Review POCO X3 PRO - Worth more than it costs!

Let's start with a spoiler: The POCO X3 PRO is a GREAT SMARTPHONE. Big in size and Big in features. Let's find out together.

Contrary to the POCO F3, for the POCO X3 I had researched a little more before receiving the smartphone. Despite this, despite knowing precise dimensions of the device, during the umboxing I was definitely impressed by how this one POCO X3 PRO fits in the hand.


Weight and dimensions are not to be laughed at: 165.3mm x 76.8mm x 9.4mm.
Above all, the thickness of almost a centimeter is the first thing you notice when holding the device. The second thing is the weight from 215g. Maybe a bit too much for my taste but there is a reason.
Everything is well balanced, use with one hand is almost prohibitive but, as for the POCO F3, the idea of ​​moving the fingerprint reader to the power button is, in my opinion, a brilliant idea.

The rear body is another gem. Banality banned, we find ourselves in front of a Gray-Blue-Violet satin body (I have not become colorblind ... it is the body that changes color according to the angle from which it receives the light 🙂) crossed by a glossy band with a striped texture where printed nice big logo POCO.
Ohhhhhh… finally someone who is not ashamed of their brand. You do not know how much I wanted a Xiaomi with the "MI" logo beautifully evident on the body instead of the small writing at the bottom left ..

In the upper part of the smartphone, right in the center of this textured glossy band, the camera compartment appears with the now well-known X configuration. Aesthetically very pleasant even if a protruding hair. Problem solved great with the use of the cover included in the package.


The display is a excellent 120Hz IPS LCD panel with HDR10 and 450 nits of brightness. You all know how fond I am of OLED panels, but this is one of the most beautiful LCD panels I've ever seen.
Very deep blacks, almost absolute and vivid and realistic colors.
Of course, we should give up the AOD (always on display) with all notifications, animations, etc. with the screen off, but in terms of performance it has certainly convinced me.


This is the sector that surprised me the most.
I would have expected the classic Snapdragon 7X series from a "mid range". An eye on performances, an eye on the battery in search of the balance between performances and price.
The choice for it POCO X3 PRO was instead to use an excellent processor such as the Snapdragon 855 (absolute TOP of the previous generation range) for the occasion rebranded as Snapdragon 860.

This processor runs everything great, especially when paired with the setting 120hz of the display. We have a feeling of fluidity never before experienced on a "mid-range".


Almost like the performances I was amazed by the battery life. Perhaps precisely because of the performances. We are used to seeing mid-ranges with "decent" performance making the batteries last sooooo long. I would not have expected, however, that this POCO X3 PRO was able to deliver the power of the Snapdragon 860 for two full days. You got it right, 48 full hours of use thanks to one monstrous 5160mAh battery.

This battery with this yield made me forget all of a sudden the thickness and weight of the device. They have suddenly become a very small price to pay for such longevity.


We have said several times that it is a "mid-range" and the photographic sector, almost counter to the other characteristics, confirms that it is a medium range.

The device is equipped with 5 chambers: 4 rear and 1 front.
The rear chambers are:

  • 48 MP main with focal length f / 1.8, 1 / 2.0 ″, 0.8µm, PDAF
  • 8 MP wide angle with focal length f / 2.2 and 119˚ angle
  • 2 MP macro and focal length f / 2.4
  • Room for 2 MP depth effect and focal length f / 2.4

The idea is that they inserted the 4th rear chamber only because they had to fill the hole… because in the shots you don't see a lot of work by this Camera for the Bouquet effect.

Photos are good if taken in optimal lighting conditions, we lose a quality thread if the brightness is too high or if we are in low light conditions.
What can I say ... the rooms are there, we can take the photos, but we will certainly not feel like expert photographers.

POCO X3 PRO Conclusions

This POCO X3 PRO was a surprise even considering the introductory price and the list price in general.

  • 6GB / 128GB version: € 249,90
  • 8GB / 256GB version: € 299,90

A minimum price to take a smartphone home with TOP processor (Snapdragon 860), TOP Battery (5160 mAh), Jack from 3 1/2 for earphones, infrared port e one of the best IPS LCDs around.

What do you think about it? This is worth buying POCO X3 PRO? Write it here in the comments.

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8.1 Total score

Very good POCO even with the X3 PRO. It attacks the crowded mid-range market and does so with a device whose power and battery are hard to match in this price range.

  • Aesthetics
  • 120hz display
  • Power
  • Battery
  • Price
  • Cameras in line with the class of the device
  • IPS and non-OLED display
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