmi not only because it has presented its most powerful smartphone, that is Redmi K30 Pro with its Zoom variant, but also because it has overwhelmingly entered the smart TV sector. To tell the truth, his first TV product was a 70 ″ television, but today the brand has gone beyond the limits by presenting one by * drum roll * well 98 ″, the Redmi TV MAX. To better understand how large a television of this size is, just know that they are precisely 248.92 cm. In comparison, a double bed is smaller. Who knows how much such a product costs: obviously little, it's Redmi!

Redmi TV MAX has hallucinating dimensions for a TV, but the quality is certainly not lacking

Let's start talking about the specifications immediately, then move on to less important details such as size comparisons etc. This new mega TV Redmi TV MAX 98 ″, just like the 70 ″ predecessor comes with a truly minimalist design just as his are minimal frames made of aluminum. These are practically non-existent and will allow the user to perceive an even bigger screen than it really is.

redmi tv max from 98 "is the smart tv of the record brand

In terms of performance and technical specifications, inside the super thin product we find a powerful 64-core 4-bit processor built with a 12nm lithography process. Although we are used to smaller dimensions in smartphones, this size should not deceive us given how big this TV is: even the processor size must be related to the final product. To assist the SoC (of which at the moment we do not yet know the specific data) we find 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage

. Of course, the Patchwall system, built on the basis of MIUI and which acts on the general interface Android TV. Resolution 4K.This skin allows a simple and intuitive interface.

Do not miss it MEMC movement compensation (Motion Estimation / Motion Compensation) which allows you to make an estimate of the movement and compensate it for better and jerky video quality. Redmi TV MAX 98 ″, on the entry and exit side, has a total of HDMI 3, 2 USB ports, AV, S / PDIF input, Bluetooth 4.2 low consumption e Wi-Fi 802.11 ac. It also supports audio type Dolby and panoramic audio DTS-HD. In short, everything you could want (more or less) from a big TV, this Redmi has it. But now let's talk about prices and a small feature (after sales) that only this product enjoys.

redmi tv max 98 "

Having only been released in China, the price we will tell you is obviously transformed at the current exchange rate yuan- €: it is only 2.610€ (19.999 yuan). If we take a tour in the largest electronics chains that sell TV and smart TV, we will notice that this price is very difficult to write next to such a TV. Finally, the last peculiarity: the brand has decided to give an added service for those who buy this smart TV: VIP delivery service and home assembly completely free. Clearly there is a need for expert hands to carry a jewel of this size.

Availability in China from April 6th.

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