Review POCO F3 - A TOP of the range to choose?

Il POCO F3 arrived suddenly, without warning and well before the official presentations. Objective: Review it in record time and tell you ours. Result? WOW!

I tell you the truth, when the editorial staff contacted me saying “you get a device from the POCO to review ”I did not have the slightest idea of ​​what I would have in my hands.
I was certainly not a FUN at the mercy of the pre-presentation Hype or the so-called review "monkey". A bit because I hadn't kept up to date on news and rumors POCO (erroreeee), partly because it all happened suddenly: “Do you want to review? Yes? Ok, here comes the day after tomorrow! Thing? Boh! " 😀

Premise to say that in evaluating this device I did not allow myself to be influenced by any preconceptions. For me the device was NEW from all points of view.

If, before reading the article, you want to take a look at the video review, you can find it at the beginning and let's not skimp on the Like! 😀

Let's go in order:


The first thing that stood out to me was the satin white back cover, simply a touch of class. Personally, despite having had several, I always distrust the white body and prefer the elegance of black or dark gray. This time I was delighted to receive this color.

Satin finish which, in addition to being beautiful, does not retain fingerprints and gives a much more pleasant "touch feel". The device is slightly more slippery due to the lack of the classic suction effect of the fingers on the shiny body but nothing soapy.

The dimensions of the device are generous: 163.7mm high, 76.4mm wide by only 7.8 mm thick.

The “camera island” is also very accurate, which incorporates the solution used on the Mi11.

Bottom side with double nano-sim trolley and main speaker, left side completely smooth, top side with noise suppression microphone hole and right side with volume rocker and power button with integrated fingerprint reader.

The front is practically all display with "dot-display" configuration to indicate the central hole for the selfie-cam.


We are faced with an excellent unit of 120hz AMOLED display and HDR10 +.
The brightness is not great (1300nits) but sufficient to allow for a decent one visibility even in direct sunlight.
The colors are lightly shot and cardboard but we AMOLED lovers like them like this :-D.
The 120Hz, once activated, scrolls images, transactions and menus at maximum fluidity. Truly a show. Obviously this yield, in addition to the excellent quality of the display, is the result of a not bad power under the body.


With this F3, POCO he spared no expense. The POCO F3 is equipped with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. Processor developed with 7 nanometer technology and equipped with 5G form.

In addition to this processor pop, the memory cuts of this one POCO F3 are from 6 and from 8GB UFS 3.1.

It goes without saying that this device has fared very well both in everyday use and in gaming.
No jamming, no hesitation and even the temperatures never rose to worrying levels. Just a little heat in the part immediately next to the processor after intense work sessions (see cryptocurrency mining)


Here we open a chapter that is strange to say poco.
As I have abundantly described in the videoreview, initially the battery had absolutely not impressed me. Rather!
I was very disappointed with the performance of the battery from 4520mah. He hardly took me in the evening and I complained of anomalous drains even in standby (at night or in situations of non-use).

It is true that the quick charge to 33W allows a full charge from 0 to 100 in just 50 minutes and change, but I was expecting a lot more.

By resuming the device after 2-3 charging cycles, however, the behavior of the battery has not only improved ... it has changed drastically. Before it did not arrive in the evening, now it not only arrived in the evening but with a good 20-25% surplus and the anomalous drains completely disappeared.

I don't know if this anomalous consumption could depend on the initial configuration phase or if the device needed a few more recharging cycles. The fact is that the device went from a rating of 3 to a full 7 within a few days.


Many, intending to stay in this price range, have noticed that there are devices with more megapixels under the hood (has anyone left of RedMi Note 10?). So the question is quite legitimate: Aesthetics and performances are fine, but this POCO How does F3 in photos and videos behave?

We are not talking about the Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra, God forbid, but this POCO F3, in normal lighting conditions, does very well.
The camera compartment consists of 3 cameras.
The main one is one 48MP Wide with 1.8 focal length. The second is one ultrawide (wide angle) from 8MP with focal length from 2.2 and the third is a bedroom 5MP f / 2.5 macro

Here are some shots so that you can appreciate the quality of the photos taken with this device.

I was particularly impressed by the stabilization, albeit electronic and not optical, of the videos that can be shot up to 4K / 30fps. A really great job from POCO.

POCO F3 Conclusions

In the conclusions I would like to tell you what I liked most about this POCO F3.
It will seem bullshit but the thing that struck me most was the fingerprint reader on the power button. Comfortable, lightning fast and in a position that I never imagined would be so comfortable.
For the first time in years I have experienced the beauty of being able to unlock with a fingerprint "in the dark", without having to look at the device. This fingerprint reader targeted my little heart and hit the mark!

For the rest what to say?

I liked the device so much! It is in all respects a TOP of the range. Maybe not TOP from all points of view but extremely balanced and, above all, it is one of the cheapest TOP on the market.

Many pros: aesthetics, 120hz amoled display, power and price
Few cons: "strange" battery that fluctuates without substantial reasons from 3 in the report card to 7 and a half and a camera compartment more from midrange than from TOP (in any case very satisfactory)

And you? What do you think of this POCO F3? Let us know in the comments.

POCO F3 is not yet available in physical stores but you can find it on Amazon Italia.

POCO F3 - Smartphone 6 + 128GB, 6,67 "120Hz AMOLED DotDisplay, Snapdragon 870, 48MP Triple Camera, 4520mAh, ...
28 used by 253,90 €
9 December 2022 9: 24
The Amazon
Price updated on: 9 December 2022 9:24

8 Total score

Brava POCO that with the F3 creates one of the most performing and economical TOP of the range in circulation. Great design and enough power for anything! 🙂

  • Aesthetics
  • 120hz AMOLED display
  • Potenza
  • Price
  • "Weird" battery
  • Cameras more from Midrange than from TOP
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