Review 2 in 1 Speaker + Xiaomi 30w Wireless Charger (coupon inside)

Being a music lover and finding myself every now and then listening to music from YouTube, I started looking for a good BT speaker to pair with my PC. I immediately turned to Xiaomi, of course, and I found a device that immediately caught my attention. Why will you ask yourself, and the reason is that this device is different from all the others I have seen to date: in addition to being one BT 5.0 speaker also performs the works of Wireless charger! Intrigued by this union, I said to myself: I absolutely have to try it and bring back my impressions.

First we thank GOOD BANG for sending the sample, which will arrive in a well-packed box, which will contain the speaker in turn protected by a cardboard shape.


The speaker is almost completely white with the front part where the anthracite-colored smartphone to be loaded will be placed via a convenient "step". The dimensions are 23cm long by 8cm high and 6cm deep. The front, where the logo of the wireless charging in relief stands out, is made of a sort of fabric, very pleasant to the touch. The rest of the "shell" is made of good quality polycarbonate. Here I move a little criticism, if it had been made with slightly more premium material it would certainly have appeared as a higher quality product. In the back we will find the power supply cable input and on the top 3 buttons, on / off, volume up, volume down, the area dedicated to the NFC connection, the microphone and the blue LED of the BT connection. The power supply is Chinese, but in the package you will be provided with an adapter for our electrical outlets.

Speaker function

The speaker is, as already specified, Bluetooth 5.0 and unfortunately has no other AUX inputs therefore impossible to connect via the standard 3.5mm cable. A small lack that in any case is justified by the fact that the BT 5.0 connection will not create quality problems in the reproduction that is spread by 2 40mm speakers. Sound pressure at 2cm was measured up to 104db.

Pairing with your device (pc, smartphone, etc.) can be done in 2 ways:

  •  with Xiaomi products: through the classic BT search and via NFC support. In fact, we find, in the upper left, the NFC logo where by placing our Xiaomi Smartphone we will be prompted for pairing.
  • with other products: only through BT search, the NFC function does not work.

The name of the speaker will appear in Chinese but don't worry that you can then change it at your convenience. The volume keys also function as a "skip track", to use this function just hold them down for 2 seconds. To use them instead for the rectory it works to raise / lower the volume by pressing them quickly several times. The blue notification LED will flash quickly when the speaker is not connected to any device, instead it will remain on when it is connected. The automatic switch-off function is also interesting: in fact if disconnected it will switch itself off (but I can't tell you exactly how long).

As far as the audio quality is concerned, I am fully satisfied, in fact the bass is very good and the response on medium-high sounds is good. It is difficult to give an exhaustive technical judgment without professional devices that can verify the output audio, but I can assure you that I have decidedly preferred this audio over that of my Amazon Echo Plus. I do not know if this will help you understand its quality, however we say that you will hardly be disappointed.

Wireless charger function

As we said, the gem of this speaker is the dual functionality of Wireless charger up to 30W. I tested it with my OnePlus 8 Pro and it reloaded from 0-100% in about 140 minutes. This is a bit strange as the same OP presented a wireless charger of the same power that declares the same recharge in 80 minutes, therefore a nice difference. I don't know if it is our slower charger than a real 30w or the OP one faster than a classic 30W.

With Xiaomi devices there is also the possibility of displaying a comfortable watch as a smartphone background, the effect is really nice. The application to configure it is however only in Chinese (Xiaomi Ai App)

The charger function will also be active when the speaker functionality is off (just connect it to the electrical outlet). On the step there is a green LED which will light up when charging is in progress.

In conclusion, I can express myself in an absolutely positive way towards this product, which is also quite unique.

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