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Redmi Watch 2 Lite review: pass or fail?

The family of smart wearables becomes more and more populated and popular, thanks to increasingly affordable prices and functions that come in handy in everyday life. So here is the new and interesting land on the market Redmi Watch 2 Lite, protagonist of this review, which despite boasting a decidedly economic price range does not give up high-level features, such as the presence of GPS. Let's find out together if he has won our heart or not.

Redmi Watch 2 Lite Global Version
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€47,00 €70,79
Redmi Watch 2 Lite review: pass or fail?
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Redmi Watch 2 Lite is a stylish smartwatch

It starts as usual from the sales package, which in the case of the Watch 2 Lite is particularly elegant, thanks to a black color and silver details where the 1: 1 image of the product itself stands out. Inside, however, we find the essential, namely the smartwatch, multilingual manuals and the USB charging cable with proprietary connection via magnetic pogo pins. Had they also included a screen protector film, it would have been the best, don't you think?

redmi watch 2 lite


As already mentioned, Redmi Watch 2 Lite is a economic wearable but still well built, net of completely plastic materials. The design does not differ from many other products seen and reviewed, offering a square-shaped case with dimensions of 41,2 x 35,3 x 10,7 mmI and a weight of only 35 grams including strap. And the strap itself, apparently, could be uncomfortable, due to a rigidity in the part of the attack, this of the proprietary type and which is difficult to unhook.

redmi watch 2 lite

On the market you could therefore struggle to find spare parts, but other colors are available on the official store, such as pink, green and brown as well as black, blue and ivory, colors which are also dedicated to the cash register. The strap is made of TPU and for the black and blue color, it also offers an antibacterial treatment, but in any case everything is not actually uncomfortable as I had assumed, even during intensive training sessions.


On the right profile there is a button that will be used to awaken the display (an action that also takes place through the gesture of the wrist), or with the screen active, to access the clock menu. The 2.5D curvature of the display gives a certain elegance to the device, protecting a 1,55 inch TFT display with resolution 320 360 pixels x.

Unfortunately, we do not have a brightness sensor, having to manually act on the 5 available levels, to better enjoy a readability of the contents on the screen. Under direct sunlight, at maximum brightness, we do not struggle to read, but unfortunately at the software level it is not possible to keep the screen active during training.


Apart from that, the colors are enjoyable, thanks also to the over 100 watchfaces on the proprietary application store. The undertone chapter is that of autonomy, while boasting a 262 mAh battery which, according to the brand, should guarantee a minimum of 5 days, even pushing it to 10 based on use.

Unfortunately these values ​​are not real, as, if properly exploited, the Redmi Watch 2 Lite will reach 3 days and a half. We can certainly increase this figure by acting on some parameters, such as the deactivation of the wrist gesture, but it is fair to point out that you will have to compromise in order not to always be recharging the device.

Features of the Redmi Watch 2 Lite

Redmi Watch 2 Lite Global Version
🇨🇳 EU Priority Line Shipping (No Customs)
€47,00 €70,79
Redmi Watch 2 Lite review: pass or fail?
⚠️ If the coupon has expired, look for the updated one on ours Telegram Channel

A welcome presence at the level of sensors is undoubtedly that of GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / Beidou, proved to be particularly reliable and precise in monitoring the route, both on a walk and on a run. Even the sensors do their honest job, although the passes counted are affected by an overestimation of about 5% compared to the real ones.

And thanks to the sensors we can monitor the heart rate H24 with the possibility of receiving alerts at certain measured values, we can also spot the SpO2 value, the latter can be monitored continuously even during sleep. There is also the function of respiratory relaxation, monitoring of the stress and period for women who are passionate about the tech world.

Another particularly appreciated thing is the possibility of managing the alarm directly from the watch software and the certification by immersion up to 5 ATM. From here it is clear that Redmi Watch 2 Lite is also able to monitor water sports, indeed the sports from which to acquire data are about 100, although it should be emphasized that not all of them offer dedicated metrics.

To move around the clock system, swipe in all directions is used, accessing quick tabs, toggles and notifications, the latter not really smart, displaying emoticons in black and white and not completely complete, while for calls, the number and caller ID can be displayed. We cannot of course answer but only delete them, bearing in mind that they are not synchronized with the smartphone.

redmi watch 2 lite

Software and more

Small disappointment goes to the fluidity with which one moves within the menu, which turned out to be rather slow and poco reactive but overall usable without particular jitters. Accompanying the watch software is the Xiaomi Wear app, available for both Android and iOS systems, which turned out to be quite complete and easy to use, with no particular functions to bring to your attention. Redmi Watch 2 Lite interfaces with the smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0, found to be stable and reliable, indeed at the level of settings we can also set a disconnection alert.

redmi watch 2 lite

We can also customize the vibration level for the notifications, which already with the default one, turns out to be excellent. On the other hand, the flashlight function is nice, which takes advantage of the full brightness of the display as well as the remote shutter function, which transforms the watch into a small bluetooth remote control for the camera of your smartphone. Finally, you can manage music, view weather data and view daily health statistics as well as having the compass function on your wrist.

Redmi Watch 2 Lite Global Version
🇨🇳 EU Priority Line Shipping (No Customs)
€47,00 €70,79
Redmi Watch 2 Lite review: pass or fail?
⚠️ If the coupon has expired, look for the updated one on ours Telegram Channel

Redmi Watch 2 Lite price and conclusions

To conclude this review, I can define The Redmi Watch 2 Lite as a device capable of satisfying the vast majority of users who rely on wearables for common needs.

Spending poco you take home a well-finished and reliable gadget in the data monitor, equipped with GPS so as not to lose the track of training routes without having to use a smartphone. In this regard, saving is important, especially if you buy it on Banggood through our coupon which lowers the price to 47 euros compared to € 69,99 required in the price list.

8.1 Total score

Redmi Watch 2 Lite, apparently it seems to have nothing different to say than the many devices that populate the economic range of wearables. In reality, thanks to a super precise GPS and reliability in general, the wearable of the Chinese brand screams its strength to the whole world. Highly recommended to most users.

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