Redmi K40 and RedmiBook Pro: all the features revealed in the latest teasers

With the presentation of the next Redmi K40 series and the new generation RedmiBook Pro that is getting closer and closer, the Xiaomi sub brand has begun to anticipate the various features that we will find on board the new devices.

Redmi K40 and RedmiBook Pro: all the features revealed in the latest teasers

As you may have already guessed from the title, in this post we are going to see the latest teasers released by the brand starting from those concerning the Redmi K40 series.

Specifically, Redmi has just confirmed that the smartphone will equip a battery with a capacity of 4520mAh. So slightly smaller than Xiaomi's flagship, the Mi 10, which instead adopts a 4600mAh battery.

Another feature anticipated by the brand is the presence of the Hi-Res dual gold certification. This small golden label represents higher audio resolution, wider frequency response, wider dynamic range, less distortion and is a guarantee of high sound quality. Additionally, the recently added wireless certification is expected to improve audio performance when connected to wireless headphones.

Moving on to the next RedmiBook Pro, the Chinese brand has just told us that the laptop will have very thin edges for a more premium look. In addition to the fact that the display will be "one of the most Pro ever", this should mean that it will be a quality display with very accurate colors. We also note the presence of the much requested front webcam which as some of you may know was missing on the predecessor.

In addition, the RedmiBook Pro will adopt Thunderbolt 4 technology, a technology compatible with the USB 4 standard that allows us to connect two monitors with 4K resolution or one monitor with 8K resolution.

Now we just have to wait until day 25 to find out how much both the new Redmi K40 series and the RedmiBook Pro will cost, which we remember will be available in a version with the latest generation Intel CPU and another with Ryzen chipset and an even cheaper price. .

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